Hur man tjänar pengar på (uppdaterad 2024) är en premie sociala medier webbplats som modeller kan använda för att skapa en återkommande intäktsström. är mest populär i fransktalande länder, med några av de mest populära franska kreatörerna på webbplatsen.


  • Få betalt så snabbt som två gånger i veckan
  • Otroligt populär i fransktalande länder
  • Ett superstar 🌟-program för de bästa skaparna för att tjäna extra pengar.
  • Proaktivt innehållsskydd is a new website that combines sociala medier-like features and subscription functions so that models can take advantage of all of them. To become an model, you are only required to be of legal age (+18), and you must go through a verification process before you can start posting on the website.

After your age has been verified (you must provide a digital copy of your ID), you can start setting up your profile. You will have immediate access to the public and subscription feed, meaning that you should start setting everything up as soon as your application has been approved.

It’s possible to find people of all kinds on this website. The website also offers several tools so you can promote your profile and get more subscribers in the long run. The central premise of the website is earning as many subscribers as you can; most of your income will come from there. However, it’s also possible to make pengar genom att sälja Push media on the website.

Today we’ll tell you all the ways you have available to make money on All models have access to these features, so you don’t have to worry about anything. After you’ve been accepted into the website, you can start doing what’s listed in this article to earn money.

Services models can provide on

Here you have the full list of the services models can offer on Using this website as a side hustle is a great choice. It takes little effort, and you can manage it as you would with any other mainstream sociala medier. This is what you can do on the website.

Vi vet vad som händer i kreatörsbranschen!

Medan många recensioner, guider eller information som presenteras online kommer från en modells, affiliates eller fans perspektiv, härstammar vår kunskap från att ha arbetat en-mot-en med hundratals skapare. Från cam-modeller till finansiella dominanter, vi har en ett extra lager av faktagranskning som bara kommer med erfarenhet.

Du ansluter dig till de tusentals läsare som dagligen kommer hit för att lära sig hur man kommer igång och tjäna mer som skapare.

Intresserad av att köpa Bildtexter paket, skript och andra resurser för att hjälpa ditt företag? har du allt du behöver.

Njut av det!

Offentliga medier

When people look for your profile, they will first access your public feed. This content may seem pointless, but it’s actually meant to be for promotion. You must be creative with the public media you post so you can persuade people to pay the subscription fee. It is forbidden for public content to contain nudity; all the content posted behind the paywall must be safe for work.

Privata medier

On, the premium content is called “private media.” People will only have access to this content once they’ve paid the subscription fee. On the private media fee, people can find all the videos and images you’ve posted.

Not every piece of content is accepted into, though. You must choose what you’re going to post carefully; otherwise, a moderator may decline your request. Reviewing the content, you try to post on is reviewed within 24 hours. After that, you will be informed whether your content was approved or not.

Both private and public media must go through this process to keep the website safe and fun for everyone.

Anpassade medier

This is another way you have to earn good money. Models are not obligated to accept custom requests, but keep in mind you can earn more money by accepting them. You need to talk with the client about the price and terms of the request so you can come up with a decision. If you have accepted the request, you must send the requested content within the next 2 hours.

Push media

This is another excellent way of earning money. Push media is hugely lucrative, and you can send notifications to your active and former subscribers whenever you post a new Push media. Then, they can decide whether to pay for it or not. It’s a creative way to increase your funds once in a while.

These are the main features you have available to make money on However, there are more features you can use in order to enhance your experience on the website. payment information

First, you should complete the requirements so you can get paid as soon as you reach the minimum payout. Here’s everything you need to gather to get paid:

  • You need to have a certified account.
  • A payment method must be attached to your account.
  • You must have a minimum of $50 validated funds.

Getting a certified account sounds complicated. However, it is not as challenging as it seems. These are all the requirements you need to gather in order to get your account certified:

  • You must have at least one subscriber.
  • Five images or videos on your page.
  • Your contact information needs to be verified, including your phone number.
  • You must attach your bank account or PayPal account to your account.
  • Your age must be verified.
  • A selfie to verify your identity must have been provided.

All the requirements listed aren’t really out of the standard. If you were to use another premium sociala medier network, you would have to go through a similar process. However, one thing to have in mind is that in, you get to choose the frequency of your payments. For example, you can choose to get paid once or twice a week, or maybe once or twice per month. You can withdraw your funds at your convenience. offers protection against fraudulent charges.

Letar du efter en enklare sätt att tjäna mer pengar?

Att komma på nya innehållsidéer varje dag är en plåga. Sluta brainstorma fram nya idéer varje dag och investera i färdiga lösningar för att förbättra ditt företag, få fler prenumeranter och tjäna mer pengar.

👉🏾 Handla nu på och hitta bildtextpaket, skript, e-böcker och videokurser.

These problems are common in the adult industry; however, there is a system used in to ensure models and customers have a safe experience on the website.

The system consists of having all the revenue you generate “pending” for a limited period. For example, monthly subscriptions will be pending for fifteen days, while yearly subscriptions will be pending for sixty days. However, tips and all the media you sell on the website will be pending for seven days.

After the funds have been validated, you’re free to withdraw them at your convenience. has more features for models to make more money. offers its models tons of great features to make sure they’re having a great time on the website. They earn money while you earn; that’s why they get multiple perks when you start to grow. Don’t worry; as we’ve said above, this website only takes 10% of your earnings. That’s enough to cover the website’s maintenance, staff, and development.

Within the other features you can take advantage of, we can say the Model Promotion is one of the most important ones.

Modell främjande’ sociala medier networks reach millions of followers every day. You can choose to promote yourself using your social media, but it’s also possible to request promotion from the network. They will post you on their socials, and you can also choose to appear on the feed of members that haven’t paid for your subscription. Before contacting the network for this feature, make sure you meet all the requirements:

  • You must provide a high-quality and full-length photo.
  • Your face should be visible.
  • This content should follow the editorial team’s guidelines.
  • Text or emojis are not allowed on the photograph.

After that, you must make your request and wait until a moderator approves it. You will be notified via email.

Many other features make a great website and an excellent source of income. Do you want to start your journey on this site already? Make sure you visit our review for models so you can learn everything you need to know about the website!

Om du vill veta mer om och läsa en fullständig översikt och granskning av plattformen, klicka här. Om du är intresserad av att gå med i, Klicka här för att anmäla dig och börja tjäna pengar idag.

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