Exactly How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

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With more and more models making a full-time income on OnlyFans, it’s quickly become appealing to many adults. However, you may not be interested in becoming a full-time adult star and just want a supplemental income. Here’s how you can make money on OnlyFans without showing your face.

OnlyFans is one of the most popular fan clubs or premium social media platforms in the world. Content creators are able to monetize their photos, videos, audio files, and anything else they want to create for their biggest fans. It quickly became a household name in the early parts of 2020.

One of our clients doesn’t show her face on OnlyFans and this is a typical 24-hour period for her

We know what’s going on in the creator industry!

While many reviews, guides, or information presented online comes from the perspective of one model, affiliate, or fan, our knowledge stems from working one-on-one with hundreds of creators. From cam models to financial dominants, we have an added layer of fact-checking that only comes with experience.

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Do you have to show your face on OnlyFans?

You do not have to show your face on OnlyFans. There are plenty of models on the platform that are exclusively selling (on the adult side) body pictures catering to different niches.

Niche down

This is typical whether you show your face or not. Very few models are making money just from being beautiful. Niche down to your best assets and become a model accentuating whatever that is. Feet, butt, boobs, more niche fetishes, whatever it is you want to market yourself as that kind of model.

Use your words

Since you don’t have the same kind of “relationship” with your followers and someone who can talk face-to-face with them, you have to get creative with your words. Learn copywriting techniques for influencing your audience into spending their money.

Don’t use the same boring-ass headlines as every other content creator. Tell a story with your content to create the illusion of intimacy.

Self-promotion will make or break you

It may be uncomfortable at first, but you’re going to need to promote the hell out of your content. Get used to promoting on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, and any other website you can find that allows you to promote.

Don’t limit yourself to only posting pictures on social media. One of the best things you can do for your faceless OnlyFans is posting content on tube sites. That’s how my girlfriend went from a few hundred dollars a month to a few hundred dollars a day: she started uploading teaser videos on PornHub. Not only does she make money from the ads on PornHub but those viewers are more willing to pay her subscription fee.

It’s totally possible to be an OnlyFans model without showing your face and many content creators have done it and continue to do it. You just have to be creative with your content.

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Maybe you’re already on OnlyFans and are trying to grow your followers and subscribers. Perhaps you’re in the research phase and want to know everything you need before you get started.

Contrary to popular belief, OnlyFans is not as easy as uploading a few pictures and making six-figures. There is a real grind you have to commit to in order to get to that point.

Many of the stories of models signing up and making huge money in their first month already have an existing audience. They’ve either built up an Instagram or Twitter, have videos on sites like YouTube or Pornhub, or have been in the sex worker industry so have an existing clientele list. Anyone that signs up with no existing audience is an extreme outlier and “got lucky” going viral in some way.

Either way, we have you covered.

In this article we’ll teach you exactly how to grow your followers and subscribers on OnlyFans to skyrocket you straight to the top 1% and beyond. Some of these tactics are basic, others require a bit of prep-work but we promise you: the reward is worth it.

Imagine growing your free account to 10,000 raving fans ready to open and accept every private message you send. Launch your subscriber count into the triple and quadruple digits quickly.

First we’ll start with some free methods, followed by some paid methods, and lastly we’ll finish with methods that you may be morally or ethically against…

Let’s get started.

Promote on Your Social

Remember when we said some of these would be no-brainers? This is one of them, but you would be surprised how many new creators don’t have basic social media profiles for their performing names.

We’re talking Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, or YouTube. Not even all three. Just pick 1 and follow best practices for using them. Post daily, engage with your fans, and when you create your OnlyFans profile make sure you link out to it where you can.

But don’t put a direct link in your social profile!

Most platforms don’t want you linking to an adult platform, so you’re going to want to use either a link shortener (not recommended) or a tool like many.links. That way, you can link out to your other social profiles AND your OnlyFans, ManyVids, or any other platforms you’re on.

If you have your own website, feel free to plug that in, assuming that the website is safe-for-work. You don’t want to link directly to hardcore nudity or you could get your account disabled or banned.

Get followers on OnlyFans with OnlyFans Shout Outs

OnlyFans shout outs are when one model posts a link to another model’s page on their feed. This can be incredibly lucrative because those followers have already pulled out their wallet for one content creator. If you’re appealing to them, they may do the same for you.

This requires a bit of leg work on your end either networking with other content creators or simply paying.

If you have a similar amount of followers or subscribers as another influencer, a shout out for shout out (S4S) may work for you. This means that when they post your ad on their page, you post an ad for them on yours. This benefits both parties!

If you have fewer followers or subscribers, your best bet is paying other models for a shout out. The price for a shout out varies for each content creator. Keep in mind that followers do not equal subscribers. A follower may or may not have spent money and it’s free to follow anyone. Subscribers have spent money already and have a higher potential to spend money again.

Be cautious when buying shout outs. 🚩Red flags to look out for include

  • Accounts that aren’t content creators and only do promos
  • Any account that make promises of followers or subscribers
  • Accounts that reach out to you to do promos for a cost. If they reach out to you, they should be ready to pay or do a S4S

If an account reaches out to promote for free, still exercise caution but as long as it’s content you’ve already posted yourself, you should be good to go.

List Your Page on Model Directories

An easy way to get new followers and subscribers on autopilot is to submit your page to model directories. Model directories are ways for fans to search for new models based on different factors like what platform they’re on, their features, what they’re able to do, etc.

Typically a model directory is free or may charge a small fee to get listed.

ModelRecords.com is a great model directory you list your profile on. The submission form is found here and you’ll be listed within a day.


Reddit is an absolute gold mine when it comes to gaining followers. The problem we see a lot of models make is all they do is spam their OnlyFans link every chance they get. That’s a great way to get banned from subreddits and gain zero new subs.

Instead, start by simply posting your content. Not your OnlyFans content, not your OnlyFans content with emojis covering the vitals, and not your worst content either.

Give it some time before you even mention your OnlyFans unless someone asks you. When we’re working with clients, we post content daily for two weeks before pinning their OnlyFans link to their accounts. This allows members to start recognizing your content and start craving more from you.

Be sure to follow the rules from all the subreddits you’re posting to. Some allow NO seller accounts (accounts that have OnlyFans links), some allow it. In the sidebar of every subreddit are rules that you must follow until you’re popular enough to have your own subreddit. Then it’s money in the bank…

Social Shout Outs

Like OnlyFans shoutouts, social shoutouts are simply off the platform and on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or any other social network.

All the previously mentioned red flags are still in effect for social shout-outs. But for social, be extremely cautious about buying shout-outs.

It’s extremely easy to purchase fake followers and fake engagement on photos. Do your due diligence on any account if you plan on buying a shout-out from them.

Look at their followers to like ratio. Do they have 100k followers and less than 1k likes per photo? Bail.

Do they have 1k likes on a photo and only 3 comments? Runaway.

Do their comments seem natural or do they seem eerily similar, all saying the same few phrases or only using emojis? You know what to do.

Before making a purchase, reach out to some of their recently promoted models and ask them how their service was. Did they gain followers, fans, or subscribers? If not, don’t bother paying. It is simply a waste of money.

Work with an agency

Working with an agency like Cam Model Agency can help you out by taking all those promotional efforts that take time and offloading it to a crew that does it full-time. Imagine for a small monthly fee you have people working for you every single day promoting you and growing your account.

That’s where the magic happens.

For the most part, an OnlyFans promotional agency isn’t going to do anything you can’t do. For instance, we do all the methods talked about in this article to grow your account and charge $99 per month. If you’re charging $10 per month, you would only need us to generate 10 followers a month to make it worth it.

Then they add up next month!

Worst case scenario for getting new subscribers with an agency

The above image is a worse-case scenario where you only get 10 new subscribers a month and charge $10 a month. As you can see, just getting enough to pay for the service adds up every month.

Additionally, if you ever want to stop working with us, you can simply email us and let us know! No hard feelings, plus you have all the fans (they’re not going anywhere).

Live Streaming Apps or Adult Camming Sites

When you have the time, you can go live with your social media or join a webcam modeling website like Chaturbate, Camsoda Model, or BongaCams. All three of the webcam modeling sites listed above are great in their own right.

Doing something like Instagram live you can give your followers a sneak peak at upcoming content (make sure there’s no nudity). Behind the scenes things work incredibly well, as its like giving your fans a more human side to you and not just the sexy person they’ve been looking at for ages.

By live streaming, you have a chance to further increase the relationship you have with your fans. Better and more varied interaction = more attraction to you = more money for you.

You don’t have to commit to being a full-time webcam model by any means. But you will have a new way to find more fans by performing live. If you go to the front page of any of those websites you’ll see all kinds of girls, guys, and couples doing their thing. If you make it to the front page, that’s a gold mine for new subscribers.

Social Hijack Method

Now we’re getting into some of the less than noble acts that you can do to grow your OnlyFans.

Social hijacking is simple: you find models that you share similar attributes with and follow their followers. Follow the people that are liking, retweeting, and responding to their posts.

Be wary of commenting on their posts as they could easily block your account. At least by interacting with their fans off their page, they can’t see that right away.

Think about it: those people are heavily engaged with a person that looks similar to you. They may just give you a follow back and start spending their money on you as well!

Make sure you stick to other content creators that are similar to you, we can’t stress this enough. If you’re heavily tattooed, is it worth it to try and hijack a BBW’s followers? Sure, you may get some bites, but you’re better off looking for other tattooed models and interact with their fans.

The best part about this is, as long as you’re not commenting on their posts or liking comments that are left on their posts, there’s hardly any way they can find out and block you. And it’s super easy! If you spend 20 minutes a day, you can easily grow your followers and subscribers daily.

Dating Apps

Probably the worst way to grow your following, ethically. By creating an account on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc, you can file users to your social media. From there you can promote your OnlyFans to them.

We wanted to include this on the list not because we recommended it but so you’re aware this hardly works anymore. When the first few models started this years ago, it was incredibly successful. Nowadays users are keen on bot accounts & dating profiles that are created solely to get people to follow Instagrams or Snapchats.

Try it if you must, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

To learn more about OnlyFans and read a full overview and review of the platform, click here. If you’re interested in joining OnlyFans, click here to sign up and start earning money today.

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