Is Flingster Legit and Safe

Flingster is one of the many random chat apps that promise to help you find potential matches with whom you can sext or even engage in one-on-one cam sessions. It is a video chatting platform that’s been around for a long while and has a relatively active user base. No matter what time you choose to access it, chances are that there’s someone available for you to talk with. 

Flingster is completely legit, as thousands of users get online every month to talk with others and maybe flirt a bit for a few minutes. You can trust its legitimacy, as evidenced by the high number of users that go on the site to converse and flirt with each other with no strings attached. You can join the community with confidence, knowing that Flinsgter offers you the opportunity to meet someone who may share your interests.

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Take a look at what the platform offers and what you can expect from it in the long run.

Is Flingster legit?

Flingster is a legitimate platform. It is mainly a live chat platform where you can meet all sorts of people, be it men, women, or even couples. It has been around for a few years and its community has been growing with each year that passes. Hence, it can be a good choice for those who might be interested in no-strings-attached connections with others.

Since it is a random video chat site, you might run into men more often than women. However, it’s still possible to have a pleasant experience if you’re patient and willing to invest a few minutes of your time to make your experience with the site a bit more interesting.

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Is Flingster secure?

When it comes to Flingster’s security and privacy measures, we have no complaints. Our review found out that the site actually puts some effort into it, allowing you to have a safe experience while talking to others with other people on the web.

It encourages anonymity, meaning that you are not required to put any sort of personal information apart from your email while you’re talking to other people on the web.

While it is a completely secure platform, it has a few problems that you might want to be aware of before you adventure yourself into what it offers. You need to be prepared to deal with a bunch of men showing themselves pretty much immediately by the time you get matched with them. While this isn’t an aspect related to the website’s security, it certainly says a lot about the site’s moderation.

As it happens in sites like Chatspin or Shagle, you can utilize AI-powered filters to hide your face while you’re talking to other people. Or you can strategically position your webcam to leave your face out of the video feed.

If you don’t feel like the chat is going anywhere, you can always move on to the next person with a single click. All it takes is a few seconds to match with an entirely different user.

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Flingster’s Paid Features: Are they worth it?

Most chat apps put their matching filters behind a paywall, and Flingster is no different. You will have to become a member if you would like to choose the gender of the people you get matched with, which could be only men, women, or couples. 

Some people have tested this filtering, and it does not seem to be 100% effective, as you might eventually get matched with the same profile over and over. The website is also filled with fake accounts, which may be a problem since it seems like the site does not have any sort of moderation over these members, meaning that the overall user experience may be a bit less pleasant compared to similar apps.

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What is it like to video chat at Flingster?

There seem to be bots even if you pay to be matched with “real” users, which means that you may have to be a little bit patient if you’re willing to give this platform a chance. We’re not saying that you can’t meet real people on Flingster, but it feels like the app could use a better moderation team that could get rid of all those fake accounts so that people can have a good time. 

As a heterosexual man, you may not be able to match with women 100% of the time. The site is filled with men, and most of them are already flashing their penises on the webcam without even saying hello. Hence, it may take you a long while to find a woman with whom you can chat. If you’re curious and like to chat with men as well, this might not be much of a problem, though.

Besides the fake accounts, you might also deal with scammers. We advise you to practice caution if you want to spend time on this application, as the lack of moderation makes it difficult to match with someone who’s actually decent and wants to have fun at your pace.

It is a secure website, but it could improve with a better management team. In its current state, it is a bit difficult to have a nice time if you’re only looking forward to having online casual encounters with random people across the world. You may need to approach this site with an open mind and patience.

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Flingster has been around for a few years, utilizing the typical format of a random chat app that matches you with a plethora of people from different countries. Unfortunately, it is mostly frequented by men, which means that if you’re not interested in males, it may take you a while to find a girl or at least someone who might be interested in your preferences.

It’s not a bad website, but the lack of moderation and tools for filtering make it leave a lot to be desired. Hence, approach it with caution, discretion, and an open mind.

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