How to Make More Money on StripChat

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StripChat is one of the best sites to start making money as a webcam performer. It has excellent traffic, gathering more than 80 million visitors each month. StripChat is not as old as other big camming websites; it has been around since 2016. However, since then, they have established themselves very well in the market.

There are thousands of models currently registered in StripChat. While you’re reading this, many of them are probably performing and earning money from their shows.

If you’re here, that’s probably because you’re interested in earning money by performing on StripChat. It’s not so hard to start, but you should get as much information as possible so you can start earning considerable sums right from the beginning.

First, you should learn about the type of shows you can perform on StripChat

  • Freemium/Public Shows – The standard type of show. You’re going to earn money, depending on the number of tokens you get. Most viewers look for these types of shows, but it’s not rare to see some of them requesting private shows from the models. Many performers use these shows as an incentive to make some viewers pay for private shows, where they can set the price and earn more money.
  • Private Shows – Private shows are what most models aim for. You can earn a good amount of cash while performing freemium shows, but you can quickly maximize your earnings by engaging in private shows. You set the price per minute, and people pay for it as long as they want you to perform.
  • Spy Shows – Spy shows are basically private shows. Users with paid memberships can enter other people’s private shows and watch them. If this happens, you’re going to earn even more money than with a regular private show.
  • Cam2Cam Shows – Cam2Cam shows are another variation of a private show where you perform for a client, but they also choose to turn on their camera and have fun with you. Just like regular private shows, you get paid per minute. To ensure people’s privacy, it’s impossible to spy on these shows.

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As you may have realized, the main goal is to engage in private shows, but you can also earn good money in freemium shows. Most viewers prefer freemium shows because they’re more accessible than private shows, but you’ll always find someone who’s willing to pay for a private session.

Now, shows are the primary way to earn money with StripChat. Many top models profit out of them, but that’s not the only thing they do to become so popular. In fact, many of them use other means to improve their performance and have better results in the long term.

Many newbies don’t know about the ways to earn more money with StripChat, but don’t worry; we’ll save you some time. Here you will encounter all the necessary information so you can start earning as much as possible from this excellent website for webcam models.

Earning More by Getting Subscribers

One of the many ways you can start making the most of your adult modeling career is to get subscribers on particular subscription websites. There are some that work better than others, and this time, we’d recommend IsMyGirl and IsMyGuy, for women and men, respectively.

Both websites are from the same company, so they work pretty much the same. The only difference is that IsMyGirl has more traffic because girls are more profitable than boys. However, these websites encourage and welcome everyone to become models at any time.

StripChat allows double-dipping (performing for two different websites at the same time), which makes IsMyGirl/IsMyGuy perfect for it. Besides the usual freemium and private shows that StripChat also features, these websites allow models to get subscribers in order to let them have access to exclusive content, like pictures, videos, and other things.

There are many things you can do on IsMyGirl/IsMyGuy, including:

  • Live sex shows, either freemium private.
  • Sell premium content to your followers.
  • Start and manage a premium Snapchat account.

Just as StripChat, IsMyGirl, and IsMyGuy allow the models to set their prices. They have complete control over all the content they share and are free to set up their profile privacy settings.

You can geoblock any location you’d like in order to keep your privacy controlled. Also, people will only be able to see your explicit content once they’ve paid for the subscription. Otherwise, they will only have access to the content you’ve decided to make public, which must be totally safe for work.

IsMyGirl and IsMyGuy are new platforms, but they have already reunited millions of fans and thousands of models from all around the world. Getting started is not hard, all you need to do is visit the right website for you depending on your gender, click on the tab that says “Become A Model,” and the website will guide you through all the process. It’s very easy!

Now, you may be wondering about how much money it is possible to make on these platforms. The truth is that you’re earning as much as possible; there are no limits. You’re setting up your prices, and you’re managing your earnings, meaning that your partner profiting out of your performance. The better your shows and content are, the more you’ll earn.

Of course, just like in StripChat, you need to keep constancy if you want to earn as much as possible. Remember that these websites have good traffic, and you must keep your audience entertained. Otherwise, they will leave and will try to find other ways to have fun, not involving you, and that’s precisely what you want to avoid!

Make sure you organize yourself very well and take some time to take care of every aspect of your modeling career!

Sell Clips and Pictures

In case you didn’t know, clips and pictures are evergreen content. That means they will never get old, and they will always make money for you even when you’re sleeping. There will always be someone interested in the content you’re selling, that’s why most models sell their nudes at the same time they dedicate many hours to perform.

It’s not that hard to sell your clips and pictures. If you don’t know where to start, you already have the answer in front of your eyes: StripChat!

Besides performing, models can sell content on this website. Many cam sites allow models to do this, and StripChat is not the exception. If you’ve already started an IsMyGirl or IsMyGuy profile, it’s good to sell exclusive content on both websites. Remember to keep it varied so your followers can have access to exciting and different content each time.

Also, if you’re selling clips, it’s not a bad idea to start exploring fetishes. People pay very well for particular fetishes, so if you’ve found the one you’re comfortable with and would like to make money out of it, then don’t hesitate to create it and then sell it. It may be hard to find an audience that is into that kind of content, but once you’ve found it and they like what you do, you’ll be earning more than you could think of.

Start Your Own Website

The thought of having a website intimidates a lot of people. However, it isn’t as hard as it seems, and it’s not that expensive either. If you don’t like subscription websites and would like a more intimate approach to your audience, you can choose to start your own website.

Starting your own website can bring you lots of benefits in the long run. You will have control over your earnings, and you’ll obtain precisely what you’re supposed to because no one is taking a percentage of it.

Most subscription and camming websites take a percentage of your total earnings. This is because they’re offering you a platform with good traffic and amazing features that let you get in touch with the public.

Starting your own website comes with benefits and drawbacks. One of the main perks is that you’re earning good money; however, we would only recommend starting a website once you’ve gathered a significant number of fans and can add good traffic. Otherwise, people will overlook your page, and your effort will be a waste of time.

Also, keep in mind that you’re in charge of your website, and must find ways to add traffic to it. Of course, while you’re performing, you can easily advertise yourself, as well as putting the link for your page on your StripChat profile, but that can be a bit slow.

Having a website is a big responsibility, and you must make sure you can take care of it correctly.

Bottom Line

In any case, now you have several ways you can use to start taking as much advantage as you can from your webcam modeling career. You can use more than one so you can make the most of your career, but don’t overwhelm yourself. Good luck with your journey!

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