Review of JizzPix: Face Painting Bonanza!

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JizzPix has been around for several years. It mostly features amateur porn, but it covers the cum fetish niche – which is a huge differential factor compared to most amateur porn sites. Perhaps this site may charm you if you enjoy watching hot girls taking huge loads of cum in every hole. Keep in mind that you won’t find professional-quality porn here. All the porn videos you’ll find on this site are submitted by members and for members.

There are tons of amateur porn sites with a similar premise, but most of them don’t feature exclusive content. Is that the case with JizzPix? Is it truly worth it to purchase a membership package at this site? Let’s explore together the features that this site has to offer and find out whether it is worth it to become a member or not. 

What is JizzPix?



JizzPix is an amateur porn site that features girls getting cum all over their faces and bodies. Blowjob videos are quite common on this platform, but you may also find fucking and many other things. Either way, the result is the same. The girls end up taking huge loads and giving the dudes some of the biggest orgasms of their life.

As of now, JizzPix features more than 4,000 videos and 6,000 pictures. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the site is that you can download all content without necessarily paying extra fees. You can get the galleries in zip files and the videos in MP4. The downside is that not all content is available in high quality, but at least you get daily updates. There might be more videos than what we mention here by the time you visit the site.

While this is an amateur site that relies on member contributions, you won’t find videos that don’t involve cum shots in some form. If you love seeing girls getting soaked in jizz or eating it out, then you’ll have a great time at this site. It truly is an experience that most porn lovers wouldn’t like to miss!

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Pros and cons for JizzPix

JizzPix is the perfect site for those with a cum fetish. Most, if not all, the content you’ll find here is all about girls getting cum shots pretty much everywhere. While the content may not be of the best quality, it is still quite good and may be worth a shot. Still, there are other problems with the site that we recommend taking into account if you’re interested in purchasing a subscription.

Here’s what we find good and bad about this site:

🎬 Access thousands of hardcore pics and videos. Do you like watching girls getting creampies, eating cum, or just playing with cum in all the ways you can think of? Then, this site is perfect for you

🎬 Watch new content every day. Since members can submit content once they join the site, you can expect new releases every day. The number of videos and galleries increases considerably every day

🎬 All content is available for download. You don’t have to pay extra fees or deal with restrictions when it comes to obtaining content from the site. You can download as many videos and pics as you want without any limitations
The website looks very outdated. Navigation on this site can be a nightmare. While it has good categorization, it seems to be stuck in the early 2000s. Most porn sites have adapted to the exigencies of the modern internet user, but this one has not received updates in a long while

The quality is not the best. Users submit all the content they can find on this site. Therefore, not all of it is available in good quality. The resolution for the videos may be around 640x480p or 750x568p at best

Not all content is exclusive. Remember that this site relies on contributions to offer new content. Hence, the videos and the pics may already be available on other sites. This fact can be a huge deal breaker for most people

The videos are usually short. Most videos are 2-3 minutes long. It’s possible to find longer videos, but those are less common

There’s a lot of content to see here, but navigating through the site can be tedious. Furthermore, some of the videos and pics may already be available for free on tube sites or similar platforms. There’s no guarantee that the content you’ll access is exclusive, but you have the advantage of being able to download all the things you see on the site without any problems.

Hence, while the site doesn’t have that much to offer and feels like a porn site from the early 2000s, it may still offer a nice experience to those who enjoy cum fetish porn. 

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Cost and payment options for JizzPix


JizzPix is under the same network as other amateur porn sites, like exHacked or Cum on Wives. Hence, the subscription options are almost identical and have the same price, which is a bit above the regular pricing of most porn sites. Here’s the pricing for each of the membership options:

  • 1-year subscription: 99.95 USD
  • 3-month subscription: 59.78 USD
  • 1-month subscription: 24.96 USD
  • 2-day trial: 1.00 USD (you will be charged the monthly subscription package if you don’t cancel it before the trial is over)

You can pay for your subscription using a credit card or by submitting an online check. The website also allows direct debit deposits. You’re required to create a password and a username to be able to log into the website.

Site design and features


The website looks like it was released in the early 2000s. It has the typical appearance of old forums and is reminiscent of the old Facebook layout. While navigating through it is not complicated, the site makes it quite annoying as there are too many clickable options, and you have to make many clicks to go from one place to another.

JizzPix does something right, and that is categorization. You can find everything easily due to the categories and the tags used on the platform. Hence, you won’t find any problems while trying to find something very specific. Want to see ebony chicks? Or perhaps creampies? There’s probably a tag for it available on the site.

Despite looking outdated, the site loads very fast. That may also have to do with the low quality of the content. Still, you can expect the navigation to be efficient regardless of your internet connection.

JizzPix is a site with a ton of content, and even though not all of it is exclusive, it’s nice to have thousands of videos and pics in the same place and be able to download them without restrictions. Hence, a subscription to this site may not be too bad.

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Does JizzPix have a download limit?

No. This website does not have a download limit. You can download as many videos and pics as you’d like once you have paid for your membership.

How often does JizzPix upload?

There isn’t an upload schedule, but you can expect new content on a daily basis. Members can submit content to the site, and since the user base is quite prominent, you might be able to watch tons of new releases every week. 

What quality are the videos on JizzPix?

All videos are of low quality, ranging from 144p to 360p. It can be complicated to find HD videos, but it’s not impossible.

Does my membership offer bonus sites?

Unfortunately, your membership does not include bonus sites. You’ll only gain access to JizzPix.

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Originally posted 2022-11-22 15:26:13.