BimBim vs. LuckyCrush: Comparing Sites for Models, Fans, and Affiliates

BimBim and LuckyCrush are two of the largest sites for webcam models and fans. They are both very different sites with their pros and cons, but which one is better? In this post, we will compare BimBim vs. LuckyCrush in several categories to determine who comes out on top as the best site for cam performers, viewers, and affiliates!

First, we’ll look at how much traffic the two sites get and how much it costs to view models. Then we’ll go into details for performers like how often you get paid and additional ways the platform helps you make money. Lastly, we’ll talk about the affiliate programs for each site and see how they stack up.

Let’s begin!

A brief introduction of BimBim and LuckyCrush

BimBim: Your #1 Source of Pleasure


BimBim is a camming website brought by AW Empire, which is also the company responsible for LiveJasmin and Oranum. Thus, it has a similar way of functioning to these sites. Upon first entering, you can find thumbnails of all the models online at the moment and others that you can call right now.

This site has been developed to be used on mobile devices. It has high-quality models, including amateur and porn stars. However, most girls have a professional and hot look that makes them stand out among other models on camming sites.

This way, BimBim works like a social media platform, where members can interact with girls by watching their stories, or perhaps calling them for one-on-one video chat sessions, and so on. The experience is quite interactive and more personal than on most sites.

As of now, BimBim has a promotion where new members get 10,000 free coins upon signing up. Thus, if you are a fan looking for some fun, we recommend you register today.

LuckyCrush: One-on-One Live Video Chat


LuckyCrush is a random video chat platform that allows you to connect with people of the opposite sex worldwide. While men are not required to register to connect with women from the start, women are required to undergo a strict verification process to start using the site. The website asks women to provide proof of their identity and have to wait for a while before they can actually start using the website.

The website is not your traditional camming site where you are directly paying the model to perform things for you. It pairs you with people with the same intention, and you decide where your interaction will go.

Of course, the website has a credit system that members can use to enhance their experience on the platform, as most camming sites do.

Models, Fans, and Affiliates: Click here to sign up for LuckyCrush

How much traffic BimBim and LuckyCrush get

Downtown Los Angeles traffic at night

If you’re a cam model or just interested in the cam industry, then you’ve heard of BimBim and LuckyCrush. These sites are two of the most popular live sex chat websites on the internet today with so many users globally.

But how do they compare with each other? Let’s look at the numbers now!

BimBim Traffic Stats

BimBim has tons of adult content creators. However, most of them are girls. As of now, it does not have a section available for male models โ€“ but it seems to be on the plans, so it may be available soon.

Since most models are women, you can expect the majority of members to be heterosexual men. Although there are no precise traffic stats available regarding who visits BimBim, it seems to be quite popular among men between the ages of 20 and 40. When it comes to models, the average age is between 20 and 30.

The site does not show how many members are online at the moment. However, you can expect more than 200 cam girls to be online whenever you enter the site.

As of now, the website only welcomes women as models. It does not have separate sections for couples, men, or transgender people, which could be a con for some members who are into certain things. Still, we do not discard the possibility of more categories becoming available in the long run.

There is a lot of variety on BimBim, though. You can find girls of different ethnicities, sizes, and backgrounds here. Thus, it makes it quite easy for members to find exactly what they like. 


LuckyCrush Traffic Stats

As of now, LuckyCrush has over 1.5 million active users from all countries. However, the biggest concentration of members is in the USA. If you are not registered, you will only be able to match with random girls for a little while. However, once you complete the registration process, you will be able to start making things spicier with other members โ€“ all of them being girls looking for the same thing as you.

LuckyCrush has more male members than female ones. However, the odds of encountering a man in your random chats are nearly zero, as the website is quite strict regarding the people that can register on the platform. 

This way, LuckyCrush can be a relatively good site for girls who want to make some extra money and for men that would like to have some fun along with a hot girl. Keep in mind that it is not likely to find professional cam models here โ€“ most people are amateur members who just want to have fun. The website happens to pay girls to chat with others (see below for more information).

