How Much Male Cam Models Make

There’s a lot of ways to start earning extra money through the internet. Becoming a male cam model is a good but difficult journey many men have in their minds, but never dare to start making it a reality because of the lack of information there is. That’s the reason we have made this post.

The first thing you should know is that males don’t earn as much as females, but the market is growing every day, so you can expect this to change in the near future.

Also, there is a common belief that male models must have a six-pack, well-built muscles, and a handsome face to become successful. Those are excellent additions to your arsenal, but they aren’t strictly necessary. Your success depends solely on how you interact with your audience, your appearance is a secondary factor, and it won’t define your success.

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So, to become a successful male webcam model, you must be eloquent because you need to convince them to pay for the tokens. It’s a win-win situation because you’re earning, and they’re getting you to perform specified acts for them!

Earning as a male cam model depends on the type of show you’re performing

Just like any other area of the adult/porn industry, there is no specific amount you’ll earn by becoming a male cam model. It’s uncertain to calculate it, mainly because every website has different payout guidelines and methods. However, we can give some useful information that you can use to have an overall idea of how much you’re going to earn by becoming a male cam model:

Public shows

  • On many sites, a token has a cost of 5 cents. However, there are other sites where you can earn up to 10 cents per token. Considering the last amount, let’s suppose you’re doing only 4 hours a week as a male performer. That means you’ll be earning $1000 in one month.
  • Keep in mind that the total amount you’ll be earning depends on you and the website you’re currently doing your shows at. Some of them take a certain percentage of your total earnings, which is usually between 50 and 30 percent.
  • A successful male cam model can earn more than $10,000 a month, but it’s not going to be a comfortable journey. Consistency is the key to becoming a successful male performer and developing a good relationship with your audience. After all, they have in hands your destiny as a male cam model.
  • The kind of show you’re going to perform is solely up to you. There will always be fans that request you to perform certain things, but you should engage in those activities you feel comfortable with. You can charge more depending on the kind of stuff they ask you to do. The more hardcore it is, the more you can charge for it.
  • Anal play is an option you should consider, primarily because, as a male model, you’re going to gather more gay audience. Most of the people that consume adult content are men, which makes this totally reasonable.

Private Shows

Of course, you’re going to earn more in private shows. Instead of tokens, you have the option to charge per minute. You can start doing public shows, and when you gather a good number of fans, you can choose only to do private shows so you can earn more.

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Photos, Videos, and Galleries

Besides doing regular shows, you can sell videos, photos, and even galleries as an extra. Most webcam sites will allow you to sell your content and personalize your profile as much as you want. You put the price for your content, but make sure it has excellent quality. Photos, videos, and galleries are evergreen content and will keep making you earn money even when you’re sleeping.

Tips to Become A Successful Male Cam Model

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Most people still believe there are gatekeepers in every industry.

The internet has made the role of producer, talent agent, and recruiter null and void.

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Choose a good platform

There are too many cam shows websites, and all of them offer different things. Make sure you find one that fits your necessities. Overall, the most used webcam site for men is Chaturbate. However, don’t stick to only one website. You can choose to perform in multiple ones at the same time! If you’re looking to set up a premium Snapchat, IsMyGuy is where you want to look.

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  • Apps & bots models can use to enhance their room experience

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Performing in multiple platforms is more profitable and will make your journey easier. Also, it’s better to do this because you’re going to gather audiences from different websites, which means that you’ll be able to promote all kinds of content (including photos and videos) to many people around the web. It can also be worse, as you’re potentially diluting your audience over multiple streaming sites.

Make sure your shows are long enough for your audience to enjoy

Just ten minutes is not enough to satisfy an audience, mainly because most people will visit the cam shows websites during specific times. That’s why it is so important for you to perform long shows when you’re just starting. This way, you’re going to make sure a considerable number of people will see you. If you stay more, then you’re going to be more visible, and you’re going to get more viewers in the long-run.

Creating a schedule is a great idea.

Like we said previously, people are going to look for your content during specific times. That means you’re going to improve your performance if you stick to a schedule. That way, you’re ensuring that users that like your shows are going to watch you all the time because you’re making shows when they’re able to watch it.

Every person is different, and they all stick to different schedules. While some may be able to see you during particular days, others may not be able to do the same. That’s why it is so important to stick to a schedule and only perform in those hours you know you will gather a significant number of people. The audience is what makes a performer, so make sure you gather as many tools as you can to reach the highest number you can!

Accumulating fans

You’re nobody without your audience. After some time, you’re going to gather a certain number of frequent viewers, which will eventually become your fans. Those people will become your primary source of money, so you need to accumulate as many fans as possible. They will be willing to pay to see you perform certain things, and they all like when their favorite performer notices them. Make sure you make them feel special by continually interacting with them. Some of your fans will request you private shows, where you can earn even more.

Some ways to turn regular viewers into fans are asking regular questions. Believe us. Sometimes people only need someone to listen to them to feel better. Ask them how they are doing, about their problems, etc. Showing genuine interest in what they have to tell you is the key to make them a fan of yours! Everyone wants special attention, so make sure you keep an eye on them as much as you can.

Make sure to give a good show

This is not surprising, but making a good show is essential in order to become successful. Make sure you have useful resources because technical issues are among the most common causes for people to drop your stream. Spend some time preparing yourself as if it was a special occasion, and make sure you look you’re totally immersed in the show even if there are few to no viewers in it. You will never know when someone will reach you, so make sure you look the best at all times!

Gentlemen, we have a series of articles on how you can start earning money with sex work, both online and offline. Our recommended webcam websites to start earning is Chaturbate or Stripchat, and if you’re trying to earn money by chatting with people and earning subscribers, LoyalFans is your best bet.

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