How To Make Money On Tempted

The latest revelation regarding OnlyFans caused a lot of consternation among adult video publishers. Numerous industry professionals’ livelihoods are in peril due to a lack of support and continual legislation changes.

Furthermore, there is an overriding confusion about what will happen to sexually explicit content. It affects both adult content creators and sex workers alike.

If you’re an adult content maker seeking a secure environment that will look after you, greetings, hop onto Tempted!

The time has come to make the transition from a content creator and becoming a ‘Temptation’! Okay, the other major question – the pay?

You can make an income on Tempted in a variety of ways. To begin with, subscriptions boost your revenue a lot.

This article will answer all your questions in detail.

What Is Tempted?

Tempted is a “content subscription platform.” The platform allows its ‘Temptations’ to engage with its audience by providing unique access to its work. It’s entirely up to you whether the content you post is NSFW or SFW.

You may use any medium to get your followers to know you and form a personal bond with them. Your content can be videos, photos, and live broadcasts. It’s incredibly easy to become a member of Tempted.

There are only two sets of constraints. First, you must be at least 18 years old. Second, you should follow our Content Policy. Tempted is a platform that allows you to transition from content creator to a gorgeous Temptation.

You can share your most intimate and unique stuff, engage with other Temptations, and strengthen your bonds with the Fans. What is the right method to begin playing Tempted? Well, you should submit high-quality videos and photos on a regular and consistent basis.

After all, your admirers are eager to check your updates every week. Additionally, you may host Virtual Party Shows or Party Shows with different Temptations to expand your following and gain new fans.

What are your options on this platform as a Fan? You may gain access to some of the amazing stuff by subscribing to your favorite Temptations. Watch their Live Shows and communicate with them through Direct Messages.

It would be best to keep an eye on your inbox to ensure you don’t miss out on any juicy information.

Life As A Content Creator On Tempted

If you’re a content creator interested in trying out the platform, please do so! The Tempted clan wishes you to be a member of the community and use Tempted without any issues. Most importantly, the community wants you to tell if there is anything they can do to better your Fans’ encounter.

You will be able to monetize your work, connect with your Fan base, and interact with new Temptations on Tempted. The favorite aspect of being a Temptation is having complete control over the content you publish to Tempted.

It can be sensual, flirty, or downright naughty. As a Temptation, you’ll get several exclusive perks, including the Tempted Academy. Here, you’ll find information, tips, and news, tips on improving your Profile and attracting more people.

The unlimited “Referral Program” allows you to make extra money for the rest of your life. Also, the Help Portal answers all of your questions about how Tempted functions.

Temped community works towards making you feel at ease and take full advantage of this platform. The team at Tempted is also working nonstop to enhance Tempted.

Why you should trust us

While many reviews, guides, or information presented online comes from the perspective of one model, affiliate, or fan, our knowledge stems from working one-on-one with hundreds of creators. From cam models to financial dominants, we have an added layer of fact-checking that only comes with experience.

You’re joining the thousands of daily readers who come here to learn exactly how to get started as a creator and earn more as a creator.


The most important emphasis is keeping it a safe environment for both Fans and Temptations. Thus, as a content creator, you should most definitely give your feedback. You will be heard here as your opinion matters.

Your suggestions will make an impact, and the team will evaluate them to make amendments and improvements.

Tempted: Source Of Income

Remember to remain active on social media and advertise your Tempted account on important platforms.  

People following you on Twitter, Instagram, and so on will be able to become your Fans on Tempted this way. Second, you will get ‘Tips’ from your wonderful fans. The more engaging your content is, the more likely you are to get Tips!

You can also make money by selling your personal information. Also, remember to take advantage of the site’s Referral Program. If you’re a buddy who wants to join Tempted, you may send them the invitation link. 

For the rest of your life, you receive 5% of what your pals make! Boost your earnings by sharing the fun with somebody you care about. Each week, you may collect your payments. Furthermore, the site does not use Tokens.

You will receive 80% of what your followers spend on your subscriptions and content. Tempted, as well as your fans, are always excited to see your NSFW work. They are here to assist you in making the transition from Content Creator to Temptation.

You’ve reached the perfect place if you’re seeking a rival fansite to OnlyFans. You aren’t just a Content Creator here and Tempted is more than an NFSW platform!

Promotion Hacks

It is quite hard to establish yourself and attract many fans, especially in the early stages. That’s why the Tempted community assists you in promoting your Profile and live shows. 

For one, you should check out other Temptations who can help you help you to be seen on the platform. Everyone is happy to help you. When you interact with multiple Temptations, there can be a flow of Fans towards your Profile.

Of course, you will have many queries, especially in the beginning: What kind of images will my fans like? Is it necessary for me to broadcast a Live Show at any point in time? How can I communicate with other Temptations & learn their keys to success?

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When you sign up for Tempted, you’ll be greeted by a very great companion: The Tempted Academy. What’s the big deal? Here you’ll pick up tips, guidelines, tools, and tutorials to assist you in enhancing your profile.

Plus, you will understand how to strengthen your connection with your fans. Finally, you would also learn how to increase your earnings! You’ll never be alone on Tempted because the community is always here to help. 

The most important step in getting more followers is to make excellent content. Understand what people like about you and market it. You will only get better at this with time.

Summing Up

So many creators have been struggling since OnlyFans wound up in its controversy. However, you don’t need to be worried for long. Newer sites have cropped up that value you and are working to create a safe space for content creation.

One of the better ones is Tempted. Tempted gives you the opportunity of being a Temptation. It is a step ahead of being just a content creator. There are multiple ways with which you can earn income on Tempted.

However, all these ways can only be successful if you are known on the platform and have a good number of Fans. The only way to do is that is to market yourself.

That is about it for this article! We hope you found all the answers you were looking for. To become a Temptation and start earning, like right now!