LuckyCrush does its best to pair you with people around your area. If that is not possible, you will match with a random person, but the experience will remain the same.

While the site is relatively new, it still attracts a high number of people on a daily basis. 


Models, Fans, and Affiliates: Click here to sign up for LuckyCrush

Token cost/pay per hour on BimBim and LuckyCrush

As a viewer, you’re probably curious how much it costs to purchase tokens or how much pay-per-view is on BimBim or LuckyCrush. In this section, we’ll talk about buying tokens or watching your favorite perform live for your viewing pleasure.

BimBim Token Costs

As for members interested in buying tokens or credits, please note that each model has different pricing. As of now, 1,700 equals $9.99. There are different ways to spend your tokens, including sending tips, making specific requests, and even giving “treats” to your favorite models now and then. But first, you must purchase a token package.

The pricing for credits, coins, or tokens at BimBim is as follows:

  • 1,700 coins for 9.99 USD
  • 3,700 coins for 19.99 USD โ€“ It grants you 300 additional coins 
  • 12,700 coins for 59.99 USD โ€“ It grants you 2,500 additional coins
  • 22,700 coins for 99.99 USD โ€“ It grants you 5,700 additional coins
  • 47,000 coins for 199.99 USD โ€“ It grants you 13,000 additional coins
  • 107,000 coins for 399.99 USD โ€“ It grants you 39,000 additional coins
  • 227,000 coins for 799.99 USD โ€“ It grants you 91,000 additional coins

Models react almost immediately once a tip has been sent. Therefore, if you want your favorite model to pay attention to you, you must spend some money on them first. You can make payments via different methods, including PayPal and Bitcoin. Bank wire transfers are also available but may take more time to be processed.


LuckyCrush Token Costs

One thing that members must keep in mind about this website is that, due to the โ€œexplicitโ€ nature of the video chat, the fees can be a bit higher than those from your average camming site. Remember that this website is all about private Cam2Cam interactions. No one else but you and the other party will connect with each other.

The first ten minutes of chatting are available for free.

That said, the pricing is listed below:

  • 20 credits cost 16.90 USD
  • 60 credits cost 48.90 USD
  • 120 credits cost 89.90 USD  

These are the only three batches available at the moment. It is unknown if the website will expand its offer in the future. As of now, it does not offer subscription options. Men must purchase credits to be able to chat with women โ€“ so girls interested in working on this site can be sure that even if the interactions are short, they will still accumulate points.

Models, Fans, and Affiliates: Click here to sign up for LuckyCrush


The best parts of BimBim and LuckyCrush for models

As an adult webcam model, you’re likely to find yourself bouncing between various cam sites. With so many options available, it can be challenging to figure out which site is best for you. There are many factors that may influence your decision when deciding on the best site for you, including payment structures, audience demographics, and more. In this section, we’ll compare two major cam sites: BimBim and LuckyCrush; highlighting some of their pros and cons as well as what makes each great in its own way.

Gun on money on the table

Getting paid on BimBim and LuckyCrush

The camming industry is a booming business. Millions of people worldwide are tuning in every day to watch live feeds on sites like BimBim and LuckyCrush. The money made by webcam models has been increasing steadily over the years. In this section, we’ll talk about how much you’re going to get paid and how often you can get paid on each website.

How to get paid on BimBim

This platform is new, and the payout method they have made available is quite unique compared to other platforms. There are no fees or percentage cuts โ€“ according to BimBim, they pay their models 100% of what they make on their shows and through other methods.

Since BimBim comes from the same team that made LiveJasmin, the payout methods are the same. You can cash out your money through direct bank transfers, wire transfers, paper checks, and some e-wallets (ePayService or Paxum, for instance).

The rules to follow are the same utilized in LiveJasmin as well. You can request your money in two periods if you have reached the payout limit. Depending on your current tier, it can be anywhere between $100 and $10,000.

