How To Make Money as a Sissy

A “sissy” was the last thing a guy wanted to be called a generation or two ago when society more firmly delineated gender roles.

It meant that he was a pitiful weakling – a failure to be manly at a time when masculinity was the ultimate objective for all guys.

In today’s atmosphere, though, when masculinity is perceived as more poisonous and dangerous than noble and heroic, some men are going out of their way to earn the right to be dubbed a sissy.

A sissy isn’t “truly” a woman; he’s a male who volunteers to have his masculinity eroded, knowing that if he doesn’t go too far in physically modifying himself, he can always reverse the process.

He’s not looking for his “real” gender identity, and he’s undermining it for the sexual delight that erotic humiliation provides.

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How To Make Money as a Sissy

Selling Nude Photographs

Do you adore your physique and enjoy showing it off to others? So, why not be compensated for it? The internet is teeming with naked photographs that you may view for free!

But, whether it’s because clients want to feel something was made just for them, or because they have a connection with a certain model, or even because they want to financially support someone whose photographs they admire, selling nude photos online is a huge business.

You may sell plain naked photographs, or you could be more creative with your content. You may even take requests, such as photographing yourself in a specific stance or with a specific sex item.

A platform you can get started on right away is Loyalfans. With a healthy population of sex workers and fans already on the website, it’s easy to get started finding and securing fans, even if you don’t have an existing audience.


You may get paid to sext with strangers online if you have a good command of the English language. What’s the advantage?

If you don’t want to go on camera or display your face or body, you don’t have to. The amount of money you may make from sexting and filthy online chatting is determined by how much time you are willing to devote to it.

There are two methods to sext for money: do it alone or work through a sexting platform. The benefit of being independent, utilizing apps is that you keep 100% of your revenue, with no mediator taking it apart.

It’s also difficult to acquire paying clients, and you’ll need to consider payment solutions that don’t jeopardize your identification.

Working with a sexting firm simplifies advertising and money collecting. However, it also implies that the site will take a big portion of the money you earn.

Video Course to Get Started Selling Dick Pics Online

Most people still believe there are gatekeepers in every industry.

The internet has made the role of producer, talent agent, and recruiter null and void.

Now, you can go from being an amateur to a professional, earning thousands of dollars and more a month and not having to pay anything to anyone.

And I’m going to show you how.

Selling Your Secondhand Underwear

As strange as it may sound, there is a market for this kind of stuff. Sissies all across the world are selling their worn panties for cash.

They put on underpants, leave them on for a few hours, and even make a mess of them before posting them on several websites dedicated to these exchanges.

There are several internet markets dedicated to this desire. Sofia Gray, Sniffer, and AllThingsWorn are the most popular.

If you have a considerable following, you may interact with potential clients on social media and fetish sites, but the large markets are usually the best choice for newcomers.

Sell Feet Pics

One of the most frequent obsessions is a foot fetish. Foot lovers will pay $5 to $20, and often much more, for images and films of their feet.

Models who sell foot images claim monthly earnings ranging from $100 to more than $1,000.

The kind of requests you’ll receive will vary. Some fetishists will want to see you flaunting your feet and maybe wriggling your toes.

Others will want to watch you wearing high heels, walking on items, painting your nails, and even licking your toes! It would be best to decide what is acceptable to you and how far you are willing to go.

You may use any adult material-selling website or social media channels like Twitter and Instagram to interact with foot aficionados.

However, be cautious about the hashtags you use because Instagram doesn’t allow explicit content, a secret Snapchat account to connect with fetish sites like Fetlife.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to look after your feet and keep them clean, neat, and attractive. Your shoe and nail polish budgets may increase as well!

Loyalfans has a huge audience of feet lovers. You can get your start there right away.

Make Videos

The demand for naked photographs is enormous, but guess what works even better? Videos that were produced by hand.

This doesn’t have to imply pornography, but you may go there if you want to. Many sissies have amassed a sizable recurring income by sending out daily films to paying subscribers.

Individuals are prepared to pay a premium for access to private content from their favorite content providers, and the number of people eager to do so is rising.

Sissies may use homemade videos to produce money in a variety of ways. Sites like Clips4Sale allow you to sell your handmade porn clips. Using sites like Extra Lunch Money or Cameo, you can even sell bespoke videos.

Sissy Porn

The adult entertainment business’s peak is the pornographic industry. It’s a multibillion-dollar business combining celebrity, glamour, infamy, and a sex-filled profession.

However, the reality of working in sissy porn differs from what you may expect from watching films on your favorite video-sharing site!

A typical sissy porn star’s career is full of highs and lows, not just in terms of earnings but also social prestige.

A sissy porn actress may earn thousands of dollars for performing what comes naturally in front of the camera, but obtaining work is difficult, the hours are long, and a thorough vetting procedure is necessary. Many professions in the porn industry don’t need you to strip naked in front of the camera.

The sissy porn industry is also a wonderful way to promote yourself. Many sissy porn stars utilize their on-screen presence to build a fan base that they may monetize through extra business ventures.

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How To Become A Sissy

Becoming a sissy needs both physical and mental transformations. Cross-dressing, leg-crossing, wearing makeup, and sitting down to urinate are all part of the physical metamorphosis.

It also entails adopting typically feminine demeanors such as dainty walking, arching your back, and swishing your hips. The psychological transition entails the destruction of one’s male identity.

He is strictly advised to obtain sexual fulfillment through prostate stimulation rather than penile stimulation. He is taught how to attain “sissygasms” by either sitting on dildos or being fucked in the ass.

And suppose you’re a sexually confident and open person who doesn’t mind baring all on the internet. In that case, there are various options for you to make some additional money in the digital sex market.


There are many ways to make money as a sissy, but it is all a matter of how far you are willing to go.

Before you start, you will have to consider everything it takes to become a sissy in the first place. It would help if you also thought about how much of yourself you’re willing to put out there,

Once you have decided what you’re comfortable with and what you want to stay away from, you’re ready to take on everything it takes to become a sissy and make money.

No industry or platform is off-limits for sissies, especially those who fully embrace being a sissy and practice to become good at it. You can easily make thousands a month as a sissy.

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