Recenzja książki Nieśmiała GF: Najlepsza zawartość amatorska

If you love watching young amateur girls getting fucked, then this site can be fun for you. People come to Shy GF to upload self-produced porn videos featuring shy girls going at it. Well, they’re not exactly shy when it comes to taking dick on camera, but you get the point. The site is a collection of member-uploaded videos, so there’s plenty of content to watch and new releases every day, too. 

The site is expanding its collection daily as users continue contributing and keeping the site alive. Despite being launched in 2008, the site is still going strong and has a very solid user base.

As of now, Shy GF has more than 7,000 videos and 9,000 photo galleries available. Since members are in charge of uploading all the content, you’ll never know what will come next. It sounds exciting, right? Maybe it is worth it to join Shy GF, and maybe it isn’t. Either way, here we’ll describe the good and bad aspects of this porn site so you can decide whether it is the right platform for you or not.

What Is Shy GF?


Strona internetowa:

Shy GF is a website dedicated to amateur porn. The site parts from the premise of recording shy girls getting fucked and going from timid, innocent girls to raunchy whores. While the contributions aren’t 100% wierny to this concept, you can be sure that you’ll find hot amateur porn and new videos and photo sets every day. Don’t expect it to be of the highest quality possible, though.

This website has been around for about 14 years. It appears to be under the same network as other porn sites, like JizzPix lub Kumple na żonach.

If you’re into amateur porn, this site will certainly entertain you. Your membership will grant you access to a vast and nearly infinite collection of amateur porn sites, and the best part is that it is expanding every day. Hence, it’s almost impossible to get bored while you’re navigating through this site.

However, since all of the videos and pics are member contributions, they may not be 100% exclusive. The good part is that you’ll be able to download all the videos and pics you want with a single click, without complications. 

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Pros And Cons For Shy GF

Shy GF is an amateur porn site with tons of videos for you to watch. Perhaps the biggest advantage of joining this website is the huge porn collection it has available. The pieces of media available might have increased considerably by the time you finish reading this review. However, the site leaves a lot to be desired for multiple reasons.

🎬 Find thousands of amateur porn videos. Softcore, hardcore, anal, threesomes, orgies… if you can name it, you will find it at Shy GF. The site has tons of categories you can explore, and there’s a wide variety of girls that you can choose from. It’s very unlikely for you not to find something you like

🎬 Posiada łatwy w użyciu interfejs. Shy GF may look outdated, but it’s easy to navigate through the site. You can use categories to make your search easier, or perhaps you can order the content using some of the filters the platform has made available

🎬 Enjoy daily updates. The site receives regular updates. You can expect at least one new video and one photo set every day. Hence, there’s plenty of content to consume here – no matter what you like 
The videos and photos are available in poor quality. You can’t expect that much from a site that relies on member contributions. The videos are enjoyable, and some of them look good, but a great part of the content truly looks awful. Plus, some of the photos look really pixelated. It doesn’t make too much sense, especially if you consider that most modern phones can produce HD audiovisual media

Nie ma gwarancji wyłączności. The site does a good job of providing the user base with a platform where they can share porn videos with each other. However, this content may already be available on other sites

The site’s pagination is not good. Although it has good search features, the pagination system is not well-developed. You can skip through a maximum of five pages to explore different content

This site has been around for almost 15 years. Although it hasn’t been updated since it was first released, it seems to have a solid user base as people continue to contribute to the site with new content every day. However, the site suffers from the same issue that other sites within the same network have, which is exclusivity. You never know if what you’re watching is already available on other sites.

Either way, the site offers a good experience and has a large porn collection. The membership is a bit too pricey, in our opinion, especially if you take into account that you’re paying for low-quality videos and pics. You can pay the same price for a professional porn site.

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Cost And Payment Options For Shy GF


Shy GF has the same pricing options as other websites within the same network. You can pay your subscription using credit cards, online checks, and direct debit. The site may also have cellphone (SMS and calls) support, so you can also get your subscription that way. The pricing is described below:

  • 1 rok subskrypcji: 99,95 USD
  • 3-miesięczna subskrypcja: 59.78 USD
  • 1-miesięczna subskrypcja: 24,96 USD
  • 2-dniowy okres próbny: 1,00 USD (zostaniesz obciążony miesięcznym abonamentem, jeśli nie zrezygnujesz z niego przed zakończeniem okresu próbnego)

You’ll also have to create a username and a password to access the site. You’re also required to provide a valid email. 

Projekt i funkcje strony


The site looks a bit outdated, but it’s easy to navigate. Once you log in, you’ll see a list of posts with their thumbnails and titles. Each post has a different emoticon to differentiate videos from photos. You can still choose to navigate the “pictures” or “videos” area, depending on what you’d like.

Shy GF is very easy to use and has a similar platform to the sites we’ve mentioned above. You can click on any of the categories available to jump from one section to another. While it lacks in-depth search features, it’s still easy to find what you like without too much effort.

Since the site has an old layout, it loads very quickly. You’ll be able to watch all the content you like without necessarily having to wait a long while for it to be available. The downside is that not all the content available has good quality, but it’s still nice to watch.

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Does Shy GF have a download limit?

No. This site doesn’t have a download limit. You can download any number of videos or photo sets without repercussions. Be aware that you’ll have to get the pictures individually. There’s no zip version of the photo sets available.

How often does Shy GF upload?

You can expect at least one new video and one new photo set every day, or at least that’s what the site claims. Either way, there are new releases every week, even if the schedule is unclear.

What quality are the videos on Shy GF?

Shy GF only has low-resolution videos. It can be hard to find HD content, but most of it looks good enough to be enjoyable.

Czy moje członkostwo oferuje bonusowe strony?

Unfortunately, your membership does not include bonus sites. You’ll only be able to explore Shy GF.

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