Why Do Cam Models Lose Popularity

Are you a webcam model that’s starting to see a decline in viewers? One of the most frustrating things in this industry is going live and seeing your viewer count lower and lower each time.

Not sure what the deal is? Here are a number of possible reasons why you may be losing popularity as a model.

Simply not streaming

Maybe this one is obvious, but to be successful you must stream. If you frequently go days without getting online you can’t expect to maintain a strong following. There is a special type of relationship built between the performer and their viewers. Just like real-life relationships, if they’re neglected they fade. A few weeks or months off and you will lose all the momentum you built up.

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Countless times a model will take an extended time off, come back to severely diminished viewers, get discouraged, and their career is over. The remedy:

  • Try your best to stick to the schedule you set
  • Communicate with your biggest fans through Snap, WeChat, email, or other methods

Even if you have to reduce your hours, you should strive to continue streaming even during a hiatus. Having a chat with your viewers beats no contact at all.

Stale streams

Maybe you’re maintaining a schedule but you’re losing viewers every stream. If your streams are always the exact same people start to get bored. Unless you have a great gimmick that works consider switching things up. Being naked and attractive only gets you so far in this industry.

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You may see a number of models on your streaming website that are able to consistently do the same shows, day in and day out. Don’t compare yourself to those outliers. The remedy:

  • See what the top performers are doing that works
  • Implement if it makes sense for you
  • Read up on the best bots and apps

You can always mix things up and do a non-nude show every once in a while. That’s a great way to connect with your viewers on a different level and build true fans.

An abundance of stolen content

One of the worst things about being an online performer is piracy. When your viewers are able to find your content anywhere online they’re not going to watch you live. THIS HURTS YOUR BUSINESS AND BOTTOM LINE! The remedy:

We massively recommend having a site of your own. When someone does a search for your name, what would you rather show up? Random stolen content site #300 or your website where you are selling products yourself?

Of course, these aren’t the only ways a model loses steam, but some of the more common issues. If you have additional insight from your experience, help out your fellow model by sharing below in the comments.