Shagle Review: Chat With Real People

Shagle is one of the many websites on the internet that match you with random strangers on the web so that you can video chat with them for a while and see if you can connect with them. These are mostly one-on-one chats, although the portal also encourages couples to join and interact with the user base. 

Whether you are looking forward to finding partners for sexting or people with whom you may have steamy video chats, Shagle seems to be a great place for that at first glance. Is that really the truth? Let’s take a look at the features that this website offers and what you can expect from it upon registering.

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What is Shagle?

Shagle is a website that works on a very simple premise: you visit the portal, log in, and get matched to a random stranger around the world. You can then choose the direction of the chat; it could be a simple talk, or you can make it a bit more interesting. Most people who come to these sites are only looking for casual online encounters, though!

Unlike other chat apps, Shagle has a few features that make it different from other services. While you can still have some anonymity, you don’t have to provide personal information, and it also offers a higher level of personalization, such as a gender and location filter, in case you are interested in meeting people in your area. 

How Shagle Works

Shagle isn’t very complicated to understand. Once you access the website, you will be able to match with random strangers and chat for as long as you want with them. Either person in session can finish the conversation and move to the next user at any time.

The platform is quite simple. You will be able to start video chatting with people as soon as you sign up for the site. You can set up filters so that you can match with people who may share your interests more easily, but it’s not a guarantee all the time. 

Shagle allows you to set up two filters:

  • Gender (Paid)
  • Location (Partially free)

You can’t choose the gender of the people you match with as a free member, but you will be able to choose from 70 different countries.

Every time you wish to start a new chat, all you have to do is click on the “start” button, and the site will take a few seconds to match you with another user. The downside is that sometimes you may get matched with the same person if not many users are online at the moment or if there aren’t as many people available in the area you have chosen.

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Features of Shaggle: Profiles, virtual masks, reconnect, virtual gifts, and more

Shagle has a ton of interesting features that make chatting with random strangers on the web a more entertaining experience. While signing up is not required to start chatting, it is highly recommended to do so as soon as possible, as you can personalize your profile and make it a bit more appealing to potential matches. Take a look at how the website works and what you can expect from it.

Create a profile

Again, registration is not required, but at some point, you will be prompted to do so. Even if you create an account, Shagle still allows you to keep it all anonymous. You are not required to submit your real name or provide proof of identity. The only thing you need to start using your account is to verify your email. 

The information in your profile includes a few tags, a profile picture, and tags. It’s not as intricate as in other sites, but that’s the whole point of Shagle: chatting with random strangers while remaining anonymous.

Connect with people

You can start connecting with random strangers as soon as you access the website, as an account is not required. As a free member, you will be able to chat with random strangers regardless of their gender. If you wish to be connected with women or men only, you’ll have to purchase the premium membership. 

While the site encourages you to use the video chat feature, you don’t really have to. There is also the option for texting only if that’s what you want. You can stop the chat whenever you feel like it, too, as so does everyone else. It’s easier to find other people if you put some tags on your profile, as the website’s algorithm will try to find individuals who might have the same interests as you.


Let’s say that you’re chatting with someone and accidentally get disconnected, or the chat goes offline for whatever reason, and you wish to reconnect. Shagle makes it possible for you to reconnect with users you have already talked with before, although this feature is only available for premium members.

Either way, since this is a random chat app, chances are that you will match with the same person twice or even thrice if you disconnect from the session. 

Location and gender filter

As a free member, you will be able to use a limited version of the location filter, which will allow you to alternate between 70 countries so that you can find people from those locations. On the other hand, premium members can choose from over 200 countries and even the gender of the people they want to chat with, regardless of whether they prefer men, women, or couples. 

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Virtual gifts and likes

While the app is all about chatting and connecting with people who might share the same interests as you, maybe even having some sexual action together either via text or video chat, it doesn’t have to be that bland all the time. As a premium member, you will also be able to send virtual gifts and make your chats a little bit more exciting. You can also send “likes” to the people you have enjoyed chatting with if you click on the “heart” icon.

Premium Membership

Shagle has a very simple concept, but you can enhance your experience a little bit if you purchase the premium membership. There are different plan options:

  • One month: 19.99 USD 
  • One week: 6.99 USD 

The premium membership includes several enhanced features, including a gender filter, the ability to send virtual gifts and reconnect with people, and an improved location feature that allows you to explore more locations and meet more people from across the world. You will also gain an in-chat verified badge, which may add a layer of trust to the strangers that you match with while on the site.

