How Much Money Tempted Models Make

Tempted is a content subscription platform that allows creators to communicate with their followers by giving them unique access to their work. ‘Temptations’ are content makers on Tempted.

They can publish SFW/NSFW recordings, photo galleries, plus stream Virtual Party Shows/Live Shows/Virtual Party Shows to interact with their Fans. What makes this site different from the others is that it makes connecting with its creators a priority.

Are you wondering if Tempted is the right place for you? Well, if you are considering it, one of the most important questions you’d have is about the money you’d make.

You can easily calculate your revenue on Tempted’s official site by using the revenue calculator. We, as a test, tried to check a hypothetical model’s revenue. This model had 1000 followers and a subscription price of $14.95.

This article will give you a clear all your doubts about the revenue aspect of your Tempted venture.

How Much Money Do Tempted Models Make?

A model would earn anywhere between $149 and $747. Beyond this, a model can also earn through the referral program and tips, and other opportunities. So let us check the different ways through which you can earn money on Tempted.

The Tempted site boasts that the Top Temptation earned $18,416 last month. Thus, you can assume that you can swim in money as a Temptation if you have that X-Factor.

How Do Tempted Models Make Money?

Temptations can monetize their content in a variety of ways with Tempted. They can earn by sharing secret content with their viewers, receiving tips from a Live Show/Virtual Party Show. Moreover, they can get extra bucks by participating in the Tempted Referral Program.

Each Temptation gets a valid Invitation Link to welcome additional Content Creators to join the program as Temptations. Each invited buddy will receive an additional 5% of their lifetime benefits.

Temptations get FREE access to Tempted’s unique “Tempted Academy”. With this, they can get advice on how to reach a wider audience and enhance their Profile.

Additionally, they know how to improve their content to make it more appealing or reach a wider audience. Such steps can help the Temptations flourish.  So to make it easy, let us sum how you can make money on Tempted:

  • Subscriptions you get from your fans every month 
  • The Content You Provide Your Fans that Isn’t Public
  • The tips you might get from Fans during the Virtual Party Show/Live Shows
  • Referral Programs

Referral Program

Each Temptation possesses a valid Invitation Code. They may use it to invite fellow Content Creators to transform into new Temptations. With this, the creator would receive an additional 5% of the new Temptation’s lifetime benefits.

To invite a Content Creator to join Tempted, click the icon on the right of the screen beside the envelope. Next, to create the Invitation Link, select “Let’s Connect”. Send it over to the potential Temptation you’d want to invite.

Keep in mind that this is a one-time Link. For every new companion, you’ll have to make a new one. You would earn an additional 5% of every invited creator’s lifetime reward.

How To Check Lifetime Revenue

Tap on your Nickname in the top right corner to see your lifetime earnings. Click on “My Dashboard” from the dropdown, then “My Insights” > “Lifetime Revenue” from the other dropdown menu.

You will be able to check the money you made each month of the year from the table (Subscriptions + Referral + Renewals  + Live Show Data + Tips).

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How To Check Earnings Of The Last Month on Tempted

By selecting your Nickname in the top right corner, you can see how much you’ve earned during the previous 30 days. Select “My Dashboard” from the dropdown menu and then “My Insights” > “Overview” from the dropdown menu.

In these sections, you’d be able to check:

  • Total: everything you got during the month (Subscriptions + Referrals + Tips + Renewals)
  • Subscriptions: The money you have made from new subscriptions
  • Tips: The amount you earned from Fans who gave you tips
  • Renewals: the amount of money you’ve made from followers who have elected to extend their subscription to your Profile.
  • Referral Program: The amount of money you made as a result of the Referral Program

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Payment Issuance

Payments are made once a week, on Wednesdays. It pertains to any requests received prior to Tuesday at 23:59 EDT. It’s important to remember that you’ll have to wait 24 hours to withdraw any cash you’ve gained during the day.

Based on your bank, you may get the payment within a week of initiating the “cash-out” request. It would be advisable to contact the “Customer Success Department” if you have any questions or concerns.

By selecting your Nickname in the top right corner, you can initiate a “Check Out” Request. Choose “My Dashboard” from the dropdown menu and then “Cash Out” from the dropdown menu.

The very first thing you need to do is set up a payment method. These are the four methods you can choose from at the moment. We will discuss all the payment methods in detail later.

  • Paxum
  • CA Direct Deposit
  • ePay Service
  • US Direct Deposit

All processors have their own set of requirements and a minimum withdrawal limit. Usually, your Available Balance should be a minimum of $50 to initiate a “Cash Out” Request. 

Payment Methods

From Paxum to US Direct Deposits, we’d discuss the payment options in detail.

  • ePay Service: An existing ePayService account is required for this payment method. If you don’t already own one, go to and create one.  Payments can be asked in USD or EUR. The payment is expected to arrive in three business days. If you wish to use ePayService, keep in mind that the minimum PayOut must be at least USD 50.00
  • Paxum: This Payment Method necessitates the use of a Paxum account. If you don’t already have one, go to to create one. EFT, ACH, and Wire transfer to Credit/ Debit cards are all options for payment. The exceptions are cards issued by financial institutions in Japan, Israel, the USA, and Canada. Minimum PayOut must be at least USD 50.00
  • The minimum PayOut has to be USD 100 if you wish to use US Direct Deposit. Ideally, you should wait for 3- 5 business days for the funds to get deposited in your account after the payment request is issued to the bank on Friday. Note that both personal and business accounts are usable with US Direct Deposit
  • CA Direct Deposit: The minimum PayOut must be 100 CAD/USD if you wish to use CA Direct Deposit. Allow 3-5 business days for the funds to arrive in your account after the payment request gets issued on Friday
  • Bitsafe (Coming in near future): Bitsafe provides a debit card as well as an eWallet that can be used at Pos and ATMs. The minimum PayOut has to be 100 USD if you wish to use Bitsafe. The payment is made daily. If you want assistance, please get in touch with the Bitsafe “Customer Success Department”


As a Temptation, you can live quite a comfortable life! The money is good; we are not going to lie. If you are extraordinary, you can earn as high as $10,000 a month. Just last month, the best Temptations earned around $18,000.

You need to make the best of all the opportunities available. There is a Referral Program, Tips, and so on to boost your renewal.

So don’t worry. If this is what you want to do, go for it. Be excellent at what you do; money will follow.