Review Of Look At Her Now

Do you like good or bad girls? Regardless of the answer, Look At Her Now shows girls who nail it at being both at the same time. You get to see good girls being whore-ish in hardcore scenes in a different context, from working at the office to working out in public.

Look At Her Now was first launched in 2019, and it quickly acquired popularity due to its unique premise. Unfortunately, this website does not receive updates on the main site anymore – it has been moved to Reality Kings, a website (mostly) dedicated to Reality Porn.

The good thing is that, even if Look At Her Now is not directly updated anymore, you’ll still get access to plenty of sites if you choose to subscribe to it. You’ll get access to one of the largest porn collections on the web – and what’s best, it gets updated regularly.

We’ll go through the good and bad aspects of Look At Her Now and whether it is worth it to subscribe to this site or if you should consider other alternatives.

What Is Look At Her Now?

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If you love innocent-looking girls, this site is for you. Look At Her Now features “good girls” acting like total sluts. The best part is that you get to see the transition from “cute girl” to “dirty slut.” It’s a cool premise that it’s not very popular in the porn industry.

Due to its premise, the website mostly features models in their 20s or early 20s. Thus, if you have a thing for teen porn, then Look At Her Now has the content you’ve been looking for. While it doesn’t receive updates anymore, the same genre has become a category within Reality Kings, so you can keep up with new content on that site. 

In summary, this website features innocent girls going wild. It is currently inactive, so it may not be the best option to subscribe to, but it’s a nice addition to your subscription to Reality Kings.

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Pros And Cons Of Look At Her Now

Look At Her Now is a website with an exciting premise. After all, what kind of men wouldn’t like to see innocent girls turning into total sluts? If that sounds exciting, then this site has the right content for you. Again, this website is currently inactive, as it was last updated in 2020. However, it is available as a bonus site for a Reality Kings subscription, along with more than a dozen sites. 

Here’s what’s remarkable and what you may not like about Look At Her Now:

It features unique hardcore porn. While most sites focus on the same scenes over and over, Look At Her Now “twists” the genre and makes it all seem refreshing. From MILFs getting fucked while cooking, or perhaps a teen being penetrated while she’s doing her makeup routine, this site sure has some of the best scenes you’ll ever see

✅ Impressive and professionally-looking HD scenes. The site has hot babes deepthroating and engaging in vaginal and anal sex, among many other hardcore-style porn scenarios. You can see their makeup running off their faces as they get fucked

It’s extremely easy to navigate through the website. You will be able to search through the tags, categories, and model index. You can also rate videos and include them in your “favorites” or “watch later” list, among a few other options

It’s a mobile-responsive site. You will be able to use them as you would in the desktop version on all your mobile devices

It’s a bonus site with your subscription to Reality Kings. Look At Her Now is one of the many websites that RK includes as part of their subscription deal. So, even if it’s inactive, you don’t have to feel forced to pay the full membership
This site is currently inactive. The last scene was uploaded in May 2020. Therefore, it may not be the best option to spend money on if you want to receive constant updates

There is little content available. The site features ONLY 53 scenes, and, again, it has not been updated in more than two years. Unsurprisingly, the subscription options have remained the same over the years, so it is as expensive as a full subscription to an active website

You can’t download anything. It has good content, as far as we can see, but none of it is downloadable. You can only stream what’s available. It doesn’t even offer the option to download content at an extra cost

It used to have more content. Apparently, the site used to have more content than what’s found right now. So, some of the videos are now inaccessible

No photo sets are available. While most porn sites offer photo sets along with their respective videos, this site only uploads audiovisual media

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Cost And Payment Options For Look At Her Now


We don’t recommend paying the full subscription to this site. As the site does not disclose whether you’ll have access to the rest of the platforms within the Reality Kings network, we recommend you subscribe to Reality Kings and get Look At Her Now as a bonus site with your membership.

Either way, the site allows you limited access for one dollar. You can also pay the subscription if you want. The pricing is as follows:

  • Monthly membership: 19.99 USD
  • Three-month membership: 49.99 USD
  • One-year membership: 89.99 USD

As of now, it is only possible to pay for your subscription via credit card. The platform accepts Mastercard, VISA, and many other companies. 

Site Design And Features


The site is quite minimalistic and features several tools that make the navigation quite comfortable. You’ll be able to find your way around the site within a few minutes of visiting it. It features a model index where you can see all the performers available (and their scenes), as well as a small bio with interesting information.

The site features categories, tags, and many other filters that can help you find the videos you want in a little time. Even if the site is abandoned at the moment, it is well-developed and allows you to navigate easily. It surely is one of the strongest aspects of Look At Her Now.

The members’ area is quite easy to use but doesn’t include any extra or remarkable features. The site is pretty much what you can see as a free (unregistered) member once you log in, except that you can now watch the videos available. So, it remains quite easy to use and navigate, even if it lacks several quality-of-life updates that many porn sites include at the moment.

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Does Look At Her Now have a download limit?

This website doesn’t allow downloads. Since it is inactive, it is very unlikely for it to allow downloads in the near future. All new updates are now moved to Reality Kings.

How often does Look At Her Now upload?

Look At Her Now does not upload new content anymore. You can find similar videos in Reality Kings, but not in the same style as on this website. It’s a shame that LAHN doesn’t upload new videos!

Is Look At Her Now worth it?

Not really. We recommend you subscribe to Reality Kings and get this site as part of your deal. The site doesn’t have new content since 2020.

What quality are the videos on Look At Her Now?

All videos are available in Full HD or HD.

Click here to start exploring the hottest scenarios online with Look At Her Now!

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