How Much Money Do Cam Models Make

I’m going to be 100% honest from the start: there is no real set amount or an average amount that most models make. There are some models that make an absolute killing, a few thousand a week or day, and others that make a few hundred every week. According to Meiya Tokyo USA, about 50% of cam models make less than $25 per hour. With the data collected, most models make between $2 and $45 per hour.

You should know that this isn’t some sort of get rich quick scheme

The same way any other career takes time and effort to start making serious money, you’ll find that being a webcam model is no different. Yes, it is possible to make hundreds and thousands a day, but it’s not going to happen without some serious hustling and grinding.

If you haven’t started yet, here are some tips to get you going.

If you have been doing this a while and are looking to step your earnings up, you can start by checking your work are and the quality of your stream.

  • Is your work area free from distractions?
  • Do you have a solid, consistent connection?
  • Do you have consistent interaction with your audience?
  • Are you communicating with your biggest fans to let them know when you are live?

All of these are so small but add up to take you from $10 an hour to $30 an hour. Here are some more things to ask yourself to take your earnings to the next level.

Do You Have Your Bit Down?

By your bit, I mean your schtick. Are you a ticket show type performer? Do you have lengthy conversations with your viewers? Are you playing someone who’s stuck up? Do you just sit there with a pout until someone tips you (don’t do this one!)?

All of these perform differently and allows your regular viewers to know what to expect when they enter your room. For instance, some models like to put on what seems like gameshows with spinning wheels and prizes for tippers. They may do that every day, or have a schedule to do it, say, Friday nights.

Keeping a set schedule is a surefire way to normalize your earnings. If you just hop on as you please with no rhyme or reason, your biggest fans and tippers won’t know when you’re online.

Think of your favorite television show. Sunday nights at 7 PM, you’re there ready for the newest episode. Imagine that, but being on the other side of the camera. Thousands of people waiting for you to go live because they know Fridays at 9 PM you’re going to be there.

Is Your Menu Right and Appropriate?

Do you have a solid list of things you’re willing and able to do and also at the right price? You don’t want to have something on there that you really don’t enjoy doing. You also don’t want to have overpriced items that just don’t make any sense.

$1 for flashing is appropriate. $10 is a stretch and people have many other options at that point.

Don’t Stop the Money Train Early

Say you decide to deviate from your schedule and go live at a time you’re not regularly streaming. You find a whole new group of viewers who fall in love with you and start tipping like crazy. Suddenly, you made more in the last hour then you do most days. Now you have a choice:

  • Take that money, log off, and take the rest of the day off
  • Keep that money train choo-chooin’

The easy answer is number 2, but a lot of time people take that day off and regret it. Not to say you shouldn’t take days off or you always need to be working, just know that windfall could turn into much more down the line.

You could make future you very happy about the work you put in today

Diversify Your Income!

If you’re keen on only being a webcam model, skip this section. If you want to maximize your earnings, you’re going to need to diversify your income. This means having services outside of streaming, your own website to list these services, and passive income sources.

What sort of services can you offer outside of streaming?

  • Selling underwear
  • Private Skype sessions
  • Commissioned/personalized videos

As far as passive income goes, you can create and sell videos and photoshoot image packs to your fans. You could start a membership service, where if someone pays $$$ per month they’ll get so much exclusive content. There are so many ways to make additional income, either actively or passively, we could write a book about it…