How to Make More Money on LiveJasmin

Being a cam model is a lot of fun. Camgirls are all over the internet; they’re making thousands of dollars just for performing a few hours every day. It’s one of the easiest jobs ever, and also one of the most lucrative ones. If you’re here, you’re either considering becoming a webcam model or already are one and want to look for ways to earn more money.

LiveJasmin is one of those websites you can use for camming. On this website, you can start earning after you’ve completed the registration process, and your age has been verified. LiveJasmin often caught people’s attention because the website does not promote itself as just another cam site. The website itself has a very sophisticated atmosphere, and the models found here are top-notch as well.

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We’re going to explain to you all the ways you have to produce money on LiveJasmin for today’s article. This is one of the highest paying cam sites around the web, so knowing all this information will be useful for you in the long run.

How much can someone make on LiveJasmin?

This is a difficult question to answer. Being a LiveJasmin model does not grant you a specific amount each week or month; it is all performance-based. There are multiple services you can provide on LiveJasmin:

Adult Webcam Shows

Webcam shows will be your primary source of income when you start working with LiveJasmin. There are multiple types of shows, and all of them will generate different revenue. Let’s get to know all the different types of shows you can perform on LiveJasmin:

  • Public Shows – These shows won’t generate too much money, but it’s one of the many ways you have of getting customers. LiveJasmin allows cam-splitting, so you can perform publicly on multiple websites so you can get customers quickly.
  • Private Shows – Private shows are the central premise of LiveJasmin. Like in most websites, the private shows are charged by the minute. Private shows can be more interesting if you use VibraToy, but we’ll explain what’s that about later.

There are also VIP shows, and they generate more income than the previous shows.

As a webcam performer, you will generate income mainly from your webcam shows. However, it’s possible to earn more money thanks to LiveJasmin’s different features for the models and viewers’ enjoyment.

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Premium Fanclubs

Premium Fanclubs are another way you have of earning money with LiveJasmin. The fan clubs are subscription-based, which means you will upload exclusive content, and to have access to it, people must pay the subscription fee. There are different tiers, and everyone starts at the bottom. You can change that after a while, though. The prices are $4.99, $9.99, and 14.99.

LiveJasmin Mobile App

LiveJasmin is one of the few websites that has a mobile app available. Of course, this one can’t be acquired through traditional means (AppStore or Play Store); you must download the APK from LiveJasmin and install it on your phone. There are many things you can do on the LiveJasmin Mobile App to earn more money. Let’s see:

Voice and Video Calls

This is one of the services you can provide on the LiveJasmin mobile app. The clients are charged per minute.

Paid Messages

People can message you for a small fee.


You can post stories like you would on Snapchat. After 24 hours, the stories you post will disappear. You can make these available for free or for paid members.

LiveJasmin’s Referral Program

All webcam models have access to LiveJasmin’s referral program if they’re registered on the website. Once you sign up, you will get a customized link. You must share that link with people not registered into the website, and if they sign up, you will earn about 20% of revenue, based on their purchases on the website. It doesn’t matter if they spend money on a different model; you still get a percentage from it.

LiveJasmin has unique features anyone can take advantage of

LiveJasmin is currently one of the most fabulous websites people have available for camming. It has available many features that can make your modeling career easier to handle. Increasing your income, taking advantage of these features is something anyone can do if they know about them. Let’s get to know them!

“My Website”

If you qualify for it, you can request your own website from LiveJasmin. Getting your own website is excellent because there is no competition, and you’re the main focus. It’s possible to take your brand even further thanks to this feature. It gives you a more professional look. It will be easier for you to find customers willing to pay for a private session.


Webcam shows become more impressive when you use interactive sex toys. LiveJasmin allows users to use VibraToy, a device you can connect to your PC or laptop via Bluetooth. Members watching your show can control the toy by making it either rotate or vibrate. If you use VibraToy, you will earn some extra credits by the minute.


LiveJasmin, like many other websites, allows cam-splitting. If you perform on multiple websites simultaneously, you will get more customers in little time. Cam-splitting can only be used publicly on LiveJasmin. Remember, you need a high upload speed, so your broadcast goes on with no problems. Splitting software is required for this action.

Information about LiveJasmin payouts

LiveJasmin pays its models in two payment periods. The first period starts on the first day of the month and finishes on the 15th day. The second period starts at 16th and finishes when the month is over. To cash out, you’ll need at least $100 available.

There are different tiers on LiveJasmin. Everyone starts at the lowest point, which means you will earn only 30% of the revenue share. It’s challenging to reach the highest peak, which is the 60% tier, and only models earning $2,500 per pay period can qualify for it.

More ways to earn money on the adult network besides LiveJasmin

Things don’t have to stay here. If you have some free time and would like to have some extra dollars in your account, you can consider doing one or more options we have on the following list. They don’t take as much time as performing on LiveJasmin, which means you can use any of them as a side hustle to your main side hustle! Let’s see:


LiveJasmin allows this from their mobile app, but you can also earn some extra money by external means, like Arousr and AdultFriendFinder. There are always people interested in sexting. Sexting is fun and doesn’t take a lot of time. You can make incredible things out of this, so always consider this option!

Sell your Underwear

If you want easy money fast, selling your used underwear is probably one of the best ways you have to generate it. There are people out there living out of this, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Getting clients is secure, and finding networks to sell your underwear in is not really difficult.

Websites like Sofia Gray and Sniffr let you upload photos, describe your “product,” and sell it. Many people enjoy other people’s scent, so this is an excellent way of making money with no effort!

To learn more about LiveJasmin and read our full review and overview of the platform for models, click here. To sign up for LiveJasmin and start earning right now, click here.

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