The Best Findom Games to Play with Your Subs

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Doms have devised several methods for draining funds from subs in the Findom scene. As long as your sub pays, you may interact with them in interactive games.

It’s the only method they’ll ever interact with you. Being a financial dominant can be a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

If you’re new to the findom, here is everything you need to know about being one and what games you can play to spice your job up!

What Is A Findom?

Findom is a sexual obsession, particularly a dominance and submission behavior in which a submissive pays presents and money to a financial dominant.

The relationship is frequently accompanied by other BDSM behaviors, such as erotic humiliation, although the participants may have little more closeness.

The participants of this fetish, the submissives, are known as ‘paypigs,’ like providing money to dominants, known as ‘findommes.’

This dynamic is typically depicted as a subservient guy and a dominant woman, and the sense of distance in sending money to practically a stranger via the internet is what some paypigs find intriguing.

For some dommes, it’s about more than simply generating money; it’s about adding value to their own lives.

Various fandom games can add that value to their lives and make it exciting and engaging for the subs who might get bored of the everyday insults and draining.

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What Are Findom Games?

Findom games are a unique and intriguing aspect of the online world.

In these games, individuals willingly engage in power dynamics that revolve around money and control. While findom games might seem perplexing to some, they offer participants a chance to explore their desires for dominance or submission while intertwining it with the thrill of monetary transactions.

These interactions can occur through various online platforms such as social media, messaging apps, or dedicated websites tailored specifically for findom engagements. Although it is crucial to maintain safety and consent at all times when participating in such activities.

The allure behind findom games lies in the complex power dynamics involved. For both parties involved, an exhilarating rush comes from surrendering control over one’s finances or having dominance exerted upon them. It taps into primal instincts tied to wealth and power and allows individuals to explore taboo fantasies within safe boundaries.

In addition to exploring psychological aspects related to power dynamics and financial control, findom games often emphasize elements of role-playing and fantasy fulfillment.

Participants may adopt specific personas during these interactions: from stern mistresses clad in leather wielding metaphorical whips of materialistic desire, emphasizing dominance through commanding language aimed at eliciting obsequious devotion, right down to subservient subjects excitedly obeying every command whilst feeling simultaneously aroused by relinquishing financial autonomy.

Findom games provide a unique outlet for exploring the intersection of power dynamics, financial control, and fantasy fulfillment. They serve as an intriguing subculture within the online world where participants can engage in role-playing scenarios that satisfy their desires for dominance or submission while intertwining it with financial transactions. Although not everyone may understand or embrace this form of interaction, findom games enable consenting adults to safely explore their fantasies within pre-established boundaries.

Let’s look at some of the best fandom games you can play to keep your subs loyal and even bring in new ones in a fun and discreet way.

Raise The Rate

One of the most well-known findom games is Raise The Rate. It’s not only addicting and hazardous, but you’ll be able to engage one-on-one with your subs!

To begin playing this game, the sub will need to create an account on your site. They may contact the Dom on their findom phone sex line when they’re finished.

If the sub hasn’t tributed, they can’t message for permission to call since they’ll be barred. They will have no option but to obey once they are on call.

The sub will continue to add more money and spend, and each time they phone, the Dom will raise the fee.

Retweet Game

One of the most common fandom games is the retweet game on Twitter. In retweet games, a sub agrees to pay a Dom a specific sum for each like, retweet, and quote on Dom’s tweet.

These games may be quite profitable for a Dom. In essence, a Dom and a sub agree on game parameters. For example, the sub may owe the Dom $5 for each retweet of Dom’s tweet.

There will also be monetary compensation for “likes” and “comments.” Because Twitter allows for infinite comments on a tweet, it’s critical to agree on a comment limit (or not 😈).

A time limit is also specified so both sides know when the game ends. The fun begins once the game officially begins with the inaugural tweet from the Dom stating the conditions.

Other scene members may now participate by liking, commenting, and retweeting. That activity may rapidly add up to a lot of money for those highly popular Doms.

When the game is over, when the timer runs out, the Dom and sub may calculate how much is due. The sub pays what is owed and, of course, expresses gratitude to the Dom for the chance to pay.

There are other occasions when you may charge a FLAT price for the game and make the game rules about some fetish consequence.

It is also fairly normal to conduct stuff in your private DMs that are not visible to others. For example, for every $100 you win, you email another photo of your feet, and so on.

There are several ways to up the stakes and make it worthwhile for BOTH of you. This might be a fun method to tease your subscribers or play a type of exposure game.

You may even include repercussions like penalties for failures to pay up, such as threatening to tell their coworkers about their fetish or posting their identity online for everyone to see.

Spin The Wheel for Gifts

Sub is unsure what to get you? This new game aids in narrowing things down.

It functions similarly to any other spin-the-wheel game, except the things on it are stuff that the sub must purchase for the Dom.

There’s one option for “Any Gift Card” with a “Spin Again,” so they might end up fetching you two products or as many as you choose to spin for.

Punishment Block

To play this game, the subscriber must be following you or subscribed to your site, and if they are subscribed, they must message you requesting to be banned so you may punish them.

Once barred, they must beg to be unblocked by paying a fee. It’s worth noting that the unblock charge will rise, and they’ll have to keep paying it to communicate with you.

If they do not pay, they will receive a notification informing them that they have been banned and must pay the price before they can deliver your message.

This game teaches subs a crucial lesson: anybody may be banned at any time, and if you’re lucky, paying an unblock fee will rescue you.

Additional Findom Games to Try Out

  • Pathway to Pleasure: Design a series of challenges that the submissive must complete successfully to earn rewards from their Domme. These tasks could involve financial contributions at various stages, progressing towards bigger tributes as they advance through the pathway. It creates a sense of progress and accomplishment while heightening both parties’ engagement.
  • Financial Treasure Hunt: Structure an elaborate treasure hunt where submissives follow clues left by their Dominant, leading them from one hidden location to another until they ultimately discover their ultimate reward – which could be a substantial tribute or perhaps even something non-financial but equally gratifying for both parties involved.
  • Gift Auction: Organize an online auction where submissives bid against each other to offer gifts or tributes to their chosen Dominant partner(s). The thrill lies in securing desirable items and outbidding rivals, inflating egos, and fueling intense competition among subs vying for attention from their desired Doms/Dommes.
  • Fantasy FinDom Roleplay: Incorporate roleplay elements into your findom scenes by creating imaginative scenarios that revolve around money control dynamics (e.g., boss/employee relationships, debt collector scenarios). This allows both sides to explore power dynamics, fuels the submissive’s desire to serve their Dominant financially, and adds a layer of excitement through immersive storytelling.
  • Financial Dice Game: Assign different financial values or acts of devotion on each face of a set of dice. Submissives can roll the dice and perform whatever action or tribute corresponds to the result. It provides an element of surprise and an opportunity for subs to embrace spontaneity while navigating their financial submission.

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The Best Findom Games

If you’re looking for wallet-draining findom games for subs, there’s a wide range of findom games available meant to make your sub weak, click, and send!

It is usual to maintain touch with the sub during the game. This may be a full-fledged chat or simply a regular check-in.

But either way, you spend some time in the sub during the game. This entices them, holds their interest, and ensures that they return.

You can develop your own games, create rules and play them whenever you feel like doing something different with your sub.

You can take inspiration from games that other financial dominants have come up with and created and try those out and even see if they’re worth your while through other doms who play them.

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