Lastly, the premium membership removes all advertisements from the website, allowing you to explore it in a more comfortable way. 

Other features

There are a few other features that make Shagle a bit more interesting, including the following:

  • You can use the “translate message” option in case you match with someone who doesn’t speak your mother tongue. It can be a useful way to break the language barrier.
  • You can utilize a “virtual mask,” which is a filter that automatically detects your face and covers it up so that you can remain anonymous while video chatting with someone. While it may not be precise all the time, it surely adds a bit more to the sensation of anonymity while you’re chatting with someone. 
  • The “face connect” feature allows you to match only with users whose faces are detectable by the system. This way, you can avoid chatting with potentially fake profiles. 

These are all the features that you can enjoy at Shagle. As mentioned, it is a simple website with a straightforward premise. It has been developed to be easy to understand and quick to navigate.

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The Shagle Experience: What to expect

Shagle is a relatively well-known website, as it claims to have more than 1.6 million registered members. Even if the number is not accurate, you can expect a wide diversity of users on a daily basis from different countries. However, most people registered on the site are from the United States, and the vast majority of users are men. You can expect to match with users who are in their late 20s to people over 40 most of the time.

Shagle reassures its members about anonymity from the moment you register on the website, as you are not required to put too much information about yourself unless you want to if you don’t want to show your face while video chatting, you can always turn on the virtual mask and make the experience a bit more lighthearted.

The rules of the site are quite simple:

  • You need to be over 18 years old to use it.
  • You must be respectful to other members.
  • No illegal activity is allowed on cam. If you’re caught doing illicit behavior, your account will be banned. Any person can report your profile, and the moderation team will work on the case ASAP.

That said, we recommend you to use Shagle in a discreet place, like your room or just about anywhere where there are no people around (unless you’re all interested in explicit content). Chances are that you will find someone who is already masturbating, having sex, or doing something very explicit on camera. 

While there’s an option for gender filtering on the site, it can truly make you wait for a while and reduce the chances of meeting other members. While it adds a layer of protection, it also hinders the ability of the website to make you match with potentially compatible profiles.

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No mobile app, but available on mobile

Another aspect that’s worth taking into account is that even though the site does not have an app available, you can still access the site from your phone and use it without problems. Of course, you’ll have to allow access to your device’s camera to take full advantage of the site at times, but the navigation and features available are pretty much identical.

The mobile version has been developed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Everything is where it needs to be, and you will be able to find all the buttons you need very easily. Furthermore, it is also fully optimized and loads very quickly. You can start video chatting within seconds of accessing the side without problems. 

Be prepared to hold your phone at a good angle while you’re video chatting, though!

Other considerations

If you wish to purchase the premium subscription, bear in mind that the site automatically renews the memberships by the end of the cycle. Therefore, if you wish to cancel it, you will have to go to your profile or ask customer support for help. It is a relatively easy process.

While most of the features available on Shagle allow you to have a standard experience, your experience could be a lot better once you become a premium member, thanks to the higher level of personalization it provides.

Shagle – Pros and Cons

It has several features that make communicating easier, such as automatic translation or the “face connect” option.

You can hide part of your appearance with the face filters and masks, making it a bit more comfortable for those who don’t like showing much of themselves while on camera.

Most of its essential features are available for free, making it possible for users to have a nice experience even without paying anything.

You don’t have to provide proof of identity or go through intricate processes to be able to access the website.

The plans are relatively affordable compared to similar sites.
You might run into fake profiles or bots.

There is no mobile app available, making you go to your browser every time you want to access the website from your phone.

Since people’s internet connections may vary, you may not get a high-definition video feed in every session, which may diminish your experience with the site.

The conversations are not recorded if you’re not registered on the site. The competition is, though, as the vast majority of users is composed of men. 
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Final Thoughts

Shagle is a legit website that allows you to have one-on-one chats with people across the world. While it is also possible to find couples, those instances might be quite rare. This site can be an interesting experience if you take the time to explore it and are willing to show a bit of yourself to other people, as everyone is looking for the same thing as you.

Paying is not 100% necessary, but it opens the door to tons of possibilities and may help you avoid unpleasant situations. For instance, if you’re only interested in women, you can set up the gender filter to only match you with female profiles so that you can avoid watching other men’s cameras.

The site is relatively active and has a recurring user base. You can access it at any time and find potential matches, no matter where you are. However, bear in mind that certain countries might have a lower volume of members than others, which may make finding a match from certain places a bit more difficult.

Other than that, Shagle offers a solid experience for those who like talking with random strangers on the internet.

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