BBC Surprise Review: Predtým Black Ambush

Prekvapenie BBC is a website where white girls get fucked by black guys with gigantic cocks, which is one of the classic premises of porn. It is simple and doesn’t offer anything beyond that. BBC Surprise features girls “trying black cocks for the first time.” The website claims to have unscripted content and “authentic surprises,” as their website lists.

One of BBC Surprise’s strongest points is its excellent video quality. You can also download all the videos you want (within a specific limit). All of the movies on this site are more than 1 hour long, and more than 100 videos are available with weekly updates.

What is BBC Surprise?

BBC Surprise is a porn website that was first launched in 2017. All videos follow the same concept: naïve white girls who think they are doing x or y thing, only to end up being fucked by a black guy with an enormous dick. The premise is similar to the other sites within the same network, which are amateur girls getting paid to make a porno video.

Prekvapenie BBC has about 126 videos at the moment and has updates every month. A total of two videos are uploaded every two weeks, making it a very active platform compared to other porn networks. Still, if you purchase a subscription to BBC Surprise, you will also earn access to two other sites:

  • Vykorisťované vysokoškoláčky: On this site, real college girls get paid to get fucked on camera. Some videos are one-on-one scenes, while others are threesomes, either MMF or MFF. Either way, you get to see hot teen girls showing off their sexy bodies and having some steamy action on camera.
  • Odlievací gauč v zadnej miestnosti: This website claims to feature skutoční amatéri. It belongs to the “reality porn” category and features girls going to a “job interview,” only to get fucked and go home empty-handed. It is one of the most popular sites within this network and has weekly updates.

Prekvapenie BBC has an amazing deal and different things to offer to you. Therefore, if you’re looking for sites with high-quality porn, here you may find what you’re looking for – all of it for a relatively affordable cena.

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Real first-timers taking black cock

This website shows girls trying a black dick for the first time. While it may not be the case, it is a very cool premise, and the videos have excellent quality. Plus, each video is recorded in very high quality and the usual format of “reality” porn – thus, you’re granted to have some fun while watching the videos as they all seem very real.

BBC Surprise offers unscripted content and features about 140 models at the moment. Each movie features a new girl, so you will see a new face every time the website receives an update.

Pros and cons of BBC Surprise

This website has several good points that make it a good investment, but some things can be worked upon. For instance, it offers a broad catalog of models, but after five years of being online, it has fewer movies than other studios or websites within the same network.

Here’s what we liked and what we didn’t like about Prekvapenie BBC:

• The website features real amateur girls on their way to try black cocks for the first time – or at least, it makes it seem very real
• You’ll be granted access to two other websites within the same studio, Vykorisťované vysokoškoláčky and Backroom Casting Couch
• The video quality is excellent – all videos are available in 1080p HD
• All videos are quite long – all of them have a length of more than one hour
• There are girls for all tastes and preferences – from mature women to teen girls who look barely legal  
• The website has a download limit of around 25 GB
• It doesn’t have as much content as the bonus site – after five years, it only has over 100 movies. However, this can be due to being the youngest website within the same network
• There is no guarantee of having new scenes every month – although the website seems to be pretty constant in that regard

This website has an exciting premise, even if it’s a classic trope in porn. As it is the most recent addition to the Vykorisťované vysokoškoláčky network, it may not have such a wide catalog, but it still has more things to offer than many other porn sites out there – and the best part, it’s unscripted content at a very good quality.

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Cost and payment options for BBC Surprise

The subscription prices at BBC Surprise are the same for all three other websites. You can try the site for two days at one dollar, but you will be charged for a full monthly subscription once the limited trial is over. Of course, the website will warn you when this is about to happen, so check it to prevent unpleasant surprises.

Here is the pricing for the rest of the subscription options:

  • Mesačné členstvo stojí $29,80 mesačne
  • Cena opakovaného trojmesačného členstva je $69,95
  • Jednorazové trojmesačné (3) členstvo stojí $75
  • Šesťmesačné (6) členstvo stojí $119,99
  • Dvanásťmesačné (12) členstvo stojí $199.99

The pricing is within the average price of porn subscriptions in today’s world, so it isn’t too expensive or too cheap. The cheapest subscription is the yearly one, which charges you $0.55 daily.

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Dizajn a funkcie stránky

This website is simple and follows the same design as its sibling sites. The home page shows a regular description and self-advertisement for the website and a list of the most viewed videos. It has a very minimalistic build that you can navigate easily.

Prekvapenie BBC has five tabs: one for “updates,” which has all the latest videos uploaded; one for the “girls,” which has all the girls featured in the videos until now; “Model for us,” which allows girls to find a job at this website and film a scene, and the “members” area, which is where you will log in once you have purchased a subscription.

Once you enter a video, you will be shown different options to stream and download. The player is quite good and loads each media piece quickly – although the download speed can vary.

Hence, this website is extremely simple and doesn’t offer more than what’s advertised. You surely will find your way around it during your first visit.


Does BBC Surprise have a download limit?

Yes. This website does have a download limit – it is around 25 GB. It is the same limit as all the bonus sites have within the same network.

How often does BBC Surprise upload?

This website uploads two new videos per month, with a two-week difference. However, it is uncertain to say, as there seem to be longer hiatuses between each video now and then. Still, the website is constant and always has new content.

What quality are the videos on BBC Surprise?

BBC Surprise offers HD videos in 1080p quality.

Ponúka moje členstvo bonusové stránky?

Yes. This website grants members access to two extra websites, including Exploited College Girls and Backroom Casting Coach. You can also stream and download all the videos from those websites, following the same limits as stated above.

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