Camsoda Review for Models, Fans, and Affiliates

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Camsoda is one of the highest-paying cam sites found around the internet. There are many ways to earn money in Camsoda, and the website offers more benefits than most camming sites, even those with more traffic than this one.

If you choose Camsoda as your leading site for camming, you’re making the right choice. This article was written to give you all the reasons why Camsoda is a good choice for camming, whether you’ve just started your webcam performing career or are already established around the community.

Camsoda has everything a model could ask for: excellent features, significant traffic, and many ways to increase your income. Once you learn how to take advantage of this website’s excellent functions, no one will stop you from becoming a top model. Let’s begin!

What is Camsoda?

Camsoda is a new website for camming. The company launched this website not so many years ago, and since then, it has become one of the preferred websites for camming by many models. Camsoda allows models to grow not only by camming but also by selling premium content to their fans.

Camsoda also offers different perks for models. It is currently the only camming site giving models health insurance bonuses, only if they provide proof.

Besides these benefits, it’s also possible to engage in private sessions more often than on regular websites and gather broad audiences quickly. Since this website is new, this task is easier because the competition isn’t as tough as on other more prominent websites, which means you have more growth opportunities.

If you choose Camsoda as your leading site for camming, you’ll enjoy different benefits that will grant you multiple privileges you wouldn’t have on other websites. Keep reading to find out what you can do to earn money with Camsoda.

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Who can become a model in Camsoda?

Camsoda is currently accepting any kind of people to become models on the website. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy, a girl, or a transgender person, you’ll be able to join Camsoda’s incredible community with no problems.

Right now, you should know that girls are the most profitable part of the community because most people consuming this kind of content are straight men. However, don’t get discouraged if you’re a guy or trans, you can still trust that you’ll have some extra dollars in your account by the end of the month.

Camsoda also allows you to perform as a group. Either if you’re performing with a partner or with more than one person, everyone performing with you must have their ages verified to be allowed to perform on the website. Otherwise, you have the risk of getting your account suspended.

What are the requirements to become a model on Camsoda?

There are no specific requirements to become a model on this great cam site. The only thing they ask you for is being of legal age, and to verify you’re telling the truth, they will ask you to submit a digital copy or a photo of your ID. As we told you previously, they must provide their IDs if you want to perform with multiple people.

Besides the age verification process, you’ll need some equipment to broadcast. Most of this stuff listed are things you already have at home, but here’s the list of everything you’re going to need to do shows on the website:

A computer

A computer will be necessary at all times because it is currently the only way you have to broadcast webcam shows. There are some specifications for the laptop or desktop you’ll use for it, though. You must ensure your computing device has at least 4 GB of RAM, a Quad-Core processor or better, and Windows or Mac OS X.

A webcam

Most laptops nowadays have a webcam integrated; however, we highly recommend getting an HD webcam so you can deliver higher-quality shows. Also, try to buy a webcam with a built-in microphone! It will make things easier for you. People are more likely to stay if the quality of the stream is high.

A high-speed internet connection

A high-speed internet connection will be necessary, especially if you’re looking forward to cam-splitting (see below for more information about this feature). Your upload speed must be a minimum of 2 Mbps, but most internet plans nowadays have better connections, so this will not be a problem often. However, keep in mind that streaming on multiple websites simultaneously requires a lot of resources, so make sure you have an internet connection good enough to stream on both sites with no interruptions.

Extra but optional stuff

Many models like to make their shows more interesting by using sex toys. Some people dare to use cosplay, and people with specific fetishes in mind have particular outfits they wear during their shows. This stuff is optional, but we highly encourage you to get some interactive sex toys. These toys make things spicier for you and your viewers and make you earn more money in the long run!

How much do Camsoda models earn?

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It’s difficult to answer this question because every model earns different sums on Camsoda. Like in most cam sites, everything you earn in Camsoda is performance-based, meaning you’ll earn as much as you perform. During your first weeks, you will perform more than the regular model, but that’s because the audience is just getting to know you. They will become paying customers in little time!

Now, Camsoda uses a token system, so you need to understand it to know how much you can earn on the website.

You can earn from $0.05 to $0.055 per token on Camsoda. You are allowed to set the rates. Whenever a new model gets registered on the website, Camsoda gives them 25 tokens for free, which is equal to $1.25.

Camsoda is one of the most accessible websites you can get started in

Unlike many other websites, this one doesn’t take too many resources from your computer, meaning that you can handle multiple tasks while you’re streaming your show. This also becomes an advantage when you want to take advantage of cam-splitting. You can start performing after you’ve completed the registration process and your age has been verified; it is possible to do so while you’re waiting for the website to verify your age.

