How to Make More Money on Streamate

A side hustle is always good to earn some extra money. If there is a job that’s easy, fun, and profitable is being a webcam performer. Webcam performers can earn a lot of money after building a good reputation among the audience; some of them even become famous pornstars. Believe it or not, people spend a lot of money on adult content, including webcam models and porn. Live sex shows are especially attractive to many.

Choosing a cam site to start your career is a bit difficult. However, Streamate is one of the best options you can choose to complete that task. This is a website that welcomes everyone, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation; therefore, you can find models of all kinds performing here all the time.

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Completing the registration process on Streamate is easy. After some hours, you’ll be ready to perform. Remember that you must be of legal age (+18) if you want to become a webcam performer.

There are many ways you can use to make money on Streamate. For today’s article, we’re going to teach you all the ways you have available for making money on Streamate so you can save some time doing research.

Basic payment information about Streamate

Streamate uses a unique payment system. There are many potentials, but it’s a bit difficult telling you exactly how much you are going to earn from the shows because each model’s experience is different. The first thing you should have in mind is that Streamate models only get 35% of the revenue share for their live shows.

This percentage is lower than most camming sites, but Streamate is still a good option for camming. Performing is not the only thing you can do here; you can also sell clips, take advantage of the website’s many partnerships, and many other things so you can maximize your earnings and become a successful webcam model in little time.

How much does a Streamate model make?

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It’s a bit difficult to answer this question. Top models can make more than $3,000 per month, but that’s something no one is sure of. All the income you earn from Streamate is performance-based, which means that the more you perform, the more money you’ll get.

Since selling evergreen content is possible on Streamate, you get various possibilities to earn money, even when you’re sleeping. Many people don’t take the adult entertainment industry seriously to make money, even if they consume it every day. The truth is that this is a very profitable business if you know how to manage it. Keep on reading to find out how you can increase your earnings on Streamate.

Earning money on Streamate by performing Adult Webcam Shows

Streamate is a camming site, which means most of your income will come from performing. There are multiple types of shows you can do on Streamate. Some of them will make you earn more than others, but all of them will be charged by the minute. Each show can be either premium or exclusive, but first, let’s learn about the type of shows you can perform on Streamate:

  1. Pay-per-minute shows: This is the leading type of show on this website. When someone requests this type of show from you, you get to set the rate for it. You can perform for multiple people or just one person.
  2. Block Sessions: These sessions are basically discounts you can make available for a determinate timeframe. You are not obligated to offer them in any way, but it’s nice to do it once in a while so you can earn more customers quickly.
  3. Gold Shows: If you want to make sure everyone is going to pay for watching your show, Streamate allows models to perform gold shows. Everyone that wants to enter a gold show must pay for the entry. However, only qualified models can offer Gold Shows.

All the mentioned shows can be either premium or exclusive.

  • Premium: Premium shows are available for everyone, and they can join at any time. All people watching your premium show will be charged by the minute. The show will end once everyone leaves the room.
  • Exclusive: Exclusive shows are available only for a selected group or individual. The rate for this show is higher than regular premium shows because you’re giving personalized attention to the customer.

Earning money on Streamate by selling clips

Besides performing, you can also sell your clips on Streamate. When you go to the admin area, you’ll see the option for uploading videos available at any time. Videos can be either for promo or exclusive. After you upload the videos, you set the price, and members must pay for it if they want to see it. Keep in mind that you will earn only 50% of the revenue from selling your videos.

Cammodels Referral Program

Like most camming sites, Streamate has a referral program available. When you’ve completed the registration process, a Cammodles link will be assigned to you. No, you’re not working for a shady website; Cammodel is another cam site from the same company that runs Streamate, so the model catalog is precisely the same.

However, there’s a trick: if you get someone to register on Cammodels using your link, you will get 25% of the revenue that person generates on the website. You will get the same percentage even if that person does not spend money on you!

ModelCentro and Pornhub Integration

Streamate has available multiple ways for you to attract more audience to your shows. One of those is the ModelCentro integration. ModelCentro is a platform that allows webcam models to build their own websites. It’s incredibly easy to use it, and there are tons of perks, including fan clubs, selling media (photos and videos), and so much more. When you use the ModelCentro integration, you’ll be able to perform on both websites simultaneously. A link to your ModelCentro profile will be added to your Streamate profile.

PornHub makes things even easier for everyone. When you signup for the website’s Verified Amateur Program, you must register using your Streamate nickname. After they verify it, all the information you’ve put in your Streamate profile will be displayed on Pornhub. Users from this famous porn website will know when you’re performing.

Why use Streamate?

Streamate is an excellent option for camming. Even if the revenue share isn’t that high, you can still trust that your privacy will be safe. The website has many geo-blocking features available so that you can block any location you don’t want in your profile.

Besides many options for privacy control, Streamate makes it easier for models to promote themselves. By using the ModelCentro and Pornhub integrations, you have tons of people in your shows guaranteed.

It’s also possible to make your Streamate profile only available for paid members. If you want to make sure everyone that comes to your show is going to pay you, you can turn on this option!

Cam-splitting is also possible on Streamate. With the correct software, you can go public on multiple websites to get more customers in little time. Private sessions will get you more money in the long run!