How To Find A Paypig: FinDom 101

Last updated on March 27, 2023

To better comprehend your job as a findomme, learn more about the people who will serve as your human ATMs.

Though generally males are attracted to the thought of being financially enslaved, some women are as well, and both genders share several characteristics that lure them to this fetish.

Who Are Paypigs?

Financial subservients are frequently powerful people at work who dominate others and enjoy the freedom of being governed by others in their personal life.

The underlying reason appears to be a desire to surrender control and authority by fleeing into fantasy roleplay. And one of the most intimate and intrusive ways to accomplish this is through money.

Many people enjoy transferring huge sums of money, and the more they spend, the greater the surge of adrenaline. It might be a dangerous transaction; thus, some worry is involved in the procedure.

Being mistreated, humiliated, and dominated may also cause them to get sexually aroused, and financial dominance may be a type of BDSM for them.

Paying tributes to their Domme becomes a means of gaining attention and rewards, with some cash piggies feeling that paying to be recognized is the only way to get women to notice them.

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How To Find Them

You are fortunate to be entering the world of findom when marketing your adult services online is simple, and there are hundreds of methods to attract paypigs as followers.

Create A Social Media Brand

Social media will play a role in helping you create your brand. You will be able to contact millions and millions of prospective paypigs via Twitter and Instagram.

As a side note, I would strongly advise against utilizing Facebook because it frequently deletes “offensive” profiles, and our line of business falls into that category.

Don’t waste your time on that network and instead concentrate on Twitter and Instagram. When growing your social media platforms, you must now publish regularly.

If you’re not sure how to establish your findom brand on Twitter or Instagram, look to top dommes in the business for inspiration. Now, don’t imitate them exactly or they’ll be upset.

Learn why they are successful, and apply your brand and personality to it.

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Develop Your Brand Across Several Platforms

Having various social media identities and sites is one of the finest strategies to create your findom brand.

The more methods enslaved people have to access your stuff, the more ready they will become paying enslaved people. That cannot be overstated!

You could struggle if you only use social networking. However, if you use websites and other forms of media, you will have a lot simpler time finding enslaved people who are eager to pay and become long-term paypigs.

The objective is to provide enslaved people with many methods to consume their stuff. If you can achieve this, you will be extremely successful!


As beneficial as these websites are, don’t forget to create yourself on your independent website and use fan subscriptions to increase your following.

You will, however, need to select a method of communication with your subscribers, and Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, and SMS are all viable alternatives to utilizing a commercial platform.

For obvious reasons, and to safeguard your privacy, it is suggested that you utilize an anonymous method to contact your cash-piggies, and many findommes do so by using a second email and cellphone number for this purpose.

How To Work

Here are a few things you should know about engaging with paypigs and enslaved people.

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Keep A Small Number of Paypigs

Whatever you do, avoid having too many paypigs. You will overextend yourself and be unable to deliver adequate involvement as a result. If they aren’t pleased with giving you money, they will find it elsewhere.

You can’t write about being an authoritative financial one day and then complain about your dreadful work the next. You want to be untouchable as a dominatrix.

Don’t Chase Paypigs

The first is to allow enslaved people to come to you. NEVER pursue possible paypigs! This implies that they should be the ones to contact you first.

The top two turnoffs for high-paying paypigs are desperation and neediness. These people want to know whether you can live without them, but they can’t.

You have control over the power dynamic in this relationship. Everything is in your power! This indicates that they will come crawling to you.

Figure Out Their Fetish

This is a crucial point. Each paypig has a different fetish. It is your responsibility to figure out that and deliver it for a significant monetary value.

This type of agreement is a power play. Normally, it’s money in exchange for some form of closeness.

In this situation, you’re getting money and giving him the ability to refuse it. Twice the enjoyment!

Roll of Money on Stone Background.

Establish A Payment Method

As with any sex business, there are a lot of timewasters out there, so it’s critical to separate them from the true potential subs early on.

In this game, the simplest method is to grab their money. As a result, you’ll need a mechanism to get your money.

If they want to be your cash piggy, they must first prove it, and most Dominas will not even consider a client until they have paid an advance homage.

PayPal expressly prohibits the use of its platform for the transaction of any payment for adult services, and it is not advised that you use it for your tributes.

Even if you don’t consider what you’re doing sex work, they may and may not suspend your account.

Some findommes take Amazon gift cards and utilize Amazon wish lists to get money, but if you want to play for huge money, you need to have an online account with Paxum, Venmo, Verotel, or even Bitcoin.

Caution is usually advised when moving money straight from a client’s account into your own.

Pay First, Perform Later

The second step is never to do anything unless they pay up. They will know how you prefer to get compensated if you appropriately set up your social media pages.

BEFORE they approach you, the most reputable paypigs will send an initial tribute. These people are worth their weight in gold.

Utilize and exploit them. A person might say, “I’ll pay you with my next income,” but talk is cheap! Money has a voice!

Gun on money on the table

Paypigs Must Compensate For Your Time

Many paypigs desire your attention at any time of day. Set the expectation early on that if he wants your attention, he will have to pay for it.

For the sake of your time, make him make a gift. Getting paypigs is essentially a sales procedure. Paypigs must be provided with a distinct and powerful findom brand image.

They want to know that you are self-assured and have a lifestyle that they wish to support financially. The objective is to establish scarcity.

Remain Ethical

As tempting as it may be for some to drain the resources of sub after sub, all financial Dominas have a moral need to comprehend their customers’ constraints.

No financial dominatrix should wish to destroy their cash slaves, and you must maintain control over their spending even if they cannot.

A sub’s life outside of findom is vital if you want them to be a consistent source of money for you.

Saying no is as vital as any other component of your job, and understanding when to cut sessions short or turn your back is essential in this line of business.

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