How Much LiveJasmin Models Make

LiveJasmin is one of the top websites for webcam models. They have over 300 million visitors each month, and that isn’t easy to achieve. The website has been around for almost two decades, and it seems they’re only getting bigger each time.

Top models on LiveJasmin indeed earn a lot of money, but to get there, they had to work a lot. It’s difficult telling you how much exactly a LiveJasmin model can make, but we can explain some of the factors that affect your income on the website.

First, you should know that most LiveJasmin visitors come to the website looking for private shows. Since it’s one of the top camming sites, there’s a lot of competition, and you’ll have to deal with that during your first months as a model. However, keep in mind that it is not impossible to become a top model. It’s possible to start earning at least four figures in just a few months with hard work and constancy.

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Basic LiveJasmin Payment Information

The first thing you should know is that every model starts getting only 30% of the revenue share. Yes, it’s low, but increasing that percentage, it’s not impossible. Actually, LiveJasmin uses a tier system to let you know how much you can earn on the website. Everyone starts at the lowest point, which is the 30% tier. The highest percentage is 60, and to achieve that point you must earn about $2,500 every two months.

LiveJasmin pays twice per month, in two different payment periods. The first period starts on the first day of the month and finishes on the 15th day, and the second period starts from the 16th day.

How to Make Money on LiveJasmin

This is an easy answer. Most of your income will come from shows, of course, but there are other things you can do in order to maximize your earnings. First, let’s get to know what kind of shows you can do on LiveJasmin.

Adult Webcam Shows

Webcam shows will be your primary source of income in LiveJasmin. There are two kinds of shows available:

Public Shows

Public shows are one of the many ways you have of getting clients for private sessions. Since LiveJasmin allows cam-splitting, it’s excellent to go public on two different websites so you can get customers quickly.

Private Shows

Private shows are the central premise of LiveJasmin. While you’re in a private session, your attention will be entirely on your client. Both parties need to establish how the show will go and how much it will last.

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Fanclub Subscriptions

Fanclubs are another way LiveJasmin models have available to earn money. Fanclubs can be found on each model’s profile page. It’s not difficult to manage these fan clubs; they are only pages where you sell premium content. Customers will only have access to that content if they pay the subscription fee. The payments for this are made every two weeks, and the prices vary between $4.99, $9.99, and $14.99.

Who can become a LiveJasmin model?

Everyone of legal age can become a LiveJasmin model. All you need is a computer good enough to run the software, a webcam, and a good internet connection. It’s effortless to become a LiveJasmin model. After completing the registration process, you’ll need to wait for a while until they verify your age. When they’re done, they’ll notify you, and you’ll be all set up to start performing.

Most people you can find on LiveJasmin are girls, but there are tons of hot guys and transgender people around. Couples are also welcome to become models, but if you’re going to perform with multiple people, they must pass the verification process as well. This will avoid the website and you, mostly, from facing legal issues in the future.

Why Use LiveJasmin?

If you’re still not sure about using LiveJasmin as your leading site for camming, then don’t worry. You’ll probably be convinced of it by the time you finish reading this article. First, let’s get to know some fantastic features we didn’t mention in the previous sections.

LiveJasmin Mobile App

LiveJasmin has tons of great features that are not available in most camming sites. One of them is their LiveJasmin Mobile App, which works similarly to social media apps. There are three main features you can take advantage of:

  1. Get paid by the minute every time a client’s voice or video calls you.
  2. Sell premium content.
  3. Stories are available on the LiveJasmin App! These work like they would in Snapchat.

Everything stays in one place. This app is directly linked to your LiveJasmin account, so there’s no risk of losing anything.

My Website

Another feature that makes LiveJasmin great is the possibility of getting your own website. If you want to reduce the competition and want to earn more money, you can opt for building your website through the “My Website” feature. Only a few models qualify, though. But you’ll get many benefits after you try it!

You have multiple options for Regional Blocking and other privacy settings.

If you don’t want to live an uncomfortable situation with people you may know, you can easily avoid that by changing your privacy settings. LiveJasmin allows models to take full control of their privacy.

The regional blocking feature allows you to block specific cities, states, and even countries. You can choose to block all the places you think people may know you so you can have everything organized and can perform with no problems. However, keep in mind that this does not offer full protection. Someone using a VPN will still have access to your content.

Make your shows more exciting with VibraToy.

VibraToy is one of those terrific devices that customers can control to make everything more interesting. Since LiveJasmin doesn’t work with tokens, you can expect VibraToy to work differently.

They can move their mouses through the sex toy while the show is happening, and it will either rotate or vibrate. It’s fun and will keep you and the audience entertained for a while. Of course, you’ll earn extra credits per minute when you use VibraToy. Models that use this feature are easy to recognize thanks to the medal they have displayed on their thumbnails.

Is LiveJasmin worth it?

LiveJasmin is one of the most trustable camming sites you can find around the web. Besides the many features they have available for both models and viewers, it is possible to quickly become a top model if you put enough effort and keep constancy. Most people drop their modeling careers after a while, though.

If you’re interested in becoming a webcam model, you should consider using LiveJasmin as your leading site. Using multiple sites is always recommended, though. Since LiveJasmin allows cam-splitting, you can use multiple websites to get more customers willing to pay for private sessions.

Top models earn a lot of money. Averagely, a model can make about $4,340 if they’ve built an excellent reputation around the website. LiveJasmin claims that models earn up to 80% of the revenue share, but that’s not entirely true. They probably include all the bonuses for fan clubs and referrals (which are only available for webmasters), but it’s still possible to earn a reasonable sum if you keep constancy.

To learn more about LiveJasmin and read our full review and overview of the platform for models, click here. To sign up for LiveJasmin and start earning right now, click here.

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