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Webcam shows have become exponentially popular in recent years. It allows people to have a more “immersive” and “interactive” experience regarding explicit sexual content, as fans can interact directly with their favorite models and even make requests. If you have been on the internet for a while, you have probably heard about one or two popular camming sites. One of those happens to be has been around for several years now. It has become one of the go-to sites for camming by many fans and models, especially due to its eye-catching layout and user-friendly functionality. Once you enter the site, you already have access to diverse cam shows you can watch immediately.

Since this website has been around for over two decades, it must be doing something right. Is it truly worth investing time (and money) in this site, or should you look elsewhere? We will discuss the different aspects that may or may not make the right site for models to pursue a camming career or for fans to have a good time.

What is

As mentioned, has been around for twenty years. The premise of the site is quite simple: cam shows. Once you enter the site, you will be shown a list of all the online models. If you click on any of the models the screen shows, you will access that particular model’s chatroom and will be able to interact with them directly. is part of Friend Finder Network, which happens to own other online dating and adult entertainment sites, like Adult Friend Finder. Friend Finder Network has been around since 1996. It has won several awards throughout the years, including nominations for awards like the XBIZ and AVN Awards. So, it is a legitimate company with actual headquarters in the United States.

After over two decades, has managed to remain one of the top camming websites on the web. It still has hundreds of active models on a daily basis, although it seems to have more female models than men. Traffic Stats is a website with relatively “balanced” traffic. Here is an overview of what you will find on the website most of the time:

  • There are about 4000 female models active every day
  • You can find up to 50 male models online on a daily basis
  • Transgender people and couples may get online now and then, but they are far less common than the models mentioned above

Regarding registered people, some websites report that the site has more than 140,000 members, but does not provide official information regarding its traffic stats. It seems to have about 50,000 members active on a weekly basis. Most fans you can find here are males, although a small population of female members may be interested in cam shows now and then.

It’s also accurate to say that most people who register on are from the USA. The website has constant activity, allowing fans to access and find active models pretty much all the time, and models can expect to have fans around regardless of when they decide to connect on the site. It is possible to find porn stars and amateur models

Since this website receives more traffic from male members, cam girls are more likely to succeed on Guys may attract a small audience. However, girls tend to be the focus of attention here. Private Shows

Private shows are fee-based services. As of now, only offers one-on-one private chats, allowing fans to interact directly with their favorite performer and make personalized requests. 

The average price for a private chat at is around $3.00 per minute, but it is also possible to find models who charge around $1.00 per minute. Each model may have different pricing depending on its popularity on the site. 

There are different types of private shows:

Cam2Cam Shows

In a Cam2Cam show, you and the model see each other face to face. It is a private session where the fan and the model engage in some playful time for a while. It has a price of an additional $1.00 per minute, added to the total price the model already charges. Other people can see what the model is doing if they enable a “voyeur view”.

Voyeur View

You can pay to watch the private shows of other members. You can see what the model is doing, but you will not be able to interact with them in any way. It has the same price as a regular private show in most cases.

Party Chats 

Party chats are group chats where fans are required to purchase a ticket to be able to access it. The cost can be different depending on the model. Party chats can be started at any time if other members are willing to pay by the minute. Members can also “take a peek” for twenty seconds to see what is happening in the chatroom at the moment. If they like it, they can purchase a ticket and watch the rest of the show. Public Shows

Public shows or “free chats” are chatrooms where fans can interact with models for free. Each room has a counter where you can see the number of people connected in that room at the moment. Besides regular public shows with no nudity, some models may recur to tip or nude shows.

Tip/Nude Shows

Tip shows are regular public shows where the performer agrees to do certain actions in exchange for tokens. The show can go in different directions depending on the model. Some models may have tip goals for certain things, while others may offer a tip menu. Tip menus consist of a list of several actions the model performs in exchange for a particular number of tokens.

On the other hand, Nude shows you pay in advance. Similar to private shows, you can expect full action.

