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Loyalfans is a premium social media fan club that enables influencers, creators, artists, public figures, and all types of compelling people to interact with and share various forms of original content with their most loyal fans. Fans can support their favorite creators and access exclusive content and benefits via Loyalfans, creating the opportunity to turn individual ingenuity and influence into a thriving business.


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  • Exceptional referral program
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If you’re looking for a website, you’ve probably considered becoming an adult-oriented model. It is a highly profitable job, and although not many people consider it, it can actually bring you several benefits in the long run. An excellent website you can choose to start your journey is Loyalfans.

Loyalfans, previously known as NexoCams, is a platform that allows content creators to monetize content. The main feature of the website is Fanclub subscriptions, but there are a lot more things you can do here in order to earn money, as camming, and paid messaging. Loyalfans makes it easy for you to monetize your followers!

On this website, followers and subscribers are not the same things. A follower may decide to pay for your monthly subscription fee or can follow you and purchase other kinds of content.

Now, we could tell you you’ll earn a particular amount by uploading and selling your content here, but that would be lying. What we can actually tell you are all the ways you have of earning money on the website, as well as the revenue share you get, among other things. Read on to have an idea of how much you’ll earn by monetizing your content in Loyal Fans.

What do you need to get started in Loyalfans?

There isn’t too much required. You can start the application process as soon as possible, and you’ll finish it quickly. Anyone over the age of 18 can become a content creator on this website, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. The website will ask you for some form of ID in order to have your age and identity verified. If you post content with someone else, they must go through the verification process as well.

Some equipment may be necessary, too. Although you can access the website from any mobile or computer device, you’ll still need some other stuff to take advantage of the website’s features. For example, you’ll need a good webcam for camming, and a high-quality camera for your videos and pictures.

How much can you earn as a Loyalfans model?

Again, it’s difficult to answer this question, but we can tell you that Loyalfans lets you keep 80% of the revenue generated on the website. This percentage can increase a bit if you take advantage of the Loyalfans’ referral program, which allows you to earn an extra 5% for each new person registered on the website using your code.

Regarding the cash out options, the first thing you should know is that the minimum payout is $50. You can withdraw your money via ACH or Wire Transfer, depending on whether you live in the USA or somewhere else.

The website pays you twice a month, in two periods. The first period starts on the first day of the month and lasts until the 15th. The second period begins from the 16th and lasts until the month ends. Creators will receive their respective payments during the following one to seven working days when periods are closed.

What services can you offer on Loyalfans?

We already mentioned some of them, but here’s a full list of all the services you can provide on Loyalfans.

Premium Fanclub Subscriptions

As we’ve said above, Loyalfans is primarily about premium Fanclub subscriptions. Fanclubs can become highly profitable when you gain a significant amount of followers. You’re also allowed to set the rates for the monthly subscription. For instance, if the monthly subscription has been nominated for $20 a month, ten subscribers will make you earn $200 monthly, and so on.

People who are not subscribed to your Fanclub will only see a censored version of your content. Also, subscriptions must be renewed each month so members can keep having access to your content.

You can set the prices for the monthly subscription from $1 to $50. The website also makes it possible to offer promos, like discounts or a free trial for new customers.

Locked Content

The locked content is available for purchase in Loyalfans, which works exactly as the Pay-Per-View pictures and videos from other similar websites, with the difference you have fewer limitations. Your locked content can also be text, GIFs, and even audio.

It’s worth noting that this content can be purchased by everyone. Since you can earn followers and subscribers, people who follow you but are not subscribed to your page can buy this content, for example. Like everything else on the website, you set the price for your locked content.

Paid Messaging

Yes, you can get paid by getting in touch with your followers and subscribers directly. You set the price per message, and people will be charged accordingly. Please note you will only receive money for any incoming messages.

Loyalfans tools you can use to grow quickly

If everything we’ve mentioned until now sounds useful to you, then you’ll be glad to hear that this website offers several tools to make your job a lot easier. There are several promotional tools available you can take advantage of, including what’s listed in this section.

Promotional Tools

There are two main promotional tools available on the platform, which are the following:

  • Widget Builder – You can “build” a widget you can place on other websites so people can access your Loyalfans page easier.
  • Auto-tweeting – You can take your promotion to the next level by syncing your Twitter account with Loyalfans. By enabling the auto-tweeting feature, the app will post the requested content on the said platform with the frequency you choose.

Social Media Features

Loyalfans combines features from social media as well. You have a profile; people can follow you and reach you directly. You can make your content available for the general public, or followers only. You should start setting up your profile as soon as your application to the website is approved.

Control over your video previews

Loyalfans grants creators the ability to choose what members are able to see when they access their feed. For instance, you can create a video preview (available for free), select its thumbnail or maybe display a “locked” icon for members who are not subscribed to your page. This is a great promotional tool you can use to tempt other members into paying the monthly subscription.

Loyalfans’ Referral Program

You can make a bit more money than usual if you take advantage of LoyalFan’s referral program. By promoting the platform, you get a small percentage of the revenue generated by the user who registered using your code.

For instance, by getting a new content creator to register on the website, you will get 5% of the revenue they make on the website. On the other hand, you will receive 5% of the revenue generated by purchases completed by regular members, regardless if they spent it on you or not.


Although a geo-block feature does not help you grow, it can help you solve some privacy concerns, at least partially. Thanks to this feature, you can choose which locations to block from accessing your profile. You can set up this regional block for countries, states and cities.

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