Відгук про Net Video Girls: Справжній кастинг!

If you enjoy reality porn, then this site will probably enchant you. This website features unsuspecting hot girls who think they’ve been called for a photo shoot, but in reality, they’re just being tricked into getting fucked. And yes, the scenes are as hardcore as reality porn can get. It has plenty of videos available, and there are plenty of “innovative” features that can make subscribing to this site quite attractive.

Net Video Girls has been around since the early 2000s. Hence, you can expect plenty of content to be available. While not all of it is available in Full HD/Ultra HD, a great part looks good enough to be enjoyable. 

We’ll go through the good and bad aspects of Net Video Girls so you can decide whether it is worth subscribing to it or considering other options.

What is Net Video Girls


Веб-сайт: https://netvideogirls.com/

While the name “Net Video Girls” sounds like a camming site, it is actually an amateur porn website. It features POV videos where the model is the primary focus. It features teasing, solo play, fucking, and blowjobs, among many other things. Maybe all of the things just mentioned will happen in the same video. This network does an excellent job of delivering high-quality porn.

Це site parts from the classic premise of the “unsuspecting amateur.” Hence, while it doesn’t propose anything new, you can expect it to have excellent and some of the hottest models ever.

While the site still has regular updates, you’ll also access over 20 years of porn with your membership. Each episode features a different girl. Some of the models are well-known porn stars, while others are one-time girls that may not have been featured on a different site.

Your subscription also comes with access to Casting Couch HD, another website under the same network with a similar premise. You’ll also be able to watch videos from “NetGirls,” another reality porn site. Hence, there’s plenty of content for you to catch up with if you decide to become a member here.

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Pros and cons of Net Video Girls 

Net Video Girls is one of the best reality porn sites out there. It has content from two different generations. All videos follow the same premise. A girl goes to an “audition” with the hopes of landing a job as a model for a calendar. The casting director interviews her, and the girl ends up being fucked. It’s quite simple, but since all the videos are POV, it’s quite enjoyable. As good as it sounds, this platform is not perfect, and you should take into account a few other things before becoming a member.

Here’s what we liked and what we didn’t like about Net Video Girls:

Watch over 20 years of casting sessions. The site had more than 1,000 videos at the moment of review. Plus, you can expect at least one new scene per week, although Net Video Girls is known for uploading at least three new videos on a weekly basis

“Model castings” is as справжній as it gets. These girls are tricked into getting fucked after attending auditions for an “app.” The site has a modern premise, which makes it all more fun. Either way, there’s no real audition, and the girls go home empty-handed after making the casting director cum all over them

You get access to two additional sites. This website comes with two bonus sites, Casting Couch HD and Net Girls. Both sites are similar but show different premises. The former features the black casting director and hot girls taking his BBC, while Net Girls is all about porn auditions and features more anal scenes

It’s easy to navigate. The site is very user-friendly and features several search options for you to sort out the videos in the ways you want. It looks practically the same on all platforms, so you won’t have problems while exploring it on your computer, phone, or any other mobile device

You can contact the guys behind the camera. If you want to make suggestions or chat with them for whatever reason, the site has a private messaging system that you can use to get in touch with them
Not all the videos are available in UHD or Full HD. Once you start watching the videos that came out before 2015, the quality will start dropping

The model index is quite empty. While it shows you who the girls are and the scenes they’ve been featured in, there’s no “essential” information about them  

There are no photo sets available

While this site is not 100% perfect, it still has excellent content and is quite user-friendly. You’ll have a nice time exploring and watching all the hot girls this site offers. You’ll get weekly updates and bonus sites, so there will always be something to look forward to if you choose to become a member of this network.

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Cost and payment options for Net Video Girls


Net Video Girls allows you to pay for your subscription using credit cards, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ethereum), and PayPal. The website assigns you a username and a password (you can change it, and it’s different every time you refresh the page). The pricing for the membership options is described below:

Credit Card & PayPal clients:

  • 30-day membership: 29.80 USD or 0.99 USD per day 
  • 90-day membership: 75.00 USD or 0.83 USD per day

Cryptocurrency clients

  • 6-month membership: 75.00 USD or 0.41 USD per day
  • 1-year membership: 110.00 USD or 0.30 USD per day 

There are excellent deals available, especially for cryptocurrency users. Although the subscription options are quite limited to people who would like to pay using traditional methods, the pricing is still around the average cost of most porn sites in today’s world.

Дизайн та функції сайту


The site looks quite modern and is very user-friendly. You’ll find your way around it from your first visit. The homepage shows a list of all the recent videos. You can also choose to explore the model index, although there are only a few names listed without any interesting information.

Every scene you’ll find on this site is well-presented, and although the search filters aren’t very advanced, it’s easy to go around them to sort out the videos.

It’s easy to alternate between the videos of all the sites. However, the model index has no distinction between the platforms. So, it can be hard to know where a particular performer comes from. Either way, since your subscription comes with access to all three platforms, you’ll have no problems while watching any of the videos.

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Поширені запитання


Does Net Video Girls have a download limit?

No. This website does not have any download limit. You can download as many videos as you want at any time. 

How often do Net Video Girls upload?

You can expect from one to three new scenes every day. Make sure to check out the bonus sites, as those are quite active as well.

What quality are the videos on Net Video Girls?

The videos on Net Video Girls are available in Full HD and UHD. Older videos may only be accessible in lower resolutions. Generally speaking, most of the content is available in excellent quality. 

Чи пропонує моє членство бонусні сайти? 

Yes. Your membership comes with access to two additional websites, “Casting Coach HD” and “Net Girls.” Both sites follow a similar premise as this website and feature POV porn videos.

Click here to start exploring the hottest scenarios online with Net Video Girls!

Is Net Video Girls Real

Net Video Girls claims to offer viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the world of adult entertainment. However, despite their claims of authenticity, it is important to note that these videos are not real and instead feature paid actors.

Net Video Girls presents itself as a platform where unsuspecting women audition for modeling or acting roles but end up performing explicit acts on camera. While the scenarios may seem convincing at first glance with their amateur-style production and nervous participants, it is crucial to remember that everything is meticulously staged.

Similarly, Кушетка для кастингу за лаштунками follows a similar premise of young women coming in for an audition but eventually engaging in sexual activities. While some argue that BRCC appears more authentic due to its rougher production quality and raw performances, it is essential to recognize that even this site operates under controlled circumstances with paid actors.

It’s worth noting that these websites have faced criticism for misleading viewers into believing they are witnessing genuine casting sessions. Critics argue that giving the impression of reality blurs ethical boundaries by exploiting performers who may not fully comprehend or consent to the nature of what they are getting involved in.

Alternative avenues are available for those seeking a truly authentic experience within the realm of adult content creation. Ethical producers prioritize transparency and ensure all participants are fully aware and consent throughout every process. Consumers must support platforms committed to maintaining ethical standards while providing an enjoyable viewing experience.

While Net Video Girls and Backroom Casting Couch might appeal to certain audiences looking for specific roleplay fantasies or voyeuristic experiences, it remains vital for individuals consuming such content to always be aware of its manufactured nature rather than assuming any semblance of reality within these videos.

Is Net Video Girls Scripted?

The website that claims to offer authentic casting videos of amateur women has long been the subject of speculation. Digging deeper into this intriguing topic reveals a resounding answer: Net Video Girls is indeed scripted.

Behind the guise of spontaneity and genuine auditions lies an intricate web of carefully choreographed scenes designed to captivate its audience. This revelation challenges the very notion of reality in adult entertainment and raises important questions about consent and ethical practices within the industry.

The scripted nature becomes evident when one analyzes the consistent patterns seen throughout numerous videos on Net Video Girls. The recurring themes, dialogues, and scenarios suggest a deliberate attempt at constructing narratives rather than capturing authentic casting experiences.

From seemingly chance encounters to provocative interviews, every step appears meticulously planned to titillate viewers while maintaining a semblance of authenticity.

One might wonder why scripting is necessary in an industry built on fantasies and desires. The answer lies in creating compelling storylines that cater to specific fetishes or preferences their target audience holds.

By concocting elaborate scenarios where unsuspecting women are lured into explicit situations under false pretenses, Net Video Girls caters to viewers seeking voyeuristic satisfaction from seemingly real encounters.

While some argue that these scripted performances are harmless fantasy fulfillment for consenting adults involved both behind and in front of the camera, others raise valid concerns about informed consent and potential exploitation. These videos often blur boundaries between acting roles and exploitative situations since participants may not fully comprehend or agree to engage in certain acts until they are on set.

Critics contend that without proper disclosure before filming, individuals may feel pressured or coerced into performing sexual acts they did not sign up for initially. Consent suddenly becomes murky territory when participants believe they are auditioning for legitimate modeling or acting opportunities only later discovering it was all part of an elaborate ruse orchestrated by Net Video Girls’ producers.

Furthermore, the lack of transparency surrounding these scripted videos undermines trust within the adult entertainment industry. Viewers seeking genuine experiences may feel disillusioned upon learning that what they believed to be authentic casting encounters were nothing more than carefully crafted performances meant solely for their arousal.

As Net Video Girls continues to flourish, it remains imperative for viewers and aspiring models alike to approach such content with caution and critical awareness. Understanding the scripted nature of these videos allows individuals to make informed choices about their consumption and participation in adult entertainment while advocating for increased transparency and ethical practices within the industry.

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