Websites Like LiveJasmin (Top Alternatives)

LiveJasmin is currently one of the most visited websites for camming around the web. They have come a long way, and now they attract more than 300 million monthly visitors. The website has been awarded several times due to its high quality and contributions to the adult entertainment industry.

LiveJasmin has a clean, sophisticated, and elegant design. The primary color is black, and the website overall gives you a good impression. Unlike many other sites that stay with the old-school design, this one has been modified several times.

Most models on LiveJasmin not only perform but also sell their clips and pictures for a determinate amount of tokens. They also promote many of their other media, like links to their subscription websites or access to social media, like WhatsApp, Twitter, or even their premium Snapchat. There are many possibilities for everyone on LiveJasmin!

LiveJasmin is a unique website. Not every website around the internet allows you to double-dip, which is when you perform a show on two websites at the same time. This is the main reason people look for LiveJasmin alternatives. The payments are good enough for people to stay here. Models get paid about $4,340 per month on average, but we know about some people earning more than that. Models get paid between 30 and 80%, higher than most camming sites.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a different leading site or just want to know what alternatives you have, we’re pretty sure you’re going to find what you’re looking for on this list. Let’s begin!


StripChat is a good alternative to LiveJasmin, especially for beginners. On StripChat, newcomers can choose to get placement during their first two weeks on the website. Also, they get a 60% rev share, a percentage even higher than Camsoda. StripChat is a useful community website with all the excellent features of LiveJasmin, Chaturbate, and BongaCams, the main three websites for camming.

On StripChat, people not only look for public shows, but it’s also possible to engage in a private session where you can set the price per minute. If a paid member enters your private show (the “Spy” feature), you’re going to earn a lot more than you were. Also, StripChat allows users to request a Cam2Cam show, but people can’t spy on those.

Still, on average, models can earn about $5,890. It’s an excellent alternative to LiveJasmin, especially because you can withdraw your earnings once per week!

Of course, you can only become a top model if you create a good schedule and keep constancy. Only models that regularly perform and keep their audience entertained will see success, so try to make the most of your career while you’re at it. StripChat will make everything easier for you, though! So it’s a good alternative if you’re a newbie.


Chaturbate is one of the leading three websites most viewers look for camming. It’s very likely that most people only know about this web site’s existence, but we can’t blame them. Chaturbate has more than 300 million monthly visitors, so most people prefer to stay here instead of looking for other websites. There’s something for everyone here, no matter if they’re into vanilla or more hardcore stuff.

The same thing goes for models, most of them are vanilla, but you can find more specific shows if you know where to look (and use the tags, of course).

Chaturbate is an excellent alternative to LiveJasmin, mostly because both websites work practically the same. However, be aware that LiveJasmin focuses more on private shows, and most people on Chaturbate are looking for public shows. If you know how to entertain broad audiences, then Chaturbate is the best alternative you can pick.

Some models earn $1 million a year, but averagely, they can earn between $2,000 and $20,000 per month. Models get 60% of their earnings, not as high as in StripChat, but it becomes a secure and stable source of income if you keep constancy and double-dip with your leading site.


BongaCams is another good option if you’re looking to gather as much audience as possible right from the start. These three websites (LiveJasmin, Chaturbate, and BongaCams) are the ones that gather the most audience, which is why most people recommend them if you’re talking with someone who wants to grow fast. However, keep in mind that there’s a lot of competition, but it’s not impossible to become a successful model on BongaCams if you know how to keep the audience entertained.

Like StripChat, BongaCams is mostly for public shows where you can earn tips, but it’s still possible to engage in private sessions. Do keep in mind that most people around here perform publicly because that what’s visitors expect. Everyone has limited options if they want something more intimate.

Anyway, BongaCams is still an enjoyable alternative to LiveJasmin, especially because the pay can be higher. On average, models can earn $6,420 per month, which equals $77,040 a year. Models get to keep between 60 and 90% of their earnings, too; hence, BongaCams pays their models better than most websites. This is one of the best alternatives to LiveJasmin you can pick, either if you want it to become your leading site or just want another website to double-dip in.


Camsoda is a ñgood choice if what you’re looking for is to sell your clips and pictures. Besides performing, models look forward to selling nudes as the side hustle to their side hustle. Yes, it sounds funny, but it actually works excellently, and you should try it too.

Camsoda has a good revenue share. Models get to take 55% of their earnings, and it’s not difficult to attract good audience numbers. There is always people online looking to meet new and hot models, so this an excellent chance for you to start freshly if you want to change your leading site or just want to double-dip.

Also, keep in mind that most features on Camsoda are public. It’s possible to find people willing to pay for a private session, but that won’t happen too often here. You can still use Camsoda as a website for double-dipping, though.


Streamate is the best option for those with concerns about their privacy. Besides the usual geoblocking features (those that allow you to block specific countries, cities, or any location you can think of), Streamate also allows the users to make their profile only visible for paid members. If you don’t want to create an uncomfortable situation with people you know, then Streamate is the website you should pick as a LiveJasmin alternative.

There are other things about Streamate you should know about. The website only pays the models 30% of their earnings so that we wouldn’t recommend this one as your leading site. However, you can still use it to maximize your earnings even if you won’t earn as much as in other websites we’ve mentioned on the list.

Averagely, models on Streamate make $3,350 per month, which equals $40,200 a year. It’s a good income, and if you sell your pictures/videos while at the same time you perform on multiple websites, then you can make those numbers increase easily. Be creative!