How to Become an Online Sex Worker

In this article, we’ll cover the requirements to get started, our recommendations to increase your production, a few necessary precautions before you get started, and different methods to make money online as a sex worker.

To preface: this article is about doing sex work online. This is not going to be a how-to for something like finding escort clients online.

Requirements to become an online worker

The only real requirement to working as a sex worker, both online and offline, is that you are at least 18 years or older. Depending on your location, this may be higher, but for the most part, the minimum age is 18.

Sex work does not discriminate at all. It doesn’t matter your height or weight, gender or color, religion or ethnicity, or any other identifier. If you don’t fit the bill of traditionally attractive, that’s alright as well. When people say there is a niche for everyone there truly is one.

While the only true requirement is being at least 18 years old, there are a few other pieces you’ll want to get as soon as possible. We’re going to assume you have a smartphone and that’s it right now. Luckily, you can easily get away with only using that! Many successful models use their cell phones and only their cell phones. One caveat is they may have already had a following before they started sex work, so keep that in mind.

A computer

You can easily step up your productivity and quality with a working computer. Sure, you can do photo editing on your phone, but on a computer you can take it to the next level. You don’t need the latest Mac to step up your content, you can get away with a $400 or $500 Windows laptop.

Proper lighting

Proper lighting is key to producing high-quality content. Learn the basics of setting up lights and diffusion and you’ll be set for life. Although this video is about video lighting, the principles fit your needs.

Toys & outfits

Eventually, you’ll find that you want to expand your toolbox. You’re going to notice that you’re wearing the same lingerie multiple times a month and it’s time to diversify.

You’re going to want to start reinvesting your earnings back into the business and get new toys and outfits. This can easily spice up your content and give you even more motivation to do that next photoshoot.

Risks with online sex work

Like offline sex work, online sex workers have problems of their own to deal with.

Just because anyone can do online sex work doesn’t mean they’re fit for it. There are a few things you have to understand when getting into this industry. If anything, we hope this list dissuades readers from taking the next steps.

Your content will be found

Make no mistake, at some point, you will be found by someone you know. There is very little you can do about this, especially if you post your face online. You can take some precautions when creating and uploading content, like not showing your face. But also consider your surroundings like the room you’re creating in.

Back in college, a good friend of mine uploaded a few videos to Pornhub of her in her dorm room. Solo show, so no worries about some bitter ex outing her. Low and behold, someone from the college found the video and recognized the layout, it made its rounds, and another student identified her layout and decor.

She handled it like a G, though. Kept the videos online, made more money from ad revenue, and now she has a banging OnlyFans. The videos were gossip for a week or two then it was on to the next “scandal.”

So besides not showing your face, consider setting up a dedicated workspace. You can easily hang up a bed sheet to make a home studio.

Regardless, just understand that eventually you will be exposed and you have to consider how you’ll handle that.

You have to work your ass off

You may have heard the stories of the girl who went viral and Tik Tok and now makes six figures online. Understand that these situations are very rare and should not be considered normal at all. If you’re banking on going viral as your marketing & advertising plan, you’re going to have a terrible time.

It may be easy work in that it’s not manual labor, but it’s a different kind of difficult. You have to be able to produce content and manage your accounts as well as act as a sexual customer service representative at all times of the day. When you’re not doing all that, you have to be a self-promotion machine in order to get your name and face out there. Competition is fierce and if you think you can get away with bringing anything less than your A-game you’re going to lose in the 1st quarter.

Get third party opinions of platforms & read the fine print

While scams are not as rampant as they once was, you should always read reviews of any platform you’re looking to upload and sell content on. Try to find reviews from performers or content creators within the last six month so they’re up to date. You don’t want to be put off from a platform because they had a terrible customer service system back in 2004.

Additionally, read the fine print in the terms of any website you plan on joining. There may be platform-specific rules like the type of content you’re able to upload, exclusivity rights, or whether you’re allowed to promote your other platforms.

Different types of online sex work

how to become online sex worker

The thing with the internet is that it is constantly evolving. As new entrepreneurs innovate the industry, new ways for you to earn sprout up. What started with picture set sales has transformed into platforms capable of doing what 10 sites used to do.

We’ll explain some of the best ways for you to, the content creator, to start making money online.


Webcamming or live streaming is a real-time broadcast you start and use to perform for your following. This is one way to connect one-on-many with your fanbase.

There are two primary ways that a live streaming platform operates: either an a la cart system where viewers pay based on a tip menu or platforms where viewers must pay-per-minute for one-on-one time with you.

There’s no saying which is better for webcam models, so experiment with both types of platforms in order to get a feel for what your audience will pay you for.

There are a number of great platforms to become a webcam model on. We have a list of the 9 hottest cam model websites you can learn more about and decide on a platform to perform on.

Premium subscriptions sites

Many models and content creators are turning to subscriptions or premium social media websites in order to make money. One of the best things about this choice is that if you have an existing audience you can easily make money on your first day promoting.

When someone subscribes to your page, it’s like a Netflix subscription. If they subscribe on the 1st, as long as they don’t cancel their subscription, you’re going to continue making money on the 1st from them.

Don’t limit your thinking to only OnlyFans. There are many platforms you can sign up and make money on that will actually help you grow your following and allows for more content capabilities.

For a full breakdown of many different platforms, we have a massive guide found here: The Best Premium Social Media Platforms (Adult Content Creators)

Selling clips & photosets

Another great way of starting your online sex work empire is to sell clips and photosets. You can start this at home with your cell phone as we said earlier in the article.

You can start with vanilla clips and photoshoots. Vanilla content is typically very tame on the kink scale. Think of a magazine like Playboy and the pictures they include. They’re great to start building up your fan base.

Once you start getting customers, you can offer them custom clips and photo sets which is where some serious money is at. Not only can you charge per minute or have your customer pay for any props required, but you can also charge them more if they want exclusive viewing (or you won’t list it for sale for anyone else).

You can sell your clips and photosets in conjunction with many premium platforms and webcamming sites. It’s a great way to diversify your income on those platforms and set up either more passive income streams.

Ad revenue based clip sites

When we say ad revenue based clip sites, think of websites like PornHub. If you get verified on these sites you can start uploading your content and they’ll do a revenue share with you based on the views. Not only can you make money on ad-based clip sites, but you can also treat it as advertising and promoting for your other platforms.

Selling products

Although this is not something you can typically pull off as a brand new online sex worker, selling physical products can be great for content creators. This can go from selling underwear to silicone casts of your member. Again, easier to start once you already have a great following.

Protecting your content

Just like how you’re going to be found out in enough time, eventually your content will end up where it shouldn’t be.

At that point, you have two choices to make.

  1. Try to fight a never-ending battle
  2. Move on and create more shit people want to steal

Because at the end of the day, content is going to be constantly stolen and re-uploaded/hosted elsewhere. That’s the internet for you.