Como se tornar um modelo da Streamate

Streamate is a new camming site with many fresh features. It has excellent traffic, and becoming a model on this website is as easy as registering for any other site. Building your webcam modeling career on Streamate is very easy, and the website accepts everyone with no distinctions.

Se você estiver interessado em becoming a Streamate model, then you should skip all the research you would do around the web and stay with us for a while. In this article, we’ll explain all the crucial details about Streamate. This information will be useful during your journey, so let’s start!

Quick Facts about Streamate

Sabemos o que está acontecendo no setor de criadores de conteúdo!

Embora muitas análises, guias ou informações apresentadas on-line sejam provenientes da perspectiva de um modelo, afiliado ou fã, nosso conhecimento resulta do trabalho individual com centenas de criadores. De modelos de câmeras a dominantes financeiros, temos um conhecimento profundo do que você precisa. camada adicional de verificação de fatos que só vem com a experiência.

Você está se juntando aos milhares de leitores diários que vêm aqui para aprender Como você pode começar e ganhar mais como um criador.

Interessado em comprar legendas Você tem pacotes, scripts e outros recursos para ajudar sua empresa? você tem cobertura.


  • Clients can request multiple services from you. Of course, the website’s central premise is webcam shows, but you can still sell other things on your profile, like clips.
  • Models can earn up to 50% of their earnings. However, when you’ve just started, you’re going to earn only 35%.
  • Streamate has multiple options for shows available, so if you’re not into public shows, it’s not hard to find customers willing to pay for private sessions. Besides that, group and gold shows are possible. These are explained below.
  • You can make your shows more interesting by using Kiiroo interactive brinquedos sexuais!
  • Cashouts are possible every week, and the minimum payout is $20. The cashout options include checks (only for USA residents), ACH or Direct Transfer, Wire, and Paxum.
  • If you were to face chargeback issues, the site completely covers it for you.
  • There are many geo-blocking and other privacy settings you can take advantage of.
  • Cam-splitting is available!

What do you need to become a Streamate model?

Becoming a Streamate model is incredibly easy. For starters, you must be of legal age (+18); otherwise, the website will reject you immediately. All new models are requested to submit a digital copy of their ID to have their identities verified. After you’ve passed the process, you can start performing, but there are things you must have so you can have things under control:

  1. You’ll need a computer device, of course. Streamate isn’t as imperative as other cam sites, you will only be required 128 MB of RAM, but most computers nowadays have much more than that. At least 3 GB of RAM is recommended to broadcast smoothly, as well as an i7 processor. The Streamate software can only be used on updated Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.
  2. A webcam is the most crucial requirement. It would be great if you could purchase an HD one, but any other webcam will work decently. Make sure it has a built-in microphone, or use another device to make sure your viewers will hear you.
  3. Of course, you’ll need a good internet connection. Overall, the bare minimum for camming sites is 1.5 Mbps, but the quality of your stream will be better if your upload speed is higher.
  4. Streamate will request you to upload a photo upon completing registration. Make sure you upload a good shot!

After you’ve gathered all the requirements, you’re all set-up and ready to start performing.

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How much do Streamate models earn?

Telling you how much you’re going to earn from Streamate is a bit difficult, especially on a website that only lets you keep 35% of the revenue. However, not everything is bad, and it’s possible to earn more money on Streamate by selling clips! Models get more dinheiro vendendo clips than with performing. You get to keep 50% of your earnings for each video you sell.

Also, a referral program is available on Streamate. It’s a win-win situation where both the client and the model get different bonuses depending on the customer’s actions. Even if they spend money on someone else, part of it will come to you.

Você está procurando um maneira mais fácil de ganhar mais dinheiro?

Ter novas ideias de conteúdo todos os dias é um saco. Pare de fazer brainstorming de novas ideias diariamente e invista em soluções prontas para você melhorar seus negócios, aumentar seus assinantes e ganhar mais dinheiro.

👉🏾 Compre agora no e encontre pacotes de legendas, scripts, e-books e cursos em vídeo.

Como os modelos Streamate são pagos?

Streamate models can request their money weekly. Keep in mind that you can only withdraw money if you have at a minimum of $20. Otherwise, they will stay there, and you’ll have to wait until the next week to process the cashout. There are multiple cashout methods, which include checks and wire (only for USA residents), or FirstchoicePay and Paxum (for international models).

Como Ganhar Dinheiro com Streamate

There are multiple ways to make money on Streamate. Your main source of income will be the cam shows, but there are other ways that you can use to maximizar seus ganhos. First, let’s get to know all the different shows you can do on Streamate.

Different Types of Shows

Pay-per-Minute Shows

These are the standard shows on Streamate. AS the name suggests, the customer pays you for every minute you spend with them. You get to set the prices, and you get to choose to make these shows either premium or exclusive, depending on what you want.

Sessões em bloco

These are timeframes where members can purchase content from you at discounted rates.

Shows de Ouro

You can do a gold show if you want to make sure everyone that comes in will pay. All members must pay before joining it. However, keep in mind that your profile must have a qualification so you can start doing gold shows.

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You can make your shows either Premium or Exclusive.

Most paid members can become part of your premium shows, and they all will be charged for the price you’ve set. The show will be over once everyone is gone.

Exclusive shows are another story. These are only available for the customer who requested it, and the rates are usually higher than the premium ones. Many people prefer exclusive shows because the model focuses entirely on them, even if it costs them more money.

Vender vídeos

Most models on Streamate not only make money out of their shows but also from selling videos. You can upload two kinds of videos, promos, and premium videos that are only available for members that pay for them. As we’ve mentioned, models get 50% of all the money their videos generate.

Get referrals!

Referrals are available right from the start. Cammodels is another website, but it’s the same company that runs Streamate. However, if a new visitor comes from your Cammodels link, then you’ll receive 25% of revenue share, no matter what they spend money on.

Streamate has many other things to offer

Streamate is a good website for camming. There are other features you should know about, including:

Interactive Sex Toys: Kiiro

“Tip to Vibe” is a prominent feature in most cam shows. These brinquedos sexuais make everything more interesting for you and your viewers. Interactive shows are more profitable than regular ones.

Partnership with Pornhub

It’s possible to get more viewers. Streamate works with PornHub, and you can sign up for Pornhub’s Verified Amateur Program with your Streamate nickname. After they’ve verified your profile, all the information you’ve entered on your Streamate profile will be displayed on Pornhub, and users from that website will be able to see your profile and know when you’re online.

More privacy features than any other camming site

Streamate allows you to take full control of your privacy. Not only it has excellent geo-blocking features, but it also allows you to make your profile only visible for paid members.

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