How to Become a StripChat Model

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If you’re here, you’re probably considering becoming a webcam model. The process is not as hard as you think! It’s pretty simple! After following a few simple steps, you’ll be doing shows and ready to make money out of your abilities as a performer in little time.

StripChat is an excellent website for those who don’t know where to start. Most people like to begin their modeling careers because newbies can become famous quickly, thanks to the placement boost the website provides to new models. Also, StripChat pays very well, and you can withdraw your earnings without losing too much money, unlike other camming sites where they take up to 70% of what you’ve made with your shows.

StripChat also has excellent traffic, which means you will always attract a good audience to your show. All users are respectful and will make you feel more confident about yourself. StripChat has many perks that aren’t available on other camming sites!

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Most people don’t know what is needed to start performing at StripChat. Like we’ve said at the beginning, it is very simple. So you don’t have to do research, we have gathered all the essential information about the matter. Let’s see!

What kind of people are welcome on StripChat?

As long as you’re of legal age (+18), you can start performing on StripChat if you have the necessary requirements (see below). Regardless of your identity, you are allowed to become a model of you’re already of legal and would like to start a webcam modeling career.

Although StripChat doesn’t explicitly have preferences for any kind of person, users mostly look for women, which is why their market is more profitable than the rest. However, everyone is welcome, regardless of their sexual identity. You can find women, men, trans people, and couples performing on this website all the time.

What is required to become a webcam model on StripChat?

Getting started on StripChat isn’t that hard, to be honest. By first, let’s get you in touch with the essential requirements you must gather in order to start performing with no problems.

To start performing on StripChat, you’re going to need:

A Computer Device

A computer device is the most important thing you need so you can start performing. Most modern computers allow you to broadcast with no problems, but you should make sure your desktop or laptop has at least 4 GB of RAM and a Quad-Core processor (something better would work amazingly).

A Webcam

People are not going to see you if you don’t have a webcam. You don’t have to purchase an expensive webcam. Actually, you can find some good webcams between $50 and $100. Remember that high-quality shows attract the most audience!

A Microphone

Most laptops have a microphone integrated, so this is an optional requirement if you have one. However, desktop computers are another story, so you probably will need a microphone. Good audio is necessary for a good show. You don’t have to purchase an expensive microphone, though. You have many cheap options available that work fantastic and last for a long time.

Access to the Internet

Most websites recommend having a 2.0 Mbps connection, but that’s below average nowadays. Having a good internet connections helps to deliver good streams. Your stream depends on your upload speed, so the higher it is, the better your stream will be.

A Place to Perform

When you’ve just started, you will probably perform from your bedroom. However, most top performs have a room specially dedicated to their live streams. After you’ve performed for a while and have profited a bit out of it, it would be great if you set up a room with all you need to perform.

Extra Tools

The “extra tools” are actually sex toys, outfits (like cosplay or lingerie), but that depends on you. There are models that perform with their regular clothes, but you probably will end up with everything you wear on the floor anyways.

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Complete the Registration Process

The registration process won’t take you more than five minutes to complete. After that, the site will request you submit a digital copy or a picture of your ID to have your age verified. Verifying your age will take some minutes, so in the meantime, you can start thinking about what kind of information you will put on your profile.

After completing registration, you’ll need to set up your profile. You can make a brief description of yourself and other things so you can let your audience know you better. Many people use this space to promote their other media, including their socials. Also, on this website, your profile is the place where all your extra content will be sold (your photos and videos), so if you have some good ones, no one has seen yet; now is the time to put them there. If you’re not online later, someone might be interested in purchasing that kind of content from you!

After completing this important step and your age has been verified, you’ll be ready to become a StripChat model. Remember to create a good schedule and be constant if you want to become a successful webcam model.

How much can you earn from StripChat?

StripChat can easily become your primary source of income. However, there are certain facts you should have in mind about earning as a model on StripChat before you get started. Let’s get to know the four groups that earn the most on this website:

  • Girls – Girls are the most profitable people on StripChat (or any other cam site, for real). Since most of the audience is made of heterosexual men, you can expect girls to be the ones with the most audience. Girls can make between $20 – $60 an hour if they become average models on the website.
  • Couples – Most couples you can find on StripChat are straight, but it’s not weird to see lesbian or gay couples fooling around once in a while. Couples are the second largest group of StripChat, but some people say they actually earn more than girls. Some people are looking for live sex instead of the regular shows, so that’s why we highly encourage you to perform as a couple if you can.
  • Guys – As of now, guys have few opportunities in the webcam modeling market. It’s a bit difficult to make it to the front page, but it’s impossible, and you can easily use it as a side hustle. Of course, you can’t expect this to earn you as much money as a girl would have, but you can still have some extra dollars in your account by the end of the month.
  • Trans – StripChat encourages everyone of legal age to become models, but trans people have it harder than anyone else. Most trans people aren’t really successful in public shows, but you can always find someone interested in contracting your services for a private session.

Everyone easily becomes a StripChat model after completing the registration process. However, keep in mind that currently, girls are what make this market grow. Don’t let this discourage you, though. You can still become a model if you’re trans or a guy if you want to have some extra dollars by the end of the week!

Stripchat traffic stats

Global Rank (All Websites)102nd
Adult Website Rank11th
Total Monthly Traffic (Estimated)270.93 Million Per Month
Top 5 Visitor CountriesUnited States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy
Numbers from SimilarWeb, February 2021 Overview

stripchat traffic stats

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