Tempted Review For Models: Everything You Need to Know

Tempted is a great alternative for OnlyFans users. Why go elsewhere when you can share and view adult content on Tempted.com. You can be safely seduced and seduce fellow adults. Nobody will judge you on this platform. 

Additionally, it is a magical place for beautiful Temptations to show their beauty most desirably without any limitations or risks. Various models are here for different reasons. You may like sharing fun content or adult content. You’d have different types of viewers as well.

Does it sound appealing to you? Then read on to know more about Tempted. You won’t regret it is what the site claims. And we guarantee it too.

Overview Of Tempted For Models

The journey from being a content creator to becoming a Temptation is what is aimed at Tempted. You can upload exclusive and private content on Tempted. Furthermore, you get to connect with fellow Temptations and build a wider community of Fans. 

You can best start your journey on Tempted by beginning with quality photos, and videos put up on your profile. When you get the hang of it and share content on a consistent level, you create a community of Fans who await your content and see you week over week.

Additionally, Tempted allows you to organize Party Shows virtually with fellow Temptations to increase your reach and make yourself popular among different crowds. Moreover, fans on Tempted can view their favorite Temptations while accessing their desired exclusive content.

As fans, you can also attend the Virtual Party Shows and connect with their favorite Temptations via Direct Messages. Additionally, you can keep track of your favorite content upload updates by signing up for message and email notifications. This way, you do not miss out on any tempting news.

How Does It Work? 

Tempted allows you to create all types of content to share with your fan base. If you want to be a part of the Tempted Community, you can create Tempted without any issues. Plus, you have the freedom to connect with the managing team to improve your experience.

Getting Started

Starting with Tempted is not at all a difficult task but an incredibly easy one. All you need to do is just follow these simple steps:

  • Create your profile on Tempted and get it verified by submitting the necessary details
  • Upload new content on your profile consistently to keep your audience
  • Share your content on social networking sites to reach more people and earn more

Sustaining the Temptation Life As A Temptation

Monetizing your content on Tempted is easy once you get the hang of it. However, you should be in touch with your fans and fellow Temptations to be on the map. The best part about being a Temptation is you can upload any content that you want to. It can be sensual, flirting, or naughty. No bars to the type of content you upload.

  • You get the access to view and upload exclusive content as a Temptation
  • Optimize your Content Creator profile following various tips and information to reach more people
  • With their Referral Program, you can earn extra at the side of what you normally earn from it
  • The Help Portal of Tempted allows you to clear any doubts or queries regarding the platform
  • With the Tempted Academy, using Tempted gets even easier and more seamless

Using Tempted As A Fan

Fans can get access to exclusive and premium content on Tempted. You can participate in the various Virtual Party Shows and chat with your favorite Temptation on Tempted. Not only this, but you can also interact with your favorite Temptation via private messaging.

  • Live Shows and Virtual Party Shows are meant for Temptations to get to know their fans and entertain them
  • You can watch your favorite Temptation live streaming and get your fantasies answered
  • Also, you can tip your favorite Temptation using your virtual Wallet
  • Sign up and view as much exclusive content as you want without getting blocked
  • View the recorded live content by Temptations if you miss them while they live stream
  • Converse with several Temptations who are charismatic, talented, and smart people

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Tempted enables various features for you to enjoy your journey as a Temptation or as a Fan. But let’s talk about getting more benefits on the table and what it feels like to be a Temptation with all these features. 

You Can Broadcast Live Together!

Tempted allows you to Live Stream and broadcast Virtual Party Shows with your fans. Here, you can chat with your fans and throw a virtual party with other Temptations in your network. Interacting with your fanbase also boosts your income significantly.

This is because your fans have the option of tipping you while you are on the show. Additionally, you can even interact with them via private messaging and whatnot.

Upload New Content Consistently

You can upload all types of content as a Temptation on Tempted. However, be mindful about the regularity to maintain between all your uploads. This helps in keeping your fans on track. You can share Premium Content, stay active and tempt your fans regularly. This keeps them in the loop and excited for new content.

The Public Mode enabled on their platform allows you to host Live Shows virtually and interact with bigger crowds. This increases your audience, and you can even earn from it.

Subscriptions, Tips, and Much More!

Through Tempted, you can earn by creating content that you would like to share and that your viewers would like to see. Additionally, as you are in that process, your viewers can subscribe to your channel and tip you for your shows.

To be specific, 80% of all your Subscriptions and Tips are based on your fans. As you proceed in your journey, you can expect to increase your earnings on Tempted. And all of this is possible because of its Referral Program.