There’s only one thing the website asks you for, which is being over the age of 18. The website will require you to submit a picture of you holding your ID for verification. It needs to have high-quality so that they can match your face with your ID picture. If not, your application will be rejected.

Making money on Camsoda

Camsoda has many ways of making money available, being the main one adult webcam shows. Here you have a list of all the things you can do on Camsoda to start making money:

Adult Webcam Shows

Webcam shows are the primary source of income for any model performing on these websites. It is possible to perform different types of shows, each generating a different amount of revenue. Some features are only available for qualified models, but here’s all you can do on the website anyways:

Public Shows

Public shows are the main feature of Camsoda. Most people who visit this website look forward to freemium or public shows because it is cheaper to send tips to the model rather than engaging in private sessions. Public shows are an exciting and excellent way of earning money on this website, and here you have some ways you can make them more exciting for you and your public:

  • Reset your Tip Goal every time it has been reached. Tip goals can be set up at any time, and after it is completed, the model performs what’s been promised. However, you can take advantage of this by resetting it to squeeze more juice out of your viewers. For example, you can say: “x3 times tip goal for flashing boobs.
  • Tip menus are for those models that prefer giving their viewers all their options. A tip menu contains everything you’re willing to do on the show for a particular amount of tokens. Sometimes, this can work better than tip goals.
  • If you have only one thing in mind and wouldn’t like to do anything else, a single tip goal will make it.

Private Shows

There aren’t specifically “private” shows on Camsoda. However, you can make sure everyone is paying for watching your performance by making them purchase a Golden Ticket. You’re free to set the price for it and make them available only for a limited time.

Camsoda allows cam-splitting

Since Camsoda is a website where most people look forward to private shows, it can become a superb alternative to your leading website. You can perform on both sites to get more customers willing to engage in a private session.

Sell your pics and clips

Many people sell their nudes to make some extra money besides performing. Yes, people are interested in purchasing this kind of content from you. You’re allowed to set the price for each piece, but keep in mind that Camsoda takes a particular percentage of all the revenue generated by your sales. All the videos and photos a model has available on their profile can only be sold in tokens.

Camsoda grants the model full control of their privacy

Privacy is one of the things models don’t worry about on this website. It is possible to block any location you don’t want to be seen in by modifying the settings in the respective zone, which is a feature entirely for free. You can choose cities, states, and even countries you know people are more likely to find you. However, remember that if someone uses a VPN, they will have full access to your content!

Health Insurance bonuses with Camsoda

Yes, that’s right! Camsoda is the only website that offers health insurance bonuses to qualified models. If you want to receive this benefit, you must be on the website for at least six months. The amount you’ll receive depends on your earnings by month:

  1. Earning between $3,500 and $6,999 grants you a small bonus of $125 monthly.
  2. Earning more than $7,000 grants you a bonus of $250.

It is necessary for all models that want to receive this benefit to provide proof of their health insurance. Otherwise, they won’t qualify for it.

Make sure you complete the wishlist.

Performing and selling vids and pics are not the only things that will make you earn money on Camsoda. You make a wishlist available in your profile so your fans can see it, and sometimes, they like spoiling their favorite model, which means you can get some great stuff once in a while.

Why use Camsoda?

There are many good reasons for you to choose cam soda as your leading site for camming. Let’s see:

  • People of all kinds are accepted, regardless of ethnicity, race, or sexual identity. If you want to become a model on this website, you can if you meet the age requirement.
  • The minimum payout is $20, and it’s possible to withdraw your earnings through ACH, Paxum, Wire transfer, or checks.
  • There are tons of features that grant you control of your privacy, especially the regional blocking feature.
  • Cam-splitting is possible, so you can go public on multiple websites and get more customers. This means you can earn more money by working the same hours.

Don’t think twice and get started on Camsoda today. The registration process will only take some minutes, and after that, you’ll be ready to perform and start converting your fans into paying customers. Remember that constancy is what will make you a top model in the long term!

CamSoda affiliate program

Referring fans

The CamSoda fan referral program allows you to earn 20% of any money a fan spends on tokens.

Referring models

Affiliates and webmasters can also refer models to CamSoda and earn $70 for every validated model.

Referring affiliates

You can earn $500 for every validated webmaster/affiliate you refer to CamSoda.

camsoda affiliate program

To learn more about CamSoda and read our full review and overview of the platform for models, click here. To sign up for CamSoda and start earning right now, click here.

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