How to Become a Male Findom

Last updated on March 27, 2023

Who says men can’t be financial doms as well? In the ever-growing sex industry, more opportunities are opening up for male services.

The rise of the LGBTQ+ movement has certainly contributed to this growth by allowing men to get in touch with their sexual sides and gay men to be more open about their sexualities.

This has led to booming demand for male sex workers of all forms and steady growth in numbers. If you’re curious as to how to become a male financial dominant, then we’ve got you covered.

What is Financial Domination?

First and foremost, it is important to understand what financial domination is, regardless of gender or sexuality.

Financial dominance may take various forms, but it generally entails a dominating party controlling someone’s finances by blackmailing them into giving you money or forcing them to pay for your services such as phone sex or cam shows.

Many ladies and gentlemen out there appreciate male dominance and are prepared to pay you for it!

This type of BDSM relationship has grown in recent years, especially with the introduction of social media.

The financial dominatrixes, or “findom,” will manage their financial submissives’ accounts and frequently restrict what they may spend money on.

In exchange, they may be compensated in cash or extravagant goods. Because it is often done as part of an agreement with both parties consenting to it, this style of dominance is frequently considered a form of BDSM.

In rare situations, the findom may also control other elements of the submissive partner’s life, including how they dress and who they communicate with.

Financial dominance may be quite costly for people desiring this type of relationship, but it can also be very profitable for the other person.

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What Does Being A Male Findom Entail?

The beautiful thing about being a financial dominatrix is that it does not require any sexual relationship.

Contrary to popular opinion, financial dominants do not operate in sex. It’s all about losing control.

In reality, one of the most significant aspects of findom is that the submissive does not expect anything in return for their money. This distinguishes it from other fetish partnerships.

Consider it a sugar-baby relationship with a control component. Because most findom interactions occur purely online, there is no sex and no touching.

Findom is primarily done over the internet and by text messaging, so this is a terrific work-from-home opportunity nearly entirely done online.

You may be requested to participate in a Skype or video conversation, but most contact will take place via email or text.

Some dommes may make phone calls just so the subordinate can hear their voice. Findoms may earn a living by managing their submissive’s finances.

The ideal option is allowing them to express and enjoy their money kink while you get a regular income for years to come.

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How To Make Money As A Findom

Financial dominants and submissives should work out a contract outlining the parameters of their interactions.

Secrecy since some subs are married or in committed relationships, constraints on gift-giving, the dynamics of servitude and worship, and other conditions are common.

Doms and subs must agree on the “hows” of compensation. There are also specific accounts known as “piggy banks” that allow subscribers to deposit cash with simplicity.

Finally, and probably most crucially, doms are not permitted to demand or accept gifts that exceed the sub’s financial resources.

This is part of the reason this configuration is not exploited. The submissive contribute because they want to and can afford to indulge in their passion.

To successfully become a male fandom, you will have to build your presence online. There are many sites available that cater to providing findoms a platform.

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Best Male Findom Websites

Loyalfans is a premium social media fan club that allows influencers, creators, artists, public figures, and other intriguing individuals to communicate with and share original material with their most devoted fans.

Loyal followers of creators may become supporters in return for special perks provided by the platform, allowing individuals to transform their creativity and influence into a profitable company.

Loyal fans value creators and compensate them for their time, effort, and talent demanded by their most devoted fans.

Loyalfans offers

  • a quick transition between mobile and desktop platforms
  • stable, secure, timely tools and services
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Customizable messaging, live streaming, video chat, voice recording and podcasting, video and photo sharing, and more are among the site’s features and resources.

Meanwhile, fans have access to a wide range of content formats and may engage in meaningful conversations with a wide range of content providers and inspirational public personalities.

Loyalfans welcome all individuals and personalities to use the platform to create, share, and interact, creating possibilities to make money and grow.

Loyalfans accept and encourage all types of positive, consensual, creative expression.

To learn more about Loyalfans and read a full overview and review of the platform, click here. If you’re interested in joining Loyalfans, click here to sign up and start getting paid for your content today.

For more information about Loyalfans:

Owned Fags

Owned fangs is a one-of-a-kind Master & Slave Financial Dominance community. Male findoms might join an Enslaver and slave group that has strayed from the traditional model.

It is a site that gives Masters true control over their slaves’ accounts, a site that makes tributes engaging and enjoyable, and a site that is continuously expanding and changing.

You may sign up for free, but first, let’s have a look at some of the things they provide.

Owned Fags employs a one-of-a-kind Tip system to discreetly and securely tribute Masters. Masters may then cash out these Tips to a bank account or gift card.

When you use Tips, you never give up any personally identifying information, which keeps you secure online.

They are monetary goals with a deadline that they must reach, or the enslaved person will be thrown in the Dungeon and penalized on the Slave Market.

Targets are a terrific technique to make tributing more enjoyable.


Giving up your hard-earned money may appear paradoxical or uncomfortable, like paying off credit cards and school loans. However, finsubs, often known as “paid pigs,” are both freeing and titillating.

Trysts are generally conducted online; however, there may be some in-person encounters. And the humiliation might last only a few seconds or last for hours during so-called draining sessions.

During these sessions, the male dominatrix unleashes a storm of insults and demands that ends only when a monetary cap is reached or a finsub’s bank account reaches zero, whichever comes first.

You can become a male dom today by joining a website and creating an online persona that will attract subs.

Although it might sound like the easiest job in the world, it comes with its own set of challenges, so don’t be afraid to take it on and keep pushing forward.

It’s a power exchange, much as in B.D.S.M., except its money instead of ropes or shackles. The money is, in reality, the chains because dommes are financially tying up subs. The subs’ sexiness stems from a sense of ownership. By channeling your inner masculine dom and commanding the scene, you can own your subs and make them feel like slaves.

To get started being a findom, sign up for Loyalfans here. After you’ve verified your account, you can easily start earning money within hours with the right promotions. If you’re just getting started with sex work, our Gumroad has low-cost and free training to get you from $0 to the top 1%. To learn more about being a findom, here are more articles for you to explore: