Is Loyalfans Legit? Why You Should Switch to Loyalfans

Loyalfans is a premium social media fan club that enables influencers, creators, artists, public figures, and all types of compelling people to interact with and share various forms of original content with their most loyal fans. Fans can support their favorite creators and access exclusive content and benefits via Loyalfans, creating the opportunity to turn individual ingenuity and influence into a thriving business.


  • More ways to earn than on most other platforms
  • Fantastic clip store
  • Exceptional referral program
  • 80% payout rate
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Loyalfans is a recently launched premium social media that also combines features from regular social media sites, cam sites, and subscription websites.

Most of the content you can find on this website is NSFW, but Loyalfans encourages creators to upload all kinds of content, not only explicit pictures or videos.

Another thing to take into account is that you can post almost any kind of content you can think of, and monetize it.

To this point, everything sounds fantastic, right? However, since it’s a new website, it may look a bit ‘shady’ at first. Yet, you should know that Loywlfans is a legit website where many models are earning money every day by uploading content and continually keeping in touch with their fan base.

Is Loyalfans safe?

A major question a lot of content creators have is how safe Loyalfans is. Be rest assured that not only does Loyalfans have a flawless track record with payment processing but they also allow geo-blocking at the state level and countries as well.

What kind of services can you offer on Loyalfans?

As we said previously, there are many things you can do on this website. It’s possible to monetize pretty much everything.

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While many reviews, guides, or information presented online comes from the perspective of one model, affiliate, or fan, our knowledge stems from working one-on-one with hundreds of creators. From cam models to financial dominants, we have an added layer of fact-checking that only comes with experience.

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Fanclub Subscriptions

This is the primary feature of Loyalfans. People who subscribe to your page will have access to all the content you make available only for subscribers. In order to keep having access to it, they must pay for the subscription fee. You’re allowed to set your prices for this and all the other content you sell on the website.

The content you can post includes texts, GIFs, photos, and videos. It’s even possible to lost audio!


Loyalfans was formerly known as NexoCams. The website has now evolved, but during the process, it conserved the camming feature. For this, you’ll need a good webcam and proper equipment.

Locked Content

Besides the subscription content, you can also post locked content, which is basically Pay-Per-View pictures, videos or anything else you’d like to post. You set the prices, and your followers must pay in order to see it.

Paid Messaging

You can also get paid for talking to your followers. Messages are among the things you can monetize on Loyalfans, and like everything else,  you get to set the prices.

How much can you earn on Loyalfans?

Although we cannot tell you exactly how much you’ll earn on the website, we can say to you Loyalfans gives all creators 80% of the revenue generated on the website.

You get laid every twice a month. There are two payment periods, the first one is between the days 1st-15th of the month, and the second starts from the 16th and lasts until the end of the month. Creators will receive their respective payments during the following one to seven working days when periods are closed.

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Who can become a Loyalfans model?

Anyone over the age of 18 can become a creator on this website. It’s not complicated to complete the application process; you’ll only need some form of identification near. They will ask you to submit a digital copy of it in order to verify your age and identity.

No matter your sexual identity, you can become a Loyalfans model and monetize all the content you want quickly!

To learn more about Loyalfans and read a full overview and review of the platform, click here. If you’re interested in joining Loyalfans, click here to sign up and start getting paid for your content today.

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