How Much Can StripChat Models Make

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StripChat is one of the most preferred websites for camming. The site has been around since 2016, and since then, it gathers about 60 million visitors each month. It has excellent traffic. Many people prefer StripChat because it has a friendly and active community, and the members are respectful towards each other despite being so different.

Many models come to StripChat because it’s easy to get started. There aren’t too many requirements, and everyone can easily start a modeling career on this website. Of course, the main requirement is being of legal age (+18), but you probably already know that. In order to get your age verified, the website will request a digital copy or good quality photo of your ID. The age verification process is quick, and you’ll be setting up your profile in a few minutes.

According to StripChat’s official page, top models earn $15,000 per month. It’s a lot higher than most camming sites, and the websites pay the models between 50 and 60% of their total earnings. However, everyone has a different experience, which means that the two models can earn different amounts, even if they have the same number of followers.

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Before getting to know how much a model really earns on StripChat, let’s first give you some tips to get started so you can make the most of your webcam performing career right from the beginning.

How Much Can Someone Make on StripChat?

It’s a bit hard to answer this question, mainly because most models have different performances and schedules. However, what we can tell you is that averagely, models earn between $3,000 and $10,000 per month.

However, let’s be realistic; during your first weeks, your earnings will be low. But don’t worry; unlike other websites, StripChat actually offers new models a boost so they can place themselves on the website correctly during their first weeks. Isn’t that amazing? You can save a lot of time thanks to that!

This being said, let’s talk about the kind of shows you can perform on Stripchat. People who come to this website mainly look for freemium/public shows where they can tip the viewers, similar to those from Chaturbate and other camming sites. However, there will always be people interested in private shows, and if you’re lucky, a member with a paid membership can join you in a spy show. There is also the possibility of a member requesting a Cam2Cam show, where both of you directly see each other pleasing yourselves.

In private shows, the pay is per minute, and the best part is that you get to set the price. This way, StripChat makes sure the amount of money you’ll get from your shows is unlimited. This is why many models try to attract viewers to their freemium shows and give them incentives to request a private show. Earning the most you can is the goal, after all! This is a good strategy, but there are also other ways you can use it in order to start making money out of StripChat.

How Much Do Women Make on StripChat?

As you may have an idea, women have the most profitable market in all camming sites. That’s because most of the audience is made of straight men; therefore, they will look for hot girls to spend a good time with, even if it’s online.

It’s a bit hard to estimate how much a woman can make of StripChat, but we can tell you that they earn more than most people on the website (except for couples, but we’ll explain why later). As we’ve said, an average top model can make about $5,890 per month, but that depends on how much hours they spend on camera and how much audience they attract.

How Much Do Men Make on StripChat?

Even if most of the models on StripChat are females, you can also find some hot guys here. If you’re a man and are interested in becoming a cam model, then you should know that most of your audience will be made of gay men. Many guys don’t feel comfortable with that, but they’re missing a lot of fun with this. This community is respectful and friendly; there’s nothing to worry about!

Overall, men make less than women, but it’s still possible for them to pursue a career and take good advantage of it. If you combine it with other things, like subscription websites, you’re going to have good extra money at the end of the month.

How Much Do Couples Make on StripChat?

Couples are very profitable in StripChat and in most cam sites. Many people are interested in live sex shows, and that’s what makes it so attractive. Again, most of the audience are heterosexual males, which means that male-female couples are the most profitable market. However, it’s possible to gain a good number of followers that enjoy same-sex couples, but it’s going to be a bit challenging.

Couples can make more or the same amount of money that women make, but again, depends on how much time they spend on their camera.

How Much Do Transgender/Transsexuals Make on StripChat?

StripChat welcomes everyone to become models, and that includes trans/transsexual people. Even if they can’t gather as much audience as cis men and women, they still can make good money if they know how to appeal to the audience.

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Getting Started on StripChat

As we mentioned above, getting started on StripChat is not very difficult. First, you should get in touch with the essential topics related to the website.

Basic Requirements

Many people think they have to spend thousands of dollars on top-notch equipment to become webcam performers. Good resources are great, but when you’ve just started, all you really need is a computer device and a camera. Let’s see:

  • Laptop or Desktop Computer – A good laptop that lets you go live with no problems is necessary. Nowadays, most computer devices you have at home are enough for you to make live streams. However, keep in mind that the basic requirements your computer device must have to stream with no problems are 4 GB of RAM and a good processor (Quad-Core or something better).
  • A Good Webcam – Most laptops have a webcam integrated, and that’s a great thing for starters. However, once you get the opportunity (or if you have it right from the beginning), you should purchase a good webcam. Usually, they’re about $50 – $100 on websites like Amazon. A live show with high quality attracts more users than the rest!
  • A Microphone (Optional) – Most laptops have a microphone integrated, but if you have a desktop or want to have a better sound, you should purchase one. There are many cheap options that work excellent.
  • A Good Internet Connection – Of course, if your internet connection is good, so will your stream. Most websites recommend having a 2.0 Mbps connection, including StripChat. Your stream’s quality depends on how high your upload speed is.
  • A Place to Perform – This is very important! It would help if you decided what the best place for your shows is. When you’ve just started, you’re probably going to use your bedroom. Many models have specific rooms in their houses with all the tools they use while they’re streaming. After a while, you should do the same and get a particular room all set up.
  • Extras (Optional) – You can perform with all of the above, but if you want to make things a little more interesting, you can get some nice outfits, sex toys, and other things you can think of to make your shows unique.

Getting to Know StripChat’s Basic Terms

There are certain words, terms, and features that are exclusive to StripChat. They make StripChat different from most camming sites but aren’t too complicated to get in touch with.

Types of Users

There are many types of users, depending on the color of their name.

  • Grey – Users with no tokens. When you first register into the website, you’ll be at this point.
  • Green – Users with tokens, which means they can send you tips on your public shows.
  • Ex-Green – Users that used to have tokens, but now they’ve run out of them.
  • Gold – Users with monthly subscriptions, they are more likely to request private shows than the rest of the users.

The model/streamer can decide to make any of the already mentioned users a Knight. A Knight is basically a moderator who has the responsibility of keeping the chatbox friendly, respectful, and fun for everyone.

Knights can mute any user they think is rude to the streamer or the other viewers, so their job is basically making everyone coexist in peace while you’re performing. Only members with a Gold membership can become knights. Make sure you make the right decision and pick the best person to become a knight in your room!

What Kind of People Are Accepted in StripChat?

StripChat doesn’t have a preference over anyone. Of course, women earn more and outnumber men, but you can find models of all kinds on StripChat. There are men, women, transsexual/transgender people, and the site also welcomes couples that like to perform together (who actually earn more than everyone).

Again, keep in mind that the only requirement to register on the website is of legal age (+18), as well as everything mentioned in the previous section.

To learn more about Stripchat and read a full overview and review for models, click here. If you’re interested in joining Stripchat, click here to sign up and start earning money today.

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