How to Become a Male Cam Model

If you’re here, you’re considering becoming a male cam model to start earning money from the comfort of your house. There isn’t much needed to start, and it’s very likely you already have in your possession all that is necessary.

It’s not like looking for a job and seeing what companies are hiring. You choose the websites you’re going to perform, and what’s needed is not really a big deal. Let’s see:

  • Being of legal age (18+). Just like all adult-oriented websites require, you need to be 18 or older to start performing on a webcam shows site, and most of them will ask you to submit a digital copy of your ID to verify your age. The process isn’t really complicated, and you’ll get verified in a few minutes.
  • Obviously, it would be best if you had a computer, a webcam and access to the internet (the faster, the better). Please, make sure you have a good connection to avoid any issues during the broadcast. While most websites list that a 2 Mbps connection is enough, you will definitely have a higher performance with a better connection.
  • Get rid of your old webcam and find an HD one. You can start with any webcam you have available, but it’s better if you consider upgrading it as soon as you can. The better the quality of your stream, the more audience you will gather in the long run!
  • Of course, this isn’t necessary, but you can make things even more interesting if you get some good toys and/or outfits for your shows.

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What can you do as a male cam model?

All websites offer different options for your shows. The most common options are:

Public shows

Anyone can come to public shows, but certain sites do not allow nudity in them. Make sure you read the guidelines to the websites you’ve decided to perform in.

Private Shows

From public shows, you can engage in private shows with one or more customers. This will make things more interesting, and you’re going to earn more. There’s the possibility of earning through “spying,” which is when users that are not part of the show can watch it.

Full Private Shows

Full private shows are more intimate and are usually done between the model and one customer. There’s no possibility of “spying” here.

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Skype Shows

Certain websites are dedicated to advertising models that perform shows on Skype. In these sites, you can earn more than regular ones, but it’s more challenging to become a model in those.

Selling Videos or Photos

Most webcam sites allow you to sell videos, photos, and galleries. This is also another great alternative that you can choose to do along with performing live sex shows.

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Alternatives to performing webcam shows

Opening a Premium Snapchat Account

It’s easier to open a premium Snapchat account than becoming a male model, mainly because there are networks explicitly dedicated to this market. In the modern-day, mobile devices are most used.

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Creating an account on sites that charge per subscription

Sites like IsMyGuy are great ways to become a successful performer. The best part is that you can use webcam shows sites while you use subscription sites, so you have a lot of options!

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Becoming a Phone Sex Operator

This option isn’t really as profitable as it was before, but you can still choose to become one. You can earn good money if you choose to become a phone sex operator because you can charge more per minute than per message.

What else should you consider to become a male webcam model?

We have already covered pretty much all the information you need to become a cam boy. However, there is more info you should consider, and most of it is related to the shows instead of the websites. If you want to become a male webcam model, you should consider the following:

Camboys mostly gather a gay audience

if you’re straight, you need to open your mind because if you’re successful, you’re going to gather people of all sexual orientations, and that includes men who are into men. This is normal within the adult industry, but it is your choice whether to engage in “gay” things or not.

That being said, some cam boys reject to do anal play and other anal stuff. However, even if you’re who decides what kind of stuff you’re going to perform in your shows, if you don’t do anal play, you will miss a lot of opportunities to grow and also good experiences. It is one of the main things you should consider before becoming a male webcam model.

Many gay pornstars are not gay in real life. That means it’s not necessary to be gay to become a male webcam model. Also, choosing to perform specific things during a show does not necessarily make you gay. If you’re comfortable with your sexuality, then there is nothing you have to worry about!

Camboys do not need to have a big penis

Many men think that in order to become a male webcam model, you need to have a big penis. That is far from reality. You can still perform all kinds of things in your shows, regardless of your penis size. Some people have a small penis fetish, which may be one of the things that make you successful in the long run (if that is your case).

The male market is very competitive

The two previous points are important because it is harder to become a performer while you’re a male than while you’re a female. It is essential that you’re informed about all the options you have in order to become more profitable and earn more. The difference is what will make you outstanding among the rest!

You can earn good money, but it’s going to be a long journey.

Only a few people find success in the male market. However, if you’re one of the lucky ones, you will earn good money in the long term. However, to achieve success faster, you can opt for choosing other options, like performing with a partner (either male or female, both options are great). That will increase your probability of success.

Also, it would be best if you considered that you couldn’t make this your primary source of income because the amount of money you’ll be getting each week/month is uncertain. Each website has different payment and charging methods.

Looks aren’t everything

While being good-looking adds a point, that isn’t a strict requirement to become a cam boy. You can perform specific fetishes and become very close to your audience to become more successful. Becoming profitable isn’t a hard task, but you should think of all the possibilities so you can come up with a good strategy.

Gentlemen, we have a series of articles on how you can start earning money with sex work, both online and offline. Our recommended webcam websites to start earning is Chaturbate or Stripchat, and if you’re trying to earn money by chatting with people and earning subscribers, LoyalFans is your best bet.

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