How To Become A Tempted Model

For adult content makers, Tempted is a credible alternative to Onlyfans. You find some exciting features you won’t find anywhere else, including real-time support and free training.

The platform, exclusively for adult content, allows two content creators to stream simultaneously from various spots and includes access to the Tempted Academy and a free referral program.

Are you all set to be a Temptation but don’t know what the starting point is?

If you’re above 18 years of age and have a significant number of followers on your social media, it is easier to become a Tempted model. You simply have to create a profile and keep uploading new content. Make sure to share on social media and increase your revenue.

This article will answer all your questions, and you will be on your way to becoming a successful temptation in no time!

What Is Tempted?

Last year, Tempted, which collaborates with CAM4, debuted its portal for adult content creators intending to improve their lifestyle by facilitating the monetization and distribution of quality digital material in a safe and unrestricted environment.

Tempted consists of a team of extremely qualified experts with over 30 years in the business. They strive to provide an exclusive safe alternative for explicit sexual content.

It is quite a better alternative to the continuous modifications by which Onlyfans threw the revenue of millions of producers at risk. Tempted is a “platform for content subscriptions”.

The site lets its ‘Temptations’ interact with its audience by giving them exclusive access to its work. If the stuff you submit is SFW or NSFW is dependent upon you.

You can utilize any media to get to meet your fans and develop a personal connection with them. Live broadcasts, pictures, videos can all be used as content. It’s really simple to sign up for Tempted.

Are You Eligible To Become A ‘Temptation’?

On Tempted, the content creators aren’t just creators. They are beyond that. They are ‘Temptations’.

Are you above 18 years old and have a significant following on social media and want to convert them into fans? Well, Tempted is indeed the place for you! Tempted is an ideal platform for you, whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just getting started.

What is better than being a content creator? Well, of course, it is a Temptation.

How To Become A Temptation

The major purpose of Tempted is never ever to go ‘mainstream.  The organization’s major foundation is knowledge of the industry. The information is made accessible to all content creators through the free Marketing Support Service and Tempted Academy.

Furthermore, you can expect constant promotion of its content creators without exception help Temptations. It strives to help Temptations to achieve the best. Let us go through the steps of how to become a Temptation now.

Create Your Profile

The first step is creating your Profile and verifying your ID. Don’t worry. It is not rocket science but, in fact, extremely simple. It would help if you remembered that the first step is to complete the essential requirements so that Tempted can authorize it.

The Tempted team is dedicated to providing great content to both Temptations as well as Fans. Thus, the team doesn’t accept empty Profiles. Also, it would be best if you expand your Profile by adding details.

Your Gender, Social Networks, Country, Birth Date, and Background Picture can decide your Profile’s fate. Please do not overlook the importance of your Promotional video. It can aid your Fans in getting a better understanding of you.

Why you should trust us

While many reviews, guides, or information presented online comes from the perspective of one model, affiliate, or fan, our knowledge stems from working one-on-one with hundreds of creators. From cam models to financial dominants, we have an added layer of fact-checking that only comes with experience.

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You’ve probably gone shopping a few times. What is the first thing you notice? Why, of course, the shop window!  If a store window is vacant or has very few things, you are less likely to see it.

However, the one that is well-kept, pleasant, and offers a wide range of enticing things entices you to come in and spend big bucks! That’s how the Tempted Profile also functions. Your Profile serves as a storefront for your stuff.

You only get a single chance to make a solid first impression, as if you don’t persuade your followers the very first time, they won’t return.

Uploading New Content

You’ll be invited to post your first piece of content to Tempted throughout your onboarding. Understand that uploading the first piece of material to your Profile is required to be activated and viewable. Tempted does not sell subscriptions to blank profiles.

Please connect with the ‘Customer Success’ Department if you have any questions about your new content. As you are aware, Tempted is a fan site; therefore, once your profile is complete, you must begin advertising it.

Use “Instagram Stories” to publicize your Live Shows and new material and create posts. This will let everyone learns where to reach you. Furthermore, you can set your auto-tweet on Tempted, which allows your fans are alerted while you are broadcasting live.

Do you have any additional channels? Awesome! The greater the promotion, the more likely it is to convert!

Share On Your Other Social Networks To Earn Money

Try to stay active on social media to promote your Tempted account.  Many who follow you on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms will get to be your Tempted Fans.

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What Things Can You Do As A Tempted

Tempted provides you with a variety of options. The following are some of the benefits you will receive as a Temptation:

  • Create your fan page: You get your place on Tempted. Your fans can subscribe to your material directly from your Profile
  • Live Shows: Anytime you wish, you may broadcast your shows.  You can also broadcast them entirely or partially in either Private or Public mode
  • Recording: After the Live Show is complete, you can save the recording. You’ll be able to store your recording, publish it for free or on-demand, and limit the amount of time it’ll be available
  • Galleries: You can post and share the best photos with your Fans right away, or put them in the ‘Private Gallery’ to share afterward.
  • Videos: You may post and share your best photographs with your Fans right away or put them in your ‘Private Gallery’ to share afterward
  • Private Messages: You may send and get text messages from your followers in your personal’ Tempted Inbox
  • Broadcast Messages: To advertise your Live Shows or new material, you can send a bulk message to all of your Fans
  • Video and Audio Messages: You may send personalized video and audio messages to your Fans right from your ‘Tempted Inbox’ to thank them or share unique information with them
  • Referral Program: You will get a valid Invitation Code to encourage your pals to be new Temptations, and you will receive an additional 5% of each invited mate’s lifetime rewards
  • Tempted Academy: You’ll get unlimited access to our special academy, which includes guidelines, video lessons, and tools on how to improve your Profile, bring in new audiences, raise your revenue, and more
  • Friendship: Socialise with other Temptations, post your material with them, view their stuff, communicate through Direct Messages, and plan activities together
  • Virtual Party Shows: Broadcast live from multiple locations with another Temptation to improve your ad revenue

Summing Up

Tempted is a great site to become a great content creator or rather a ‘Temptation’. It is a safe space and an extremely favorable alternative to OnlyFans.

Becoming a Temptation is quite easy. Creating a profile is very simplified. It would be best if you put in some important details when you make the Profile. Tempted team discards employ profiles.

You don’t need to be about money. There are multiple ways to earn money on Tempted. All you need to do is give your best and hope for the best! That is all! We hope this article helped in answering your doubts. Let’s get started on your dazzling career as a content creator super soon!