Kickstart Your FinDom Career: Best Websites to Find Paypigs

Last updated on March 27, 2023

Paypigs want to give you money in exchange for humiliation, degradation, or simply bending down to whatever the lady wants.

Some would argue that a paypig relationship is not a sugar-baby connection. While the glitz is gone, this is still a financial arrangement.

Have you ever wondered how to locate a paypig? It’s all about fully knowing the culture and surrounding yourself with people that want to be a part of it!

Finding a paypig used to be a lot of work. With the rise of social media, you may now construct a great Instagram account and attract guys in your bio who are hungry for financial dominance.

The problem is that you’ll have to screen out many broke wannabes. You know the sort, those who have the desire but lack the funds to follow through.

The other option is to look for money pig websites, and the good news is that we’ve got you covered!

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Loyalfans is a subscription-based adult entertainment website where you may find fans who will pay you monthly to see or watch your material.

Possibly one of the most popular venues for sharing sexual stuff. It is a platform that has helped many adult video makers make a lot of money when discussing sites where adult content producers may make money from their posts through subscriptions and direct payments from their followers.

Loyalfans provide the content creator 80 percent of what they make on their networks and take 20 percent. This is due to maintenance, research, hosting, development, affiliates, and various other factors.

You may earn money on Loyalfans by selling single photographs and picture sets, clipping them, posting tips, referral programs, voice messages, monthly subscriptions, and personal requests through messaging.

Loyalfans will pay you 5% for the new model for the rest of your life. In addition, if a buyer views your page first and then signs up, you will receive a portion of whatever money they spend on other models.

To learn more about Loyalfans and read a full overview and review of the platform, click here. If you’re interested in joining Loyalfans, click here to sign up and start getting paid for your content today.

For more information about Loyalfans:


FetLife also has a proactive findom group. Although not as user-friendly as online dating services, FetLife is an excellent option to become active in the FetLife community.

Making a free account on FetLife is simple, quick, and cost-free. You’ll select to transfer a member profile picture or two and begin inspecting down the interest, in this case, findom.

When you join one of the findom-affiliated groups, you will not be fed algorithmic matches, but you will be able to connect with other community members.

You can do some outreach, make some promises, and you will find your paypig. The main advantage of FetLife is the big number of members, which provides you with many men and women to interact with and pick from.

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Local Findom

LocalFindom’s findom website follows the less is more principle. Establish a username and join up using an email address, and you’ll be able to browse the numerous chat rooms.

It functions more like a personal website than a dating service, with distinct local postings based on nation and location.

Establish a profile and begin scanning the postings, with numerous paypigs from worldwide utilizing the site daily.

Some locations have a greater number of users than others, with the United States having one of the largest communities on the site.

Because the website is free to use, there are generally a lot of paypig profiles on it, so you should be able to discover a few possibilities here.

Of course, because it’s a free site, there will be some fraudulent profiles, albeit this is more likely among the financial domme accounts than the subs.

This implies that if you spend some time conversing with any paypig profiles you come across, you have a decent possibility of developing a findom dynamic with someone.

While there aren’t many options, such as video chat or live cam shows, you may communicate with people and request most payment kinds, including direct payments via PayPal and other cash applications.

Because there are no fees or commissions to pay on our website, you retain all of the money you make through paypigs.

Affluent Meet

Affluent Meet is an enchanting service where individuals attempt to match financial doms with sugar daddies and paypigs.

Because of their demands and desires for a relationship based on monetary exchange, the two urge members to become completely honest and powerful.

This should make it a decent website for finding a findom relationship; men and women interested in the fetish will openly state so in their account.

Create a page on complete satisfy appealing cost-free and anonymously, so you can look around and see what other customers have to offer.

After you’ve set up your accounts, you’ll need to create a page detailing how much money you’ll need to spend each month.

If you’re concerned about your comfort, full contact does not necessitate displaying images of your face on your profile.

You’ll be able to do a Google search and filter across associate types to identify clients contemplating findom.

Pay pigs must pay out to content users, but findommes can share content for free. This makes the website an excellent option for findommes hoping to find one or more cash pigs.


Duno approaches their findom platform in a social media-like manner. On this site, you create a user profile to gain followers from paypigs who use the site, similar to how social networking sites work.

You may use this profile to promote your findom services, with any paypig able to comment on your articles.

For example, you may post a photo of yourself looking for a submissive paypig, and anyone interested could contact you.

This is best accomplished through the site’s different forums, which work similarly to a Facebook or Twitter homepage.

You may explore numerous areas of findom here, such as a fashion forum where you can meet paypigs who wish to purchase costly clothes or attractive lingerie.

As a female domme, your profile displays on the active user page, so any paying pigs that come should be able to locate you quickly.

You may also boost your rating by authenticating your profile and growing your following. Essentially, the more active you are on the site the better established you become, making it easier to attract good paypigs who would lavish you with presents and money.

Casual Star

If you want to keep 100% of your findom profits, you should look into CasualStar. This findom site allows female dommes to keep 100% of their profits from the website, which means more money from each paypig you find!

Selling photographs, movies, and other content is just one of the services available to help you generate money from your subscription.

This means you could sell films of yourself spending their money, trying on items purchased with their money, or dominating them into relinquishing financial power over text.

You can send free messages to paypigs, which is a terrific way to get started with findom roleplaying, and there are no daily message restrictions.

Because there is limitless texting, the site attracts many paypigs, both long-term paypigs and those inquisitive about the fetish.

CasualStar also provides safe payment ways through all of the most popular payment systems, including PayPal, making it simple to receive paid from your subscribers!

To get started being a findom, sign up for Loyalfans here. After you’ve verified your account, you can easily start earning money within hours with the right promotions. If you’re just getting started with sex work, our Gumroad has low-cost and free training to get you from $0 to the top 1%. To learn more about being a findom, here are more articles for you to explore: