Review of Erito (Real Uncensored Japanese Adult Content!)

The internet is full of websites that offer Asian porn, and Erito is one of the most popular websites in this category. Erito focuses specifically on Japanese porn. This site has been around for many years, and although it doesn’t have as much content as it used to have, it is still a nice site where you can find some hot Asian girls in steamy action.

So, while Erito has had better times, it is one of the top sites for Japanese porn there are available at the moment. What does this website have to offer, and how does it compare to similar porn sites around the web? Let’s find out together.

What is Erito?

Erito is a website where you can find Japanese porn. It used to have more than 3500 videos in the past, but the site decided to continue in a different direction, and now the number of movies you can access is quite limited.

As of now, Erito has only about 250 scenes (and counting). There are periodical updates all the time, so even if you run out of videos to watch, you can be sure that the platform will continue adding new content now and then.

The lack of movies is because Erito decided only to release “exclusive” scenes instead of focusing on non-exclusive ones. Thus, all the content available has excellent quality. There are different categories you can choose, which range from vanilla porn to hardcore and fetish scenes.

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A Stream-Only Site, Unless You Pay

Perhaps the biggest problem with this site is that it doesn’t allow members to download movies. You can only watch them while you’re logged onto the website unless you pay an extra fee – around $14.99. Perhaps it is a way of preventing their content from ending up on pirate free-tube sites, but it’s a big downside for people who like to collect porn. Other than that, the site is perfectly fine and has a very exciting experience available for you.

All girls featured are Japanese. While most of the time, they feature Japanese men, it’s also possible for the male performers to be black or Caucasian.

This site only allows you to watch videos. So, if you like photo galleries, maybe Erito is not the right site for you. Remember that you can only stream movies (which are only available in Japanese, and the site doesn’t provide English subtitles).

Uncensored Japanese Porn

Unlike the stereotype that may have led some people to believe, this website features uncensored Japanese porn. It is because Erito is a site for a Western audience, but it still tries to maintain that “Japanese” atmosphere that makes it feel like authentic Japanese porn.

You can stream the movies available in Erito in different qualities. You can choose between HD, 3K, or 4K UHD. The videos have an average length of around 20 minutes, so there are more than 90 hours of exclusive content at the moment.

You can find POV videos, BDSM, certain fetishes, and even bukkakes, cosplay, or gangbangs. There’s something for all preferences here.

Another drawback of this site is that, even if the website offers high-quality Japanese porn, it may not upload content too often. However, the speed at which they add new videos to the site seems to have increased after the pandemic. Perhaps the main “perk” of subscribing to this site is that you’ll get to watch scenes that can’t be found anywhere.

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Pros And Cons Of Erito

Erito is a website with tons of content to offer, even if the upload frequency is quite low. All videos have excellent quality, and there is a lot of variety, but it still falls back when if you compare it to other Japanese or Asian porn sites, like R18.

That said, here are the pros and cons of Erito:

🍙 You’ll get to watch uncensored Japanese porn. Thus, you will be able to see full scenes without disturbances

🍙 All scenes are available in the best quality possible, ranging from HD to 4K UHD

🍙 It has excellent user features, filters, and other tools that make navigating through the site quite easy

🍙 The network now uploads videos twice per week

🍙 All the content is EXCLUSIVE. It’s very unlikely for you to find these scenes on other websites
❌ Erito doesn’t have English subtitles. So, if you don’t know Japanese, you may not understand what the models are saying

❌ You’ll have to pay an extra fee to download videos, which happens to be quite pricey

❌ The site now only has a small fraction of all the content it used to have in the past.

❌ There isn’t any information available about the models

❌ Erito doesn’t offer bonus sites or similar extras with any of its current subscription options  

If you still would like to enjoy authentic uncensored Japanese porn, perhaps Erito can be a good website for you! All videos are available at an excellent quality, and while its use has many drawbacks, it still offers an exclusive experience compared to other sites.

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Cost And Payment Options For Erito

Erito offers different subscription options at the moment:

  • Limited access for two days: $1.00 – once your trial is over, it will recur at $39.99 per month. This trial will only grant you access to the recent scenes – download is not included.
  • $29.99 per month
  • $59.99 per three months
  • $79.99 per year

In addition, the website charges an extra fee of $14.99 if you want to download the scenes available on the site – which can be a bit expensive in the long run.

Site Design And Features

The website is quite minimalistic and doesn’t offer too many features. You can watch the recent scenes, explore the “categories,” and access the members’ area or “login” page. Other than that, Erito doesn’t offer more than it offers and only allows members to explore the different videos there are uploaded right now.

If you hover the cursor through the videos, you will be able to see a preview of the upcoming videos. If you have paid the extra fee, you’ll also unlock the “download” option if you have paid for the extra fee.

Hence, the site design is quite easy to navigate despite having certain limitations. It may not be the best site for Japanese porn out there, but it still offers high-quality and original content every month.

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Does Erito have a download limit?

You cannot download videos at Erito without paying the extra fee. So, while a download limit isn’t advertised, most members still aren’t allowed to download the videos available, which can be a huge drawback for most people.

How often does Erito upload?

Erito uploads new content at least twice per week nowadays. So, you won’t have to wait for too long for new scenes, although the time gap between each movie may vary from time to time.

Is Erito worth it?

Erito may be worth it or not, depending on your point of view. Firstly, you will have access to exclusive Japanese porn videos you won’t find anywhere else, but on the other hand, the site doesn’t have too many features and has a very limited

What are quality videos on Erito?

Erito offers videos in quality ranging from HD to 4K UHD.

Does my membership offer bonus sites?

No. This website doesn’t offer bonus sites as part of your subscription.

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