How to Make More Money on Chaturbate


Chaturbate is one of the leading camming websites on the internet. It has everything any model, fan, or affiliate could ask for, including excellent traffic, useful features, and high revenue share. It has a great community, and it’s possible to see new models getting started every day.


  • One of, if not the most popular cam sites online
  • Everyone 18+ can perform on the site
  • Can view cams for free, models can also go private with fans
  • Apps & bots models can use to enhance their room experience

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There are many models out there, making a lot of money just by performing a few hours a day on Chaturbate. However, besides just the shows, you can use tons of ways to improve your performance and start earning more money from your adult modeling career.

When you start performing on Chaturbate, you should know the goal is to obtain as many tokens as you can from your viewers. That’s why a lot of charisma and effort are required to give your fans a good show.

So you can perform better on Chaturbate, first, let’s give you some tips:

Get some adequate gear

You can start performing with just your hands, that’s possible and effortless. However, you can spice things up if you get some nice sex toys from Chaturbate’s store, for example. There are particular sex toys, like vibrators, that react to the sound of receiving a tip. There are others that can be remotely controlled by another person, and these are not the only sex toys you have available to make things even more exciting. There are many cheap options, so don’t hesitate to take a look at them!

Use decent devices + a good internet connection

Many people turn down webcam shows because the streamer has a bad internet connection, and the result is a laggy show. You want to avoid that at all costs. You don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars on a laptop or a camera, but it’s recommended to have at least a laptop or desktop computer with 4GB of RAM and an i3 processor. However, you should know that your stream will have better quality depending on the quality of the devices you’re using, as well as how good your internet connection is.

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Get to know all of Chaturbate’s features

Chaturbate has a ton of features that makes models’ lives easier. You should get in touch with them so you can make the most of your webcam performing career right from the start. To give you an example, Chaturbate has available apps and bots that you must take advantage of in order to deliver high-quality shows.

Set up your chat room

You have control over your stream’s chat room. This article lets you know how to set up your chat room with apps and bots so you can keep attention on everyone, especially those who regularly send you tokens!

Don’t stick to performing only

If you want to make the most of your adult performing career, then you should know that only performing will make things a bit slow. You can sell pictures and videos on Chaturbate, but also can take advantage of other websites like OnlyFans in order to squeeze as much juice as you can from this job. We’ll explain this more in the next section.

More tips to make the most of your cam performing career on Chaturbate

There are many ways you can use to improve your webcam modeling career besides the basics. These tips are not strictly necessary for you to improve, but they will help you a lot. Let’ see:


Unlike the idea most people have in mind about cam shows, there are some that don’t involve sexual acts actively. Of course, those shows are appealing, but teasing can be fun for some people as well! First of all, you must let your audience know what you’re willing to do so they know what to expect from your show.

You can get creative and put on some sexy clothes. Then, you can start setting up tip goals for individual acts, like flashing your boobs. Don’t exaggerate with the tip goals; you need to be realistic. Otherwise, people will overlook you, and this is precisely what you want to avoid. Apps and bots were made for this purpose.

Work as a team

This is something most performers don’t know, but it’s great to become friends with fellow models when you’ve just started. If you can get them to see your shows and tip each other, you can incite your viewers to tip as well. Many guys find it hot when girls interact with each other, especially on camming sites.

Get someone to have sex with on camera.

You probably already know this, but people enjoy a lot of live sex shows. Don’t be afraid of having sex in the camera, it’s actually very profitable and will make you gather more fans in the long run. It doesn’t have to be all the time, and if you’re worried about your privacy, you can always choose which cities, states or countries you want to block. Remember that in Chaturbate, you have total control of your privacy.

Take advantage of games and apps.

Games and Apps are features you can use to improve your chat rooms. These are available for everyone, but you can try different ones until you find out which ones the audience likes the most. It’s a fun way to keep the chatbox interesting and not bidimensional.

Peep Shows!

Just like having sex in front of the camera, you don’t have to do peep shows all the time. You can set up your boots, so they send a password to the viewers who tipped. When you reach your tip goal, all the viewers that didn’t send tips will not be able to see your show. Only those with the password will have access to your room.

Be Constant

The key to being a successful webcam performer is to be perseverant. All the popular webcam girls you see on the front page of any website, including Chaturbate, perform every day. You must do the same if you want to be in the same place as them! Get to know your audience, and let them know you as well. If they like you, they will very likely start following you. Chaturbate sends emails when a broadcaster you’re following starts performing. This way, gathering people to see your shows will be easier!

Take Advantage of Chaturbate’s Features

You are free to customize your profile as much as you want. It’s not complicated. There are certain things you can do on Chaturbate besides just performing. The list includes:

Access to your social media

Many models sell access to their social media for a specific amount of tokens. For example, to give your followers access to your Snapchat account, you can set a special price for it. Other people like to give access to more personal media, like your WhatsApp. Still, if you don’t want to make your phone number public, there are many alternatives, like Telegram or the already mentioned Snapchat. Use whatever works best for you!

Sell Photos and Videos

We’ve already told you this, but Chaturbate lets you sell photos and videos for tokens. It’s a fantastic feature that makes you able to earn money even when you’re sleeping. Videos and pictures are evergreen content, so they will never get old, and there will always be people interested in purchasing it. See the next point to see what else you can do with this!

Sell Exclusive Content

Many webcam models sell exclusive content through subscription websites, like OnlyFans. It’s never a bad idea to have multiple options to earn more money, but when you’ve just started, this will likely not work as you want. However, after you have a well-established fan base and a good number of followers, there will be a whole new world of possibilities available for you! Make sure to include the link for your OnlyFans account in your Chaturbate profile.

Post Your Amazon Wish List

If you have particular stuff you want, you can post your Amazon Wish List. If you’re lucky, sometimes your followers will buy you different things. Most of the time, you don’t know who purchased it, but be sure to thank them anyway through your socials!

Perform on Other Website

In case you didn’t know, “double-dipping” is a feature that most camming sites have available. This makes you able to perform on two different websites at the same time. Some cam sites don’t allow it, some do. You can perform on Chaturbate while simultaneously taking care of your viewers on other websites, like LiveJasmin or BongaCams (which are great options to get started as well).

Who makes more money on Chaturbate?

It’s hard to answer this question, but overall, this list will give you an idea of who’s earning the most on this website:

  1. Couples are currently earning more than solo-performing people. There can be same-sex couples, but the most common thing to find are straight ones. Threesomes are welcome too!
  2. Females are the second highest-earning category on Chaturbate. Their performance tends to be better than anyone else, except for the couples.
  3. Males aren’t that profitable on Chaturbate, but they can earn a reasonable sum each month too. Particular male models do better shows than most females. However, most of the time, their viewers are gay men.
  4. Transsexual/Transgender people are welcome on Chaturbate, but they don’t have too much success.

To learn more about Chaturbate and read a full overview and review of the platform, click here. If you’re interested in joining Chaturbate, click here to sign up and start earning money today.

More information about Chaturbate:


Chaturbate is one of the leading camming websites on the internet. It has everything any model, fan, or affiliate could ask for, including excellent traffic, useful features, and high revenue share. It has a great community, and it’s possible to see new models getting started every day.






  • One of, if not the most popular cam sites online
  • Everyone 18+ can perform on the site
  • Can view cams for free, models can also go private with fans
  • Apps & bots models can use to enhance their room experience

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