Review of SeeMyGF: Real Amateurs!

SeeMyGF is one of the many porn sites dedicated to amateur content. It has thousands of pictures and videos of hot girls in their early 20s getting fucked, having threesomes, masturbating, and even engaging in some hot girl-on-girl action. Most scenes are quite hardcore. You may even find threesomes and orgies with the “amateur” charm that many people enjoy. Since all the content on this site is user-submitted, you can expect tons of surprises every day.

This website is still quite popular, despite being launched over 15 years ago. It still has a solid user base and continues receiving regular content updates. Today, we’ve decided to explore the content that this site has to offer. Is it really worth it to become a member? Let’s find out together on this See My GF review.

What is SeeMyGF?



See My GF is an old-school amateur porn site where you can find videos of hot college girls. There’s a lot of stuff here, and most of it includes hardcore content. Orgies, lesbian sex, anal, solo stuff, and other content are easily accessible. Furthermore, you get to keep all the videos and pics you want, as the site doesn’t restrict downloads.

Most of the content looks good, but it’s not of the best quality. Some of the videos and pics are self-produced content. You can also upload your pieces of media if you feel like sharing that part of your life with the rest of the world.

As of now, See My GF has more than 4,000 videos and nearly 8,000 pictures. This number is increasing each day as users continue to upload content on a daily basis. It’s very unlikely that you’ll get bored of this site, as there’s a lot of stuff to watch. 

All of the porn you’ll find here are real sex tapes. Swinger orgies, college sex, couples going at it – there’s a lot to watch here. The site is full of surprises. However, since all the content comes from members, the exclusivity may be inexistent. These videos may be available on other websites, which can discourage some users from paying the full subscription price.

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Pros and cons of See My GF

See My GF is an Amateur porn site with thousands of videos and pics. Users can submit their own content or those that they have collected from the web. Since the site has no filter, it’s impossible to know whether this content is original or if it has been taken from other networks. Hence, the site has good aspects, but there are very notable bad factors that you should take into account if you’re thinking of paying for a membership. 

💋 Watch real amateur porn. The site features REAL amateur porn. No set or professional actors – all the people you see here are either couples, fuck buddies, or people who happen to hook up and record it. There’s a bit of everything for everyone, from softcore to hardcore videos

💋 It has a large collection of videos. There are over 4,000 videos and more than 8,000 photo sets, and the numbers are increasing every day. You can expect at least 10 new photo sets every week, and a minimum of six videos per week, for instance

💋 It has a user-friendly interface. It may be a bit outdated, but it actually makes it easier to understand. Plus, all the pages within the site load really quickly. You can explore different categories and use a basic search feature to enhance your experience with the site. It’s also mobile-responsive

💋 You can submit your own videos. If you like the idea of exposing yourself to the world, you can submit it whenever you feel like it 
The content is not 100% exclusive. As mentioned, users can upload the content they want, which puts the media’s exclusivity in doubt. Sometimes, you may come across videos with watermarks from other sites. It can be a huge turn-off for some users, but if you can see past this issue, you’ll be fine

The videos are available in very low quality. Most of the time, you’ll find slow-definition videos. It’s hard to find HD content, but it does exist. It’s unclear why the website doesn’t offer high-quality content, given that most phones nowadays can record in HD

Most videos don’t last longer than 10 minutes, and some are very short. Averagely, the videos you’ll find on See My GF are about 2-3 minutes long

This site has a good premise, but the execution is not the best. It’s not the platform’s fault, though. Since most of the content is submitted by the users, you can’t expect it to be professionally shot. If you can see past these issues, then your experience at See My GF may not be too bad.

Cost and payment options for See My GF


See My GF appears to be a sibling site of other amateur porn sites like Cum on Wives or Jizz Pix. Therefore, the subscription options are pretty much the same, as well as the pricing. You can pay for your subscription using a credit card, online checks, or perhaps by using direct debit. Either option has no pricing differences. The cost of each subscription option is described below:

  • 1-year subscription: 99.95 USD
  • 3-month subscription: 59.78 USD
  • 1-month subscription: 24.96 USD
  • 2-day trial: 1.00 USD (you will be charged the monthly subscription package if you don’t cancel it before the trial is over)

You are required to create a username and a password to start using the website. You’ll also have to provide an email for obvious reasons.

Site design and features


The site looks like an old-school forum. It seems like it hasn’t gone through any updates since it was first launched in 2007. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The navigation is quick, and you can jump from one section to another with a single click. The site loads very quickly.

The best part of this site is that you can download all the content you want without restrictions. As long as you’re a member, you’ll still be able to access this feature without problems. 

You can explore the site using the basic search feature, the standard feed, and some categories. Although there isn’t anything too “outstanding,” the site manages to provide a nice experience when it comes to navigation. Although it has a few bad aspects, those factors aren’t too prominent, and it is still possible to have a good experience with the site.

In general, this site is recommendable, but you may get tired of it after a while. The subscription price is a bit higher than the regular cost of porn sites, too. Hence, we recommend you think it through before becoming a member.

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Does See My GF have a download limit?

No. There’s no download limit on See My GF. You can download as many videos as you want without problems.

How often does See My GF upload?

See My GF has new videos and pictures available pretty much every day. There isn’t an upload schedule, so you’ll always have to wait until a particular person decides to upload something throughout the day.

What quality are the videos on See My GF?

The videos are in SD. Some videos may be available in HD, but those are hard to find. The quality of the pics isn’t the best, either.

Does my membership offer bonus sites?

No. Your membership only grants you access to See My GF.

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