How Much IsMyGirl Models Make

IsMyGirl is a newer website with many social media-like features combined with everything enjoyable about adult entertainment. You have endless possibilities to monetize your content, including monthly subscriptions, selling premium content, and even adult webcam shows.

This website allows girls interested in becoming models to earn money, starting from the moment their application is approved. IsMyGirl is a website where popularity matters, but the network doesn’t leave all the promoting work up to you. Obviously, you’ll need to make some effort to become a top model, but you will work less than in most adult networks.

Through this post, we’re going to explore everything related to IsMyGirl’s payment methods, and all the ways you have to generate revenue on the website. We will tell you some of the best features you have to earn money as an IsMyGirl model as well!

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How does IsMyGirl manage payments?

If you become a model on IsMyGirl, you will earn 80% of the revenue you make on the website. The company will take the 20% left. It’s a bit difficult to tell you how much you will earn precisely because there is no fixed or stable income on the website. All is performance and popularity-based.

If you want to cash out, you must have a minimum of $50 in your account. There are many options for cash out:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Wire Transfer (for the USA and international models)
  • Check
  • Electronic Transfer
  • Paxum

The website is currently working on implementing prepaid debit and credit cards. The variety of payment methods is one of the main reasons people use IsMyGirl as their primary source of income (yes, people living out of this exist). Being an IsMyGirl model is more profitable than you think, actually.

How does IsMyGirl work?

IsMyGirl does a lot of work promoting their models on social media. This means nudity is not allowed unless the members pass through the paywall. All public content available on IsMyGirl must be safe for work.

You have many options for earning money on IsMyGirl, including the following:

  • Fanclub Subscriptions – The leading feature of IMG. To have access to your content, members must pay a monthly fee.
  • Adult Webcam Shows – This is one of the many features available on the website.
  • Premium Snapchat Subscriptions – A Premium Snapchat has a lot of earning potential. People like to feel closer to their favorite model, and the app’s discretion allows you to take advantage of it with little effort. The subscription is rebilled each month.
  • Selling Videos – It’s possible to sell clips on IsMyGirl. There’s a whole section dedicated to videos on the website, so members can easily find your videos.
  • Kustom Vids – “Kustom Vids” is a feature that allows members to request personalized videos from you.
  • Fantom – This works like FaceTime. People can request this from you for a special price.

There are many other amazing features that make IsMyGirl a unique network you can use for growing as an adult-oriented model.

What is the difference between IsMyGirl and other adult entertainment networks?

According to its FAQ page, IsMyGirl treats models like “business partners.” The website provides you with many tools to improve your popularity, gain followers, and convert them into paying customers. Like most adult networks, you’ll be the boss, so you will work only when you feel like it and will take off all the crucial decisions related to your career.

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IsMyGirl offers its models many options for them to increase their brand’s popularity. The website works together with Inked Magazine, which means once you’re registered on the website, you’ll have more than 36 million potential customers. Most people on this website are looking forward to meeting hot models, so it’s not that hard to convert them into clients in little time.

Instead of working hard to appear on the “featured” page where only top models get to be showcased, there’s a whole section dedicated to new members. This will make you more visible, which means more people will be able to find you.

IsMyGirl also offers technical support 24/7. If you have any doubts, it’s straightforward to get in touch with someone from IMG’s staff. They will answer all the questions you may have about the website’s functioning. It’s possible to get in touch via live chat or email.

This website is continually being updated, so you can expect more features to come soon.

What’s the payout frequency on IsMyGirls?

IsMyGirls has many options for payment. It is currently one of the highest paying adult networks you can find around the internet. The model gets to keep 70% of the revenue generated by all the content they produce on the website. It is also possible to withdraw money twice a month.

Why use IsMyGirl?

There are many fabulous features available on IsMyGirl that make it an excellent option if you want a side hustle with a lot of earning potential. Let’ see:

Easy to gain exposure

There are several ways you can become famous on IsMyGirl. This website has available a model directory where people can see all the models currently available. This is not the only way people can find you, though. There are multiple tabs available, so members can see who’s currently online, new members, models with premium Snapchats available, and also everyone currently doing a live cam show.

Geo-blocking features

You must request this feature. The website has not implemented this feature entirely, so if you want a particular location blocked, you must email the support team, and they will block that location for you.

Charge back protection

Charge back issues are very common within adult networks. However, you don’t need to worry about this while you’re working with IsMyGirl because they offer full protection against any charge back issue you would face. Your money will be safe.

If you want to start earning money as soon as possible with little effort, you can use IsMyGirl as your leading site for adult modeling. You have multiple options, including many subscription features. Earning money on IsMyGirl is effortless, and you can learn how to earn more money on this website in this article.

Getting started on IsMyGirl

There is only one thing needed to become an IsMyGirl model. This website is currently only for girls, so if you’re a guy, you may be interested in reading this guide for a website from the same network, IsMyGuy.

If you want to become a model on IsMyGirl, you need to be of legal age (+18). The website will request a picture of you holding your ID so they can verify your age and identity. Also, consider that every application takes some time to be approved. Still, the website is currently accepting tons of models every day, so you don’t have to worry about getting rejected.

If you want to learn how to become an IsMyGirl model, you can read this article that describes all the services you can provide as an IsMyGirl model.

Want to get started on the website already? That’s easy. You can visit IsMyGirl’s official page, register, and follow all the steps required so you can become a model and start earning money as soon as possible!

To learn more about IsMyGirl and read a full overview and review of the platform, click here. If you’re interested in joining IsMyGirl, click here to sign up and start making money today.

For more information about IsMyGirl:

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