Other Features of

There are other features you may enjoy at, regardless of whether you are a member or a model:

  • TextMe: This feature lets you start a one-on-one chat with your favorite model. You are required to sign up and submit a valid phone number to be able to use it
  • Buzzmode: Members and models can have a more interactive experience with “Buzzmode.” It allows you to control a toy, the “Buzzmode,” which you can control with a button
  • Connexion: Similar to Buzzmode, this is another “toy” that members can use to have a more interactive experience with their favorite model

Additional Earnings

Models can earn additional money for some services available. Some of the additional services models may have available at include the following:

  • Additional Media – Videos, photos, and recorded webcam shows are some media pieces that models can sell
  • Virtual gifts: Some members may decide to send their virtual gifts to their favorite models to let them know their appreciation
  • Tips: Members can send tips to models they like at any time
  • Fan Clubs – Members can subscribe to a model’s fan club and gain access to all of their previous shows in exchange for a monthly fee

All of these additional services contribute to a model’s total earnings. So, even if you are offline, you can still make money if members purchase a membership to your fan club or decide to use tokens to buy access to a previous show, for instance.


Models can choose to be paid in different ways, including Checks, bank deposits, wire transfers, and Paxum. Although Paypal is advertised as a payment method, it may not be the best option since PayPal does not get along with adult entertainment websites. 

Here are some other facts regarding the payouts that may be useful for models interested in working at

  • The minimum payout is $50 for all payment methods, except wire transfers. You must have at least $120 in your account if you want a wire transfer
  • In addition, please note that payments are conducted during the first five days of the month after the 1st and then during five additional days after the 15th of each month

The payout percentages are between 32 and 70%. uses a system that pays models according to how much members spend on the site. The tiers are explained below:

  • $10,001, you will receive 70% of your earnings
  • $6,001-$10,000, you will receive 60%
  • $5,000 and $6,000, you will receive 50%
  • 0-$5,000, you will get 32%

While the payments are not as high as in other platforms, most models have reported having a good experience when it comes to receiving the payments. 

Token Costs

The token costs are displayed in packages. gives 100 extra tokens to new members with their first purchase on the site. One hundred tokens equal around $12.

There are two tiers for token packages. All the prices are displayed in US Dollars. 


The standard packages include the following prices:

  • 200 tokens for $12.00
  • 350 tokens for $26.00
  • 600 tokens for $50.00
  • 1,100 tokens for $99.00
  • 1,600 tokens for $150.00

High Roller

The high roller includes large packages of tokens, which have the following prices:

  • 2,100 tokens for $198
  • 3,100 tokens for $297
  • 4,100 tokens for $396
  • 5,100 tokens for $495
  • 10,100 tokens for $990

Is It Legit And Safe To Use? offers a safe virtual environment where models and members can interact with each other. After reading multiple reviews from members and models on the web, most people have reported having an average to a good experience on the site.

Regarding models, the website has different features you can use to protect your privacy. It is the standard for camming sites to offer geo-blocking features, either by state, city, or country (or a combination of the three), but as of now, there isn’t any information available regarding the availability of this feature on

Although some models have succeeded while performing public shows, this website seems more private-show-oriented. It has excellent traffic, and only a few models are active on the platform, making it relatively easy to rise to the top if members engage with you and you are good at what you do.

Affiliate Program has an affiliate program available, as most camming sites do. However, instead of working with the cam site, you would be working with Friend Finder Network directly. As of now, the percentage you will earn depends on the program you are currently signed up for, but we will explain more on this topic below:

Thus, if you would like to form part of the affiliate program and earn money with this website, here is some of the information you should take into account:

  • You can choose three different types of programs: percentage program, per-member order bracket, and per-member order by country
  • You will have to fill out a form before you can enter the affiliate program. You must provide a few personal details, such as your email, website, etc
  • We recommend you go through the Affiliate Agreement before you sign up for this program. It shows vital information you do not want to miss if you find a later problem with the platform

Percentage Program

The percentage program allows you to earn up to 35% based on the total orders. The lowers percentage is 20% if you get up to 5 members to sign up, while you can earn 35% if you get more than 401 members to subscribe to the site.

Per Member Order Bracket

This option allows you to earn a maximum of $130 per order. It is a tiered plan, which is based on the number of orders that your website generates every day. 

Model Referral

If you get models to sign up on or any other of the websites under Friend Finder Networks, you will be able to make up to 10% of what the model makes for six months.

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