Immediate Payout

All payouts will be completed 25 days after the current period is finished, no matter the payment method. However, you will also be able to request immediate payouts, which allow you to get your money as soon as possible for about 1% of the total amount.

Once you have requested an immediate payout, it will be conducted within 24 hours. If you are using an e-wallet, your payment will arrive almost immediately. On the other hand, wire transfers will take two or four days to be received, while paper checks will arrive at your home within 3 or 10 business days. 


How to get paid on LuckyCrush

Men are required to pay to be able to use the site. On the other hand, women get compensation by talking to men. The payout system is quite simple and very straightforward, making it quite easy for members to withdraw their money whenever they meet the minimum.

The website’s main purpose is to chat with other members as much as possible. Hence, the more you talk, the more points you earn. 100 points equal around $0.10. The minimum required to be able to request a payout is at least $100.

You can choose between three payment methods, including the following:

  • Bank transfers
  • Payoneer 
  • PayPal

You will only be required to provide your payment details the first time requesting a payout. After the first time, all payments will be performed almost automatically, making the whole process easier and more accessible for everyone. 

This way, LuckyCrush is a โ€œminimalisticโ€ website that is very straightforward with its intention and allows users to find what they want without too much hassle. 

Models, Fans, and Affiliates: Click here to sign up for LuckyCrush


Public performances on BimBim and LuckyCrush

Brunette in lingerie posing in leather armchair

Performing for the public is a great way to build up your following if the platform allows it. Here we’ll talk about whether BimBim and LuckyCrush allow performing for the public and what to expect when you do.

BimBim Public Shows

Public shows are the regular show type on BimBim. Models will be able to engage with whoever enters their room. As per usual, in public chatrooms, members can enter without paying anything. 

Models can perform certain actions depending on the coins that members send. Tips are available in the form of emojis. For instance, a heart emoji costs 300 coins. So, members have tons of options they cause to spoil their favorite models.

Public shows can also get spicy if the model has an interactive toy. Members can easily find shows with this specific feature under the tag โ€œinteractive toy.โ€ Members can explore many other tags, allowing them to find different public show types without too much struggle.

There is someone performing live at BimBim almost all the time. Most models include specific tags to let members know what they will find in their show. For instance, some models may have โ€œdeepthroatโ€ or โ€œfingeringโ€ as their tags, making each one more unique than the other.


LuckyCrush Public Shows

Public shows are not possible since this website only combines a few characteristics from camming sites and puts them into a more sophisticated dating site. Thus, it is only possible to engage in private shows. Instead of performing publicly for a while, receiving tips, or waiting until someone decides to pay them for a private show, women can start chatting with men immediately after being accepted into the platform.

Models, Fans, and Affiliates: Click here to sign up for LuckyCrush


Private performances on BimBim and LuckyCrush

Sexy Asian woman in a bikini on a yacht, summer concept

Doing private shows is a great way to earn some serious money. Here we’ll talk about whether BimBim and LuckyCrush allow more intimate performances and what to expect when you do.

BimBim Private Shows

Private shows have a different way of functioning in BimBim. If a particular model catches your eye, you can click on their thumbnail to start chatting with them. Most models grant you access to their public chatroom, but an option allows you to start a private show at any time.

Private shows have a cost of around $0.98 per minute, although the model sets up the price depending on their preferences and availability. Members can also send coins to their favorite models as tips.

It is possible to request one-on-one cam shows, granting members the opportunity of interacting with their favorite model without other people lurking around. Although the website is still evolving, some of the regular features that you see in camming sites are available.

If you are accessing the website from a mobile device, you will be able to request a video call. Private sessions have a cost by the minute, and members can make personalized requests depending on their preferences. 

Different types of private shows are available, including VIP shows and interactive toys. There is a lot to choose from as a member, and models get to exploit their creativity to their fullest.


LuckyCrush Private Shows

This website mainly offers private Cam2Cam shows. Public shows are not possible since this website only combines a few characteristics from camming sites and puts them into a more sophisticated dating site. Thus, it is only possible to engage in private shows. Instead of performing publicly for a while, receiving tips, or waiting until someone decides to pay them for a private show, women can start chatting with men immediately after being accepted into the platform.

