10 Best Sex Toys for Gay Men

If you’re looking for ways to enhance the fun in bed, then you’ve come to the right place. Now, we’re going to give you a list of the ten best gay sex toys you can find around the web.

After evaluating hundreds of toys, we finally concluded and decided to include only the best ones on our list. If you think sex toys aren’t for you, this list will probably change your mind. Sex Toys are more frequent during these days, so don’t feel weird about wanting to get one.

We based our list on reviews given by different users across the internet, and only bring you the best toys with the highest quality that will give you a great time and enormous pleasure with each use. Shall we begin?

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Lelo Loki Luxury Rechargeable Vibrating Prostate Massager

If you haven’t tried a prostate massager before, then it is time for you to expand your sexual experiences. This prostate massager is capable of vibrating at five different paces and has an overall runtime of 120 minutes. If it runs out of battery, don’t worry. You can charge it for later using the USB connector it has integrated.

This toy is a real game-changer. After you try it once, you’ll want to keep doing it more than just one time a day. It is simple to use, and the four integrated buttons will let you know what to do.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator

Are you looking for a more discreet or regular kind of fun? Well, we can’t positively say that you’re going to have a regular time with this Fleshlight, though.

The texture and softness from the fleshlight’s sleeve will take you to the highest level of pleasure. Open your mind and start seeing new horizons. Before use, it is best if you soak it in warm water. Let your fantasies that you hide in your innermost become true.

Besides the fleshlight, this product includes a water-based lube for you to use with the fleshlight. Remember only to use lubes of this kind when having fun with the Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator.

TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator

The TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator is one of the best sex toys of its kind. All the good reviews that you can see across the web are not lying, this discreet-looking sex toy will give you a unique experience with each use, but that’s only one of the main perks.

Besides having excellent soft texture, you can play with the three integrated buttons to increase the pressure and make a different trip from each trust. Its design is not a unique thing.

The sensations you’re going to experience with the TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator will be stuck in your mind after the first use.

Lovehoney Deluxe Rechargeable Mini Massage Wand Vibrator

Instead of carrying around a big cock vibrator with an outdated design, why not carry one small enough for you to carry in one of your pockets?

This wand vibrator is just as magical as you think it is. Don’t let its small size discourage you because it is capable of doing remarkably great things. Its complexion is so flexible that you’re not going to forget where to hit when you are using it. Pleasure will be guaranteed with each use. You won’t want it to leave your side!

There are seven patterns available with this little buddy, and you’ll be able to change between 10 different vibrating intensities. Bring it anywhere and charge it with a USB!

Fleshjack Boys Levi Karter Explosive Butt

You can make your fantasies with the famous gay pornstar Levi Karter by using his fleshlight. Instead of offering you a regular fleshlight experience, this “explosive” one will give you the most realistic fantasies that involve one of your favorite pornstars.

The tightness, texture, and sensations you’re going to experience by using Levi Karter’s Fleshlight will take you to an ecstatic state of mind.

The sleeve is removable, and it can be hidden thanks to the integrated blue case discreetly. Why would you leave an opportunity like this go by? Take your time to think thoroughly about all the possibilities that this explosive fleshlight will bring to your life.

Doxy Extra Powerful Massage Wand Vibrator

You will decide the limit after you start using the Doxy Extra Powerful Massage Wand Vibrator. It has integrated so many options you’re going never to want it to leave your side. It comes for a reasonable price and has amazing perks that you probably are not aware of.

Change the speed, choose between all the different pulsation options, and enhance your experience using a good water-based lube. It isn’t that hard to get used to it.

This vibrator wand is more potent than others of the same kind in the market. If you think it’s time to update your old vibrator, this is one of the best options you can choose for that task.

Lovehoney 8 Function Mini Wand Vibrator

This is another good alternative to the regular “big” vibrators that you can find in the market. It has more integrated functions than the mini-wand from the same company we mentioned before, and it’s a bit bigger than the previous.

Although it is not pocket-sized, it is still portable and can be easily carried around without any problems. Some of the great functions it includes are eight different speeds that match the different patterns available for a great time and greater pleasure.

Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Sex Doll 6.8kg

Explore many different possibilities with this realistic sex doll. It can be used for people of any sex or gender to make real their biggest fantasies. It can be used for almost anything you can think of. It was designed without having a specific kind of customer in mind. Bachelors and couples can use it without any problem.

The integrated member and anus this sex doll has will bring you the most fantastic experience ever. All the users that have tried it in the past are incredibly pleased with everything they can do with it.

THRUST Pro Mini Andi Super Ribbed Pocket Ass 7.2oz

This is an excellent alternative to the rest of the butt-like toys we’ve mentioned on the list. It comes for a lower price, and although it doesn’t have as specific features as the previous ones, the one thing they have in common is the realistic sensations it can bring to you.

This masturbator should always be used with a water line for a better experience. The tightness and texture can take you to another level of pleasure if you’re willing to let your fantasies eat yourself.

TENGA Zero Flip Hole Luxury Male Masturbator

This male masturbator is very easy-to-use. Why lose so much time and energy with other ones? Everything you need to start having fun with this guy is lube. After you’re done, cleaning will not take too much time, and you’ll be having fun with it as soon as possible.

Just like most of the products by TENGA, it has a fascinating and discreet design. It has everything else that’s good about the grand, including excellent textures that will bring you the best sensations.

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