Sharing With Followers

Any content creation work flourishes well when you have a wider audience. Thus, sharing it over social networking sites can help you get the same. Additionally, you can customize your profile in the way you would like your followers to know more about you.

Furthermore, you get insights into the performance of your profile every day. Therefore, you can always up to your game and perform better with each passing day. All the control is in your hands. 

Convert Your Followers to Your Fans

Temptations have a chain of followers. Therefore, you can turn your followers into loyal fans who’d pay to watch you and also help widen your reach by sharing your content on social media. All you need to do is be consistent in chatting with your followers and respond to their comments and reviews. 

Post content that your followers would love to watch. Additionally, build a rapport with your followers by having a private conversation or broadcasting messages and live shows to get them to like you more.

Promotions or Referrals 

Tempted allows you to earn money in several ways. First and foremost, being a Temptation and creating the content itself brings your money. But widening your audience is a smart move to increase your earnings in the field.

Promotions or referrals are an excellent way of increasing your earnings on Tempted. Several other ways let you earn money on Tempted.

  • Being active on Social Media and following Temptations will help you earn referral codes
  • Tipping Temptations through live shows help them earn more
  • Promoting Temptations on Social Media platforms can also help you earn referrals if you are lucky
  • Invitation links are the best way of getting discounts while joining Tempted for the first time
  • Temptations earn 80% of their income from their fans via referrals, promotions, and live shows

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Benefits for Models

Tempted models or content creators have a lot to gain from this platform. Not only can you share exclusive and premium content on Tempted, but you can also earn money sharing the same. Additionally, you get to interact with a lot of people. 

  • Share All Types of Content: As a Tempted model, you can share any content you like. After all, it is your content that drives your traffic. The best thing about it is that you can share adult content on Tempted and not feel bad because people would love to watch you on this platform
  • Earn Money: You can earn big sums monthly by creating and sharing content on Tempted. Additionally, if you have established yourself as a full-time Temptation, you can expect to earn a living by creating content on Tempted.com. The models usually have a high-profile life
  • Virtual Party Show: You can launch parties virtually to get to know your fans. This way, you can create a large fan base who follow you and support you in your act. You can not only live your dream but also share a piece of what you love to do on Tempted
  • Community of Followers: A large fan base follows you and supports you in your beliefs. Moreover, they tip you for your live shows and constantly support you for more exciting content. This way, you stay motivated to create more exciting and tempting content
  • Visibility in Real Life: People start noticing you by the name and fame you acquire via your content on Tempted.com. Fans follow you on your social media handles to stay updated about your life and send best regards

And who knows, your career might take a different turn when influential people notice you.


Like any coin has two sides, if Tempted has benefits, it welcomes a few downsides as well. Here are a few drawbacks that users of Tempted might feel the absence of. 

  • No Mobile App: People have gone all mobile today. As such, they expect to carry along their favorite streamers on their phone
  • No Proof of Identity Verification: Every adult site is authentic when they ask for proof of ID verification. In their absence, the authenticity is incomplete
  • No Anonymous Payment Methods: Many users join such adult sites without the knowledge of their spouse or anybody for that matter. Anonymity should be a priority

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Tempted bad for society?

The media portrays all adult content sites to be bad for society. However, it is not necessarily true. The reason people think it is bad is the pornographic or adult content shared on Tempted. This is also one of the reasons why some Temptations are uncomfortable revealing their face to the public.

But the reality is it is completely safe for society. Tempted uses policies that enable only legit users to view the adult content on the platform. Nobody without a valid subscription to the platform can view such content. Therefore, no content can be viewed without the permission of the user and the platform.

Who uses Tempted?

Tempted has content creators called Temptations, who share beautiful content belonging to various niches. It can be related to fitness, cosplay, modeling, cam girls, music, etc. However, all of these may contain adult content if the creator wishes to share such content. 

Additionally, the fans can also view such content for entertainment purposes. Another only reason could be the display of adult content legally when you have no other access to pornographic content for legal reasons.

Are Tempted subscriptions anonymous?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. The anonymity can be maintained if you create a profile using any other name than your original name. But using your name as the user name on the platform keeps no anonymity.

You should know that your payment method used to make payments on Tempted cannot be anonymous. So, your Tempted subscription cannot be entirely anonymous ever.

Final Thoughts

Tempted is a platform you can use as an alternative to other adult sites, such as OnlyFans. It allows you to share adult content and also many other types of content. It can be music, cosplay, modeling, etc. However, the platform is mainly meant for people sharing adult content that they cannot share otherwise.

It is completely safe and simple to use. Tempted models earn huge sums once they get established as content creators at Tempted.com.