Of course, this website uses a pay-per-minute service. While you might be able to go on free chats with people at the beginning, after a while, the website will require you to register and start paying for the credits. You can find more information on the pricing below.


Models, Fans, and Affiliates: Click here to sign up for LuckyCrush

Making more money on BimBim and LuckyCrush

Apart from the typical private or public shows, a great platform will help you earn additional income. Extra pay could be hourly or monthly contests, an hourly rate, or other bonus incentives. Let’s explore how BimBim and LuckyCrush hook you up to perform more often and make even more money.

BimBim additional ways to make money

As it is usual in camming sites, it is possible to earn additional money. As a model, you will be able to make some extra money via the following methods:

  • Photo Albums โ€“ Models can upload private photo albums, which members can unlock by paying a particular number of credits. A standard price on the platform is around 3 credits per piece of media
  • Videos โ€“ Similar to photo albums, models can also make videos available at a specific price. Any member interested in seeing such content must pay first

BimBim does not offer other ways to make additional earnings at the moment. Perhaps in the future, there will be subscription-based services, but as of now, selling pieces of media, like photos or videos, is the only way possible to earn extra income as a model.

Still, the website is constantly adding new features, so it may be possible for models to earn more money via more methods in the future!


LuckyCrush additional ways to make money

As of now, this website does not offer โ€œextraโ€ ways to make income. The website only pays women to chat with men. LuckyCrush maintains a very simple concept, and there are no intentions of expanding the concept at the moment. However, as the web is constantly evolving, we might be able to see new features in the near future.

Still, as a woman, you will be able to use the website for free. LuckyCrush will never ask you to pay any fees or something similar for you to be able to use it.

Models, Fans, and Affiliates: Click here to sign up for LuckyCrush


The BimBim and LuckyCrush affiliate programs explained

Trader investing money

If you’re a fan of cam sites like BimBim and LuckyCrush, you’ve probably been looking for an affiliate program to join. You want to promote these sites because they are the best of the best camming platforms. But which one is right for you?

We’ll talk in-depth about how both platforms can help you, as an affiliate or even a webcam model, make money without getting on a webcam.

The BimBim affiliate program explained

As per usual, BimBim has an affiliate program available. Please note that since this camming site belongs to AW Empire, you would be working with that company directly. AW Empire claims to offer the “highest commissions” of all affiliate programs on the web, and it may be the case. You can sign up for the following programs:

  • Lifetime โ€“ It grants you up to 60% of what the member you have referred to the site spends on BimBim. You will receive half of the percentage if the member is already registered to an AW Empire affiliate program
  • PPS โ€“ You can earn up to $300 depending on how much money a premium customer has spent on the site. The minimum is the 17.99 USD credit package

Other available options on the site include earning 30% of all members’ credit purchases using your link. You can also refer webmasters and take a maximum of 36% of their earnings on the site. If these people refer more members, you will be able to take an additional 18%.

The affiliate program that AW Empire offers is tracked using a 14-day cookie.

It is one of the most generous affiliate programs available on the web, allowing webmasters to maximize their earnings in easy steps.


The LuckyCrush affiliate program explained

This website has an affiliate program available for webmasters, too. It is actually quite easy to get started with the affiliate program โ€“ it will only take you a few minutes to get started. All you need to do is sign up, and the website will generate a unique affiliate link for you to share with other users (specifically men) who might be interested in trying out the website.

LuckyCrush also grants you several tools you can use to attract traffic to the main site. This way, you will be able to make even more money through the affiliate program.

This platform grants you 20% of what a user spends on a particular package. You are not required to validate or confirm anything, and the earnings you get are for life. According to the site, about 60% of their customers become recurring clients, so there might be a relatively high earning potential on this site. 


Models, Fans, and Affiliates: Click here to sign up for LuckyCrush

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