Is Camsoda Safe and Legit?

There are too many cam sites around the web, making it a bit difficult to choose one to start performing. Since there are tons of websites from doubtful sources, many people start wondering if Camsoda is legit. Camsoda may not be as big as other cam sites, but it’s still an excellent choice for those that want to become webcam models.

What is Camsoda?

CamSoda is a website where anyone is welcome to start performing. The site’s primary focus isn’t solely performing; it also allows you to sell clips and pictures of yourself at a reasonable price. Most people who come here are looking for free shows, which is why many overlook this website. However, if you know how to keep the audience entertained, everything will be more accessible.

Is CamSoda safe?


There is a privacy policy that CamSoda takes incredibly seriously. The website allows geo-blocking so you can specify any state or country you don’t want to show up in.  You can block any user from sending you messages if they get inappropriate or you feel uncomfortable or for any reason at all. As far as payments go, be rest assured you’ll be paid on time.

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What is required to become a Camsoda model?

Like in many other websites, there aren’t too many things required to start performing on Camsoda. All you need is a computer device, a webcam, and access to the internet. That’s it! However, since the website is mostly for selling videos and photos, we recommend having a device capable of taking high-quality media so you can start profiting from it as much as possible.

How does Camsoda manage payments?

Now, this is the most intricate part of it all. Many people want to start getting paid as soon as they start, but they don’t look up for how payments are managed in those websites. That doesn’t have to be a problem anymore, though. Camsoda pays models 55% of their earnings, not as high as in other websites, but is still useful. Also, you get to withdraw your earnings once a week! is your new favorite Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok bio link. All the premium features, one low cost per month. Use coupon code CMA for 75% off forever. That’s $1/month!

Why should you use Camsoda?

Camsoda is a good website for double-dipping (performing in two or more websites simultaneously). It has many drawbacks, but many perks come if you know how to use it correctly. Most people don’t like getting only 55% of their earnings, but many other things make Camsoda a great choice to start making money out of their performance. Let’ see:

  • You can get started with the necessary equipment. Everyone can become a cam model regardless of their identity, ethnicity, race, or background. All you need is a computer, a webcam, and access to the internet. That’s it! You’ll be performing in no time.
  • You can do more than just performing. If you think you’re not making too much of your shows, then it’s a good idea to start selling your pictures and videos. Most models do this as a second source of income because pictures and videos are evergreen content, meaning that they’ll keep making money for you even when you’re sleeping.
  • You will get paid on time. This is a benefit that comes with most cam sites. Camsoda pays their models weekly, though!
  • You won’t get banned for no reason. Many models complain about getting banned from certain websites for no reason at all. However, that’s something that won’t happen when you start performing on Camsoda. Remember to read the guidelines so you can make sure everything is okay!

To learn more about CamSoda and read our full review and overview of the platform for models, click here. To sign up for CamSoda and start earning right now, click here.

More information about CamSoda:

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