Defining Your Job Title as a Webcam Model

Once you become successful in the webcam model industry and transition to being full-time, you may find yourself in situations where you need to disclose your job and earnings. For example, if you were looking to move into a new apartment.

For the most part, models wouldn’t want to tell them they’re a webcam model for fear of backlash. As progressive as the world is, there is still some stigma attached to sex workers. Not only that, but those stories of landlords trying to coerce tenants into alternative payment options are also¬†entirely true.

What other models will say is something generic enough to not be lying entirely, but also not coming out and saying I get naked online for a living. Some examples include

  • Streaming
  • Video editor
  • Online marketing
  • Customer services
  • Simply self-employed

Whatever alternative job title you choose, be sure you can go into detail about the job. You never know what kind of questions someone may ask before approving an application or mortgage, so it’s best to sound convincing. If you’ve never touched a DSLR camera, don’t say you’re a photographer or they may end up being amateurs and want to talk photos.

For the most part, your income and tax returns should be enough to get approved, but ya never know.