Review of SexyHub – The Sexiest Exclusive Adult Content

Porn sites are extremely common nowadays. However, it can be difficult to find a porn site that offers quality content and is updated regularly – especially if you’re into specific niches. SexyHub is one of the few websites that offer quality content and are also regularly updated. It is part of a porn site network, so you’ll get a few other bonus sites with your subscription.

This website has plenty of content for you to catch up with and many videos to come in the near future. However, we can mention a few other reasons why signing up for SexyHub may be worth it. Let’s explore together the ups and downs of this porn network and see whether it is a good or a bad idea to purchase a subscription package at SexyHub.

What is SexyHub?



SexyHub is a website under the ownership of Yellow Production S.R.O., licensed by M.G. Premium Limited. Thus, you may find this website’s layout quite similar to other popular porn sites on the internet. 

This site works as a network (that’s why “hub” is on its name) where you can find the content featured on different sites of it. As of now, six websites are part of the network, which include Dane Jones, Lesbea, Massage Rooms, MomXXX, Fitness Rooms, and Girlfriends.

You can find different genres of porn within SexyHub. While most of it is heterosexual porn, it’s also possible to find lesbian videos. The sites mostly feature teens and MILFs, but there’s a lot of variety regarding the performers and the setting of the scenes.

Overall, the sites within this network cover MILF, teen, and lesbian porn. There are new scenes almost every week, and each site has its own library. And yes, your subscription to SexyHub comes with access to the full library. You’ll be able to watch all the videos featured on all sites right now (and the future ones to come). 

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Pros and cons for SexyHub

SexyHub is an excellent website if you’re a porn enthusiast with a taste for lesbian and MILF porn. Although it has tons of quality content, a few things could be improved so users can have a better experience while exploring the site. 

Here’s what we liked and what we didn’t like about Sexy Hub:

🎬 Find Full HD videos. This website has excellent video quality, allowing you to enjoy your favorite porn videos in a high resolution

🎬 It receives constant updates. SexyHub has plenty of new scenes every week, with an average of at least three new videos per week. Hence, there’s a lot of content you can expect and watch, too. As of now, the site has more than 3,000 scenes available

🎬 It has a simple interface. You can explore the site pretty easily without getting lost, as it is intuitive. Plus, it is mobile-optimized, allowing you to take full advantage of it even if you are using it through your phone

🎬 It has advanced search options. SexyHub makes it easier to find the videos that you want to watch. You can use the different search filters, explore the categories, and use the model index, among many other options

🎬 You can access photo sets for each video. All scenes are accompanied by a high-quality photo set. If you already have download access, you can save them on your computer or mobile device
SexyHub charges extra for downloads. Even if you’re already subscribed, the site requires you to pay an additional fee of 14.99 USD to be able to download videos and photo sets

It has tons of cross-sells offers hidden during the signup process. If you’re interested in paying a subscription for this site, we recommend you keep an eye on what it offers so you can avoid paying more than what you intend

Generally speaking, the site has many advantages, especially the large porn collection it has available. However, we advise you to keep an eye on the site during the subscription process, as it is infamous for charging users more money than what’s advertised. Plus, there is no mention that downloads cost extra until you’ve already paid the subscription – so the site may have misleading information.

This website continues to update its library with new content each week. Hence, you won’t be disappointed by what it has to offer, especially because this is an extremely varied site. You can find some very hot erotic scenes on the vanilla side, or if you prefer rough sex, then you can expect to find plenty of scenes here, too.

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Cost and payment options for SexyHub


This website has several subscription options available. You can pay 1.00 USD for a two-day membership, which will grant you access to the recent scenes. However, make sure to cancel it in time – it will rebill at the cost of the monthly subscription once the trial is over. 

Below we describe the different subscription options you can find at SexyHub:

  • Monthly subscription: 29.99 USD per month 
  • 3-month subscription: 19.99 USD per month (a single payment of 59.99 USD)
  • 12-month subscription: 9.16 USD per month (a single payment of 109.99 USD)

As of now, the site only accepts credit cards. You can use the common options, like VISA or Mastercard, but the site is also compatible with Discover and J.C.B. It’s unknown whether the site will put more payment options available in the future.

Site design and features


The site has a very minimalistic design and is easy to use. You can find a menu with different options:

  • Videos: If you click or tap on this option, you will be sent to the “scenes” tab. It will show you the recent uploads and will grant you access to the “advanced search” option
  • Sites: This option allows you to explore the different sites under this network. You can also click on any of them to access their respective category and explore the content they have available
  • Models: This is the model index. You can find some basic information about the models and the scenes they have filmed for the network at the moment

The last option would be the member’s login area, which allows people who have already subscribed to login into the site. The site has a nice exploration and is quite easy to use. You surely will have a nice time while exploring the content it has available. 

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Does SexyHub have a download limit?

As of now, SexyHub does not have a download limit. Remember that you have to pay an extra fee of 14.99 USD if you would like to download content from the site, though.

How often does SexyHub upload?

You can find new and exclusive content on SexyHub at least three times per week. There might be a rotation between the sites that upload new content, though. Keep in mind that SexyHub works as a “hub” where you can find all the content from four different sites.

What quality are the videos on SexyHub?

SexyHub has videos in Full HD or 1080p, even the older scenes. We can assure you that you won’t complain about the quality of the videos you’ll find on this site.

Does my membership offer bonus sites?

Yes. Again, this website is a compilation of different sites within the same network. Your subscription will grant you access to Dane Jones, Lesbea, and Massage Rooms, among other three sites. Some of the content is heterosexual porn, but most of it is lesbian porn. You can also find MILF and teen content in abundance.

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