Hur man blir en BongaCams-modell

BongaCams is one of the most popular choices for people that want to become webcam models. It’s one of the top three camming sites, which means it has excellent traffic not only in the USA but worldwide. This cam site accepts everyone, so anyone thinking about becoming a model, including females, males, transgender people, and couples. Group accounts are also welcomed!

Everyone can start making money by performing shows at BongaCams. Besides the shows, people can also sell other kinds of content from their profiles.

If you’re here, you’re probably interested in becoming a BongaCams model. We know that you want to start as soon as possible, so we’ve saved the hours you’d spend researching by gathering all the available information about it in this article.

Basic information about BongaCams

Vi vet vad som händer i kreatörsbranschen!

Medan många recensioner, guider eller information som presenteras online kommer från en modells, affiliates eller fans perspektiv, härstammar vår kunskap från att ha arbetat en-mot-en med hundratals skapare. Från cam-modeller till finansiella dominanter, vi har en ett extra lager av faktagranskning som bara kommer med erfarenhet.

Du ansluter dig till de tusentals läsare som dagligen kommer hit för att lära sig hur man kommer igång och tjäna mer som skapare.

Intresserad av att köpa Bildtexter paket, skript och andra resurser för att hjälpa ditt företag? har du allt du behöver.

Njut av det!

  • The services you can offer in BongaCams include webcam shows, clips, images, and sociala medier access.
  • Everyone can quickly become a BongaCams model, regardless of their sexual identity. The site welcomes female, male, trans, couples, and even groups to become performers.
  • In BongaCams, models earn about 4-5¢ per token, and they can withdraw their earnings once a week. However, keep in mind the minimum payout is $50. You can withdraw your earnings by check, ACH, Paxum, or Wire transfer.
  • BongaCams offers regional blocking services, so you don’t have to worry about people you know finding out about your webcam modeling career!

BongaCams trafikstatistik

Global ranking (alla webbplatser)90:e
Rankning av webbplatser för vuxna27:e
Total månatlig trafik (uppskattad)389,59 miljoner per månad
De 5 främsta länderna bland besökarnaFörenta staterna, Ukraina, Italien, Polen, Japan

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What do you need to become a BongaCams model?

First, you must be of legal age. Being 18 or older is a crucial requirement because BongaCams will request you submit a digital copy or a photo of your ID to begin performing. Verifying your age is a manual process so that it will take some time. If you don’t trust this, keep in mind that this is necessary for all adult websites to be compliant with federal law.

There aren’t too many things needed to get started, though. Overall, all you’re going to need to start performing is:

  • En dator. Any kind would serve, but it should have at least 4 GB of RAM and a Quad-Core (or better) processor. Windows is recommended, but you can use Mac with no problems. Most laptops and PCs nowadays are able to broadcast with no problems.
  • En webbkamera. There will be no show if no one can see you. Some laptops have an integrated webcam, but it’s preferred if you purchased an HD webcam with a built-in microphone. The quality of your show matters because that’s one of the critical factors to keep your audience interested.
  • Tillgång till Internet. The higher the speed of your Internet is, the better will be your broadcast’s quality. Most websites recommend having a 2 Mbps upload speed as a minimum. Try to get your Internet to work best so you can maintain your viewers in your room. A good show with no interruptions will make you well-known pretty quickly among the audience.
  • En plats att uppträda på. If you don’t have an extra room in your home, you can use your bedroom (that’s what most models that have just started with, actually). But you can choose to perform anywhere you’d like and feel comfortable in. The space you choose to perform should be organized, clean, and have good illumination. It should also be quiet enough so you can perform without being interrupted.

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How Much Do BongaCams Models Earn?

As mentioned above, a BongaCams model earns 4-5¢ per token, averagely. When you’ve just started, each token you earn will give you 4 cents. A while will pass before you start earning 5 cents per token, but don’t worry, the process is not as complicated as most people think. Models should be looking forward to becoming part of the 5 cents tier as soon as possible to maximize their earnings in little time.

As we’ve mentioned, you can start earning 5 cents per token right from the start. All you need to do is complete some steps, which are the following:

  • Komplettera din profil. This includes the “What We Do On Webcam” and the “About Me” sections.
  • Komplettera din önskelista. BongaCams has a gift store available, and sometimes viewers purchase some of those items for the models. All purchases on the gift store are completed with tokens.
  • Create your schedule. If you want to become a successful model, you should keep a consistent schedule so people know when they should come to see you. You can let them know that in your BongaCams profile.
  • Ladda upp några medier. A minimum of 3 photos and 1 video should be enough, but the more, the merrier.
  • Choose a font to make your profile look different on the front page. When people are looking for you on the website, they’re going to see a thumbnail and your username. All usernames on the website look different thanks to the models being able to pick different fonts.
  • Get a lovely background setting for your profile. Make sure you pick something that makes you look outstanding among the rest!

Letar du efter en enklare sätt att tjäna mer pengar?

Att komma på nya innehållsidéer varje dag är en plåga. Sluta brainstorma fram nya idéer varje dag och investera i färdiga lösningar för att förbättra ditt företag, få fler prenumeranter och tjäna mer pengar.

👉🏾 Handla nu på och hitta bildtextpaket, skript, e-böcker och videokurser.

Are you worried about facing Chargeback issues? Don’t worry, BongaCams has your back!

It is widespread within the adult industry to get involved in chargeback issues. This happens when someone makes a dispute over a purchase made with one of their credit cards.

Some networks are known to solve these issues by subtracting the disputed sum from the models’ earnings. However, that’s something you don’t have to worry about when working with BongaCams. The website offers everyone chargeback protection, with no preference over anyone. Your money is in safe hands!

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BongaCams Accepts Everyone

There are thousands of people getting registered in BongaCams every day. While the most crucial requirement to become a model is being of legal age, there isn’t anything else they will ask from you. Males, females, trans, and even couples or groups are welcome to become webcam performers. However, if you’re going with someone else, they must have passed the verification process.

Making Money as a BongaCams Model

There are many ways you can use to make money as a BongaCams model. Of course, your earnings will come from your shows, mainly. The shows you can perform in BongaCams include:

  1. Offentliga utställningar: Most viewers are looking for public shows. Here, anyone can come and send you tips. Things get even better when you have some Lovense interactive sexleksaker, which can be set up to react to your viewers’ tips.
  2. Privata utställningar: These shows are only between the performed and the client, and you set the price per minute. All you’re going to do in the show must be planned before it starts, and both parts have to agree with the terms.
  3. Fullständiga privata visningar: Same as private shows, but these can’t be spied on.
  4. Spionprogram: Paid members can choose to “spy” your private shows, and that means you’ll earn more. Fake privates are possible, and that happens when you perform on different websites at the same time (known as double-dipping or cam-splitting), even if the person spying is not on BongaCams.
  5. Selling Premium Content: Don’t stick only to performing, you can make more money if you sell premium content. This includes:

All the content you have available for purchase in your profile can only be sold in tokens.

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