Review Of Digital Playground: The Largest Collection Online!

Digital Playground Network is one of the most renowned porn sites on the internet, with porn videos as old as 25 years. The site features pretty much anything you can think of (inside the vanilla porn scene), such as porn parodies, hardcore sex, gangbangs, among many other things. The network truly honors its name, “Digital Playground.”

This site has tons of content available, and although several aspects of it could be better, it truly offers a good experience with the features that have been implemented until now. So, if you’re looking forward to acquiring a membership on Digital Playground, this article is for you. We’ll go through the good and bad aspects of this porn site while evaluating whether it is worth it to purchase a membership or not.

What is Digital Playground?


Digital Playground is a website where you’ll find what they describe as cinematic porn. It features porn scenes with interesting backgrounds and visuals, as well as hot performers – both male and female. You can find porn parodies, original series, and many other exciting porn scenes at Digital Playground.

Instead of uploading videos of two, three, or more performers just going at it, Digital Playground tries to make it more interesting. All scenes uploaded have a different background and a specific setting, as well as a plot. Most of the time, the series is divided into different parts (or “episodes”). It can be with other models or with the same performers.

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Access Over 25 Years of Porn!

Digital Playground contains one of the largest porn collections on the internet. You’ll find more than 25 years of porn here. Hence, whether you like vintage porn or prefer to watch high-quality scenes with worldwide famous porn stars, you can be sure that this site has something for you.

As of now, Digital Playground has more than 3,000 scenes. New movies are added to the site monthly so that you can expect fresh content. You will find porn parodies of popular shows or movies like Star Wars or Ghostbusters, among many others.

Pros And Cons Of Digital Playground Network

Digital Playground Network is one of the most longeval porn studios worldwide. Although the launch date for the website is unclear, it has managed to remain one of the most popular porn sites in the world. Still, although the site is heavily optimized and has a modern layout, certain aspects of it could be better. Here are the good and the bad aspects of Digital Playground:

🎉 Access thousands of movies and series in Full HD. Currently, the site has over 3,000 scenes, and even more, are on the way. You can expect at least one new release every week. Plus, all of the content is available in Full HD, although the player lets you toggle between different qualities, ranging from 360p to 1080p

🎉 Find BTS scenes compilations. If you’re up to watching how your favorite porn videos have been made, this site offers you an opportunity to do so. It uploads BTS videos now and then, most of which have a length of around 10 minutes

🎉 The player is heavily optimized. It has several features that make the overall experience more enjoyable, allowing you to use picture-in-picture mode and jump to specific moments through time stamps, among many others

🎉 Watch more than 1,000 performers in action. The number can be higher, but we only consider the female performers. You can find some well-known faces as well as newcomers in many scenes

🎉 Find what you want with the advanced search. Digital Playground features a very extensive search feature, allowing you to find porn stars or scenes based on specific filters, like side fuck, or perhaps skin type  
Downloads are only available for an additional fee. It’s only possible to download content from this site if you pay an extra 14.99 USD per month – which can be a bit expensive if you consider the subscription’s price

Upload dates are impossible to find. The site does not disclose the release dates for any of the videos on the site

It’s not possible to find male models in the model index. They still have their names written on the video pages. If you click on it, you can access their information  

While this website has excellent content and a well-developed platform, many aspects of it leave a lot to be desired and make it seem like the website wasn’t finished. Still, if you can see past the cons we’ve written on this page, you will surely have a nice time exploring the content available on Digital Playground Network.

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Cost And Payment Options For Digital Playground Network

Digital Playground Network is only accessible through membership. You can buy individual videos, as many other sites do. Thus, you have to pay for one of the subscription packages available to be able to explore the site. The pricing is described below:

  • 3-day trial: 4.95 USD – rebills at the full price of the monthly subscription by the end of the trial
  • 30-day membership: 32.99 USD
  • 3-month membership: 59.99 USD / 19.99 USD per month
  • 12-month membership: 119.99 USD / 9.99 USD per month

The pricing is slightly more expensive than the average porn site, especially the price of the 30-day membership. You can pay for your subscription using credit cards. The system is compatible with regular credit card options, like Mastercard or VISA.

Site Design And Features

The site is well-designed, although it feels like they forgot to complete certain areas of it. Upon entering the site, you’ll see a big banner with some of the popular releases. There are different lists with the recent uploads or perhaps the “viral videos” by the network below the banner.

You can choose between five different options, including “videos,” “movies,” “DP World,” “Porn Stars,” and “Categories.

As for the first three options, you can think of them as three different ways to explore the content, as all you can find are scenes in different ways. DP World aggroups popular movies or “series” in the same place, making it easier to find them.

You can take advantage of the “advanced” search feature, which allows you to categorize your search based on filters like skin type, anal, blowjob, and teen, among many other tags. The list is quite extensive. So, you’ll be able to find the videos you want without too much effort.

Generally speaking, the site has a good feel and is easy to navigate. You’ll feel comfortable while exploring it from your first visit.

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Does Digital Playground Network have a download limit?

While DP Network doesn’t have a download limit, it restricts downloads. You can’t save any of the videos or photo sets available if you don’t pay an extra 14.99 USD per month. The site only informs you of this issue when you attempt downloading something from it.

How often does Digital Playground Network upload?

You can expect at least one new release from DP Network per week. However, there might be multiple releases during the same week.

What quality are the videos on Digital Playground Network?

This website only has videos in Full HD 1080p. The site allows you to alternate between different qualities, depending on your preferences and your bandwidth capabilities.

Does my membership offer bonus sites?

No. This website does not offer bonus sites. Still, the available content makes up for the lack of additional platforms it offers.

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