Is Streamate Safe and Legit?

Last updated on March 27, 2023

There are thousands of camming sites you can choose from to start performing. Just as there are many shady cam websites, you can find some good camming sites like Streamate, where you can start performing at any time without any problems. Most of the shows here are private, which makes it possible for you to take as much advantage as possible from the website right from the start.

What is Streamate?

Streamate is one of the most popular websites for people that want full control of their privacy. Since privacy is one of the main concerns for people who would like to become webcam performers, Streamate makes sure they’re earning money while capable of geoblocking specific cities, states, or even countries! Your family and friends will never find out about your cam modeling career if you don’t want them to.

Is Streamate safe?

Absolutely. There is a privacy policy that Streamate takes incredibly seriously. The website allows geo-blocking so you can specify any state or country you don’t want to show up in.  You can block any user from sending you messages if they get inappropriate or you feel uncomfortable or for any reason at all. As far as payments go, be rest assured you’ll be paid on time.

What is required to become a Streamate model?

You don’t need too much stuff to get started, and everyone can quickly become a Streamate model if they have a computer device, a good webcam, and an internet connection. There are some extras that are always good to have, like sex toys and particular outfits, but you can take care of that later or use your creativity to make your shows more entertaining without needing too much stuff!

How does Streamate manage payments?

Streamate is recommended for newbies, mostly. People don’t earn as much as they would in other websites, but it’s still an excellent place to start. Models get only a small portion of their earnings, but they can withdraw any sum they have available once a week. Models get only 30% of their earnings if they choose to perform on Streamate.

Don’t worry, Streamate is actually an excellent website, and we’ll explain everything about it in the next section!

Why should you use StripChat?

Streamate is an excellent option for beginners that want to take full control of their privacy. Most of the viewers you can find here are willing to pay for private shows, and many settings make your experience even more fabulous. Once you try it, you’ll want to stay here for a while until you find another website or feel more comfortable with your webcam modeling career. Let’s see the perks:

  • It’s easy to start. All you need to do is register, submit everything they ask you, and then they’ll start a verification process. After they’re done with your profile, you can start performing. It’s easy!
  • You get paid only a small fraction of your earnings, but you have total control of your privacy in exchange. That means there will be no strange encounters with friends or family members. You can choose what locations you would like to block from viewing your shows. Also, if you want, you can make your profile only visible for paid members!
  • You will get paid on time. All these websites are trustable, so you can trust you will have your money every time it is time to get paid, with no delays.

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