Websites Like MYM.Fans (Top Alternatives)

Last Updated on November 4, 2020 is an excellent website, but it may not suit everyone’s needs. Whether you did not like the web site’s features or want to earn more money by becoming a model in multiple networks, we have the task of looking for new options covered for you.

There are many websites that work similarly to This website’s main feature is premium content, which is only accessible by paying the subscription fee. has many tools available for you to proliferate, and the only real requirement to have access to them is being active on the network.

Now, this list should help you in your search for a website that works like


IsMyGirl is a premium social media network exclusive for female models. If you’re a guy and are interested in becoming a model too, you may be interested in reading about IsMyGuy (see below). IsMyGirl has many features that make earning followers easy. You still have to work hard to become a top model, of course, but you will spend less energy here than you would on other websites. and IsMyGirl are similar, but IsMyGirl allows you to perform webcam shows in addition to subscription or premium content. IsMyGirl is also excellent if you’re new to the website; you have many tools available to help you grow.

These are some of the features you can use here to earn money:

  • Fan club subscriptions. You upload content to this feed, and people must pay the subscription fee if they want to see it.
  • Webcam shows. Unlike most webcam shows, everyone who watches you on IsMyGirl is paying. People with no credits on their accounts will not be allowed to watch you perform.
  • Premium Snapchat subscriptions. This is a trending feature, but if you’re having trouble earning followers, maybe it’s a good idea to make a partnership with such an extensive network like IsMyGirl.
  • Selling videos and Kustom Vids. Most people on IsMyGirl purchase content from their favorite model and some of them are willing to pay excellent sums for a personalized video. All these videos can be found under their tabs.
  • Fantom. This feature is like a Cam2Cam show or a video call. Customers are charged by the minute.

IsMyGirl is more about Fan club subscriptions, but you can choose other features, so you don’t wait for customers to come and pay for the monthly fee. This is great because you have multiple ways of earning money, meaning that you will have a better income in the long term.


IsMyGuy is like IsMyGuy’s little brother. Both sites are run by the same company and belong to the same network. This website focuses on male models, so this is the place for guys who want to become models. The features available on this website are the same that you can use in IsMyGirl, including the following:

  • Fan club subscriptions. People who want to see your content must pay a monthly fee; otherwise, they won’t be allowed to access it.
  • Webcam shows. Webcam shows are always interesting to watch, and they allow models to get in touch with their audience directly.
  • Premium Snapchat subscriptions. A premium Snapchat is an excellent way of earning money. Since this app is widespread, it’s a discrete way of having adult content on your phone, with no one noticing.
  • Sell videos and custom content. All videos you upload will be available on the “videos” tab, and you can also take custom requests. Personalized videos can be found under the “Kustom Vids” section.
  • Fantom. This is a Cam2Cam show. The customer will be charged per minute.


Frisk is a premium social media network with two main features, the Free Wall and the Subscription Wall. Everyone has access to the Free Wall, and all the content you post there must be safe for work. The subscription wall, well, is completely NSFW, and members must pay the monthly fee if they want to access that content.

Considering all the websites mentioned on this list, Frisk is the alternative that shares most similarities with, but the main difference between both websites is that Frisk allows you to set the prices for all the content.

Frisk is a network-based in the UK. It is a great website where you can start earning money right from the start, but fees may apply for international transactions. There are no other drawbacks to Frisk.

The mentioned features are not the only ways to make money on Frisk. You can put content for sale on the PPV store or get paid by chatting with your followers.

Overall, there is a balance between all the options listed. It’s only a matter of taste to choose the best alternative! Consider using Frisk if you want a similar experience to the